Expess Wings & Pizzeria

601 Maryland Ave, Wilmington
(302) 656-2888

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Jazmine Jaz

If I could rate this place ZERO AND HAVE THEM SHUT DOWN I WOULD, HORRIBLE SERVICE, called for lunch waited over an hour and half and nothing. Called again and the rude lady asked well we can remake and send or cancel order. and wait another 45 min for delivery. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME and money on these people.

Shemika Skates

The wings are small compared to new castle location and the buffalo chicken pizza is disgusting I’m sticking to the one out new castle they use the actual wing sauce on the pizza and it is definitely cooked fresh the pizza I got tonight taste old they lucky I can’t post without giving a star otherwise they’d get no stars sorry not sorry

Marva Brice

Ordered delivery and delivery never came. I called twice, the first time I was told it was on the way, second time I was told it was delivered. I tried explaining to the lady who answered the phone that my order was never delivered to me but she was very rude and said she had a signed receipt and has nothing to do with the driver. I ended up having to drive there to get my food replaced. I asked lady at the counter to show me the receipt that was signed because I paid with a card. I even tried to show her my ID but again she was very rude. Her custumer service skills suck. Should of made delivery person check the ID instead of getting rude with the customer.

Frank Thodos

People are reading the pizza place with the Chinese place that used to be there it is no longer Chinese store it is a Express wings and pizzeria people shouldn't get them mixed up

Benjamin Severance

I have now ordered from here three times. The pizza is very good, if you like cold pizza. The wings were over cooked and were inedible. After waiting for my pizza for an hour and a half I called the restaurant. They told me that he had a lot of deliveries to do and that they would get to me eventually. Well they did, my pizza was cold and soggy for the third time in a row that I have ordered from here. My wings were over cooked and were worse than a bag of jerky. Save your money or order somewhere else. I threw their menu away and I suggest that you do the same.

Mo Ma

Worst food In wilmington come get it while it’s not hot or cook right

Bianca Wilson

Love the mild wing sauce..it's different and a must try

Tatiana Caceres

I am from New York I am very very picky with where I get it from. It is really good and has not only becoming my family new spot but my coworkers too . Finally so good pizza and wings around here.

Deborah Hawkins

Those wings are NOT the same as the wings at the Newcastle location! The wings are 3x smaller and the taste is not even the same!! Very disappointed!!

Deanna Fisher

This place has the worst customer service and the worst management. They are dirty and can never even get an order correct you can order 1 platter and its always wrong. They have roaches and rats the floor looks like it hasnt been mopped since they opened. If I could Id give -10 stars.

big l

Good food

Brandi Roy

Good as always! I'm really happy they have a location in town and the hours are great!

Kaleb Bales

It was quick and cheap. That's about all I can say about this place. The floor looked like it hasn't been swept in weeks, the food was some of the worst Chinese food in Wilmington, I really wish it was good because it's a great location for me.

Ameer Ameen Ali

It was cool really nice experience

Dhamir R.

I just ordered from there literally Jan 14th 2019 this place should be closed there house fried rice wow horrible the chicken is not real chicken .. my wings were average. I only ate 4 wings and 4 shrimp out of a large house rice and wing combo. They will never get my my money again

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