Casapulla's North Steak & Sub

2707 Concord Pike, Wilmington
(302) 477-0221

Recent Reviews

william arrants

Been getting sandwiches here for years. Good Italian subs. Cheese stakes are OK,Bores Head products. Friendly staff. Call ahead is available. Chips and sodas available as well. Right on 202. Easy access.Parking: Ample parking

April Brockson

Best subs in DE. As good as Elsmere store .Food: 5/5


Best subs I've had in my life. I lived in Wilmington until my 20s and never found another sub shop as good.

Mad Dog 03

great tasting and delicious sub. service was welcoming. love this place

mike perrcione

Service was great sandwich was awesome haven't had a CH steak in a while...WOW


Whenever I get to Wilmington, I get a couple Casapulla's subs. There are no others like them in the world so far. Some states in the south get their subs baked IN AN OVEN. What the heck is that for? Ruins the meats and lettuce. And they think PEPPERONI goes into a sub along with mayo and mustard. Never heard of Cento's Hoagie Spread. But I digress: if you want the REAL THING get a Wilmington sub or steak. Those Philly things with velveeta or cheez-whiz are atrocious. They will even pack it for a trip if you are sadly going home to a subless state.

Jessica T

I've been getting subs here since I was a child and it always consistent and quality (homebaked turkey and italian with prosciutto - yum). This is one of the VERY few places that haven't jacked their prices - for that I am grateful and still loyal.


Best Italian sub ever. The old school Italian is even better. Employees are always super friendly, even when they very busy. Definitely call ahead, as they are a popular spot in Talleyville.

Michael Talley

A favorite place for subs in Talleyville. Often busy, for a reason. Best to call ahead.

Chris Heinbecker

Great service and friendly. Subs are spot on. Never had an issue with the place. Wish they had delivery.

Philip Lind

Order the cheese steaks; are phenomenal. This restaurant also has high quality meats and deli carry out s. Subsequently Cassapullas mouth watering Italian sub with the Italian spices and oil in my view beats the competition. Casapullas, a family run business since 1971. Order first by cell. Around 11 am you'll be waiting 5-10 minutes if you didn't call in a order. Well worth the wait.

Jenni Ortiz

Nothing good to say about this place, to say the least my sandwitch was no edible

Candice Bonanno

LOVE the subs...I am from out of state and when I am in Wilmington always stop here.


Casapulla's is the best spot to grab authentic Italian takeout, at any of their 6 locations!!

Stephen S.

Best sub place in north Wilmington area. Just had a large tuna fanatic flavor. Friendly service too.

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