Maryland Avenue Sub Shop

623 Maryland Ave, Wilmington
(302) 654-1737

Recent Reviews

L Hamilton

It's under construction but the food is satisfying lol I was confused by the taped up windows until I read the sign which instructed you to come to the back of the store.Food: 4/5

Jeffrey “Bieg Boei” Sewell

They are in the process of upgrading the front part of the sub shop, but they are still offering the same friendly service, through the take out window in the rear of the store ???Food: 5/5

Rosa Slade

The food was fresh and delicious. I stopped in on my lunch break. They had me in and out promptly which I appreciated. Good food. Good service. Would recommend.

Shinai Davidson

So as I’m driving up Maryland avenue I found this nice sub shop that has amazing cheese steaks and egg and bacon subs! Wow today was my second time here because I had to come back for sure. There twin brothers, Chris and Jamie ,with great costumer service, and a amazing cook name LOVE who made my amazing sub today! Stop by you won’t be disappointed!!!! Take out was quick also!

Aketa Rembert

I stopped by on a Tuesday afternoon for a cheesesteak and fries. The cheesesteak was not delicious AT ALL! I saw a previous review with pictures and the cheesesteak was full and hearty my cheesesteak was literally flat pressed with a strip of cheese & steak meat in it I'm pretty sure it held more pickles and Mayo than meat! For it to be only 3 o'clock in the afternoon the fries that had been freshly made, "allegedly", were dark and tasted it of old burnt grease. I purchased a sub from this place per someone in the areas suggestion but this will be will be my last visit to this subshop. This was by far the worst experience I've had from a food place in Wilmington in a long time they have totally inspired me to cook for myself from this point on. If this is how they choose to treat and feed the people in their community that is very, very unfortunate and I see why it's going down hill.

John Gadzinski

An absolute incredible Italian sub , never tasted better , will have to try other items in the near future.

Cameron Durrani

Bite after bite, my teeth sank into the deluxe and affordable ribeye cheesesteak. Once again, the smaller, more intimately run sub shops go to show quality beats quantity. The beautiful braid haired hostess greeted me promptly with a check on my order, awaiting eye contact to intro a comment, a smart habit of keen servers countrywide, as i picked out a watermelon lemonade from the cooler, eyeing the refreshing, chilled beverage with enthusiasm, for on a hot summer day, whats better then a lemonade!

Benjamin Greer

Always an excellent choice if your looking for a good hot or cold sub. Staff is always pleasant and accommodating. Keep up the good work.

Tom Santa Barbara

Steaks and subs very good.I would like a little more meat on my cheese steak though. Usually really stuffed with meat. Last one was very light though. Will return though

Toni Speaks

Everytime I eat here I'm disappointed. I ALWAYS ask for extra Mayo and they ALWAYS put the bare minimum on the bread which makes it dry. Today we ordered turkey subs but it tasted like tuna fish with a slice of turkey in it as well. DISGUSTING! We're done spending our money there. Stingy with the meat, don't pay attention to customers requests, and just overall a waste of our money. But the good thing is that I live almost next door so the convenience would have been a plus if it tasted better. What is the big problem with EXTRA MAYO??

Diane Phillips

I love there Italian sub but this time I tried there cheese steaks n it was great

Virginia Wright

Food is always delicious and fresh however an Italian sub has salami, capricola and pepper ham ijs

Anise Martin

We had cheese steak and they were just right. Staff was great! I recommend anyone

Dwayne H

Got a cheesesteak from was good but could use more meat in the roll.

Tere Lisowski

i am a regular customer and highly upset at the sandwich i got today. i posted 2 pics of what should be a cheese sub! it had about 2 slices of cheese and the rest was filler.. not a good way to get recommendations

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