Sweet Nel's

3901 Concord Pike, Wilmington
(302) 256-0599

Recent Reviews

Michelle Amborski

I didn't personally eat there, but we stopped two nights in a row with colleagues and they were never disappointed! (Hence the return the second night!) A lot of options as far as flavors for both gelato and ice cream alike. I'm not a dessert eater so it was a bit disappointing that samples weren't allowed as that would have been a big enough portion for me! A very popular place for dessert to say the least.

A Battle

This is one of the eateries that I frequent. I recommend Sweet Nel’s to most of my friends. I especially felt welcomed on last week from the time arrived to the time a left. A worker by the name of Samantha was super friendly, had the best customer, and was knowledgeable about the items. She deserves a bonus for going above and beyond. During my visits I typically purchase the Açaí bowls however, I tried the crepes (which they are most known for), ice cream, gelato, smoothie and more and ALL items I tried were delicious. Thank you ?? for another great experience.

Mada Almansoor

The crepe was good and the coffee is on average. The best thing is the vibes especially in fall and winter season it is really cozy and comfortable to sit in on Friday and they close at 10:00 pm which is amazing compared with other coffee shop. Definitely will come back ❤️

Monica M.

Love Sweet Nels! Soooo many good flavors and toppings and bases for your ice cream, you can really get anything you want. Very impressed with the quality and flavor and love the idea of the little Nel scoop on top!

Stephen K.

I'm just here to respond to the moron expecting a Starbucks. A coffee shop isn't a place to get fancy coffee; a coffee shop is a place like Mel's on Alice. It's a place to get a cup of coffee and a slice of pie, or maybe a a soup and a half a sandwich. Take that one star rating from that "elite" Yelper and stuff it where the sun don't shine. Also, kiss my grits.

Deb H.

Such a disappointing experience. The girls working were terrible with service. Being there as a customer was a disconvenience to them. Management needs to be present for both food quality control and service.


We found this place after visiting Nemours Estate. The gelato was FANTASTIC. No complaints at all. Highly recommend. We will return when we are in the area again.

Jan Achenbach

Something for everyone. Staff was very friendly. Incredibly clean! We went for a late dessert, but look forward to stopping by for breakfast.

Śiva Schuh

Just stopped in for a quick scoop of vanilla. They have ice cream and gelato. The staff were kind enough to see to my vegetarian diet (no eggs in my vanilla ice cream). My companions had the cherry vanilla which was delicious as well. We'll be back...

Karen H.

Good dessert options, something that is lacking in the area in general. Don't know what else to say except it's worth going too if you're looking for a casual place that has more than ice cream.

Nikita N.

Gelato was so yummy. They have a tea option on their menu but seem to not have it when it was ordered. Was a confusion on that. Had to go back and fourth on what else to get since they didn't tell us it wasn't an option until after we already paid for it. Nothing was AMAZING but still very delicious iced mocha was okay. Too much mocha but I could just ask for less next time.

Chris Thistlethwaite

Great ice cream and a TON of options. The sell bags of La Colombe coffee so I assume that's what they use for their beans in their prepared drinks. Service was nice even though I messed up my order by asking for two things on there menu thinking they were one item.

Ross Figlin

I actually live just outside of Philadelphia but I happen to be in the area of this place for an appointment, so it had great reviews I decided to check it out. I'm so glad that I did place was really nice very clean all of the employees were very nice and helpful since it was my first time there. I got waffles and ice cream and it was delicious. Anytime I'm in the area it is already saved for me to stop back!

Jonathan Kim

Great place to go for after dinner dessert. The ice cream was tasty and the crepe here was very good. I got the strawberry and Nutella crepe with chocolate ice cream and it was a great combination. The crepe came with a lot of strawberries too which was great. Definitely worth checking out to grab coffee or for ice cream.

Nancy Valichka

I really like this place by the last several times have gone steadily downhill. They have been keeping cases open which melts the ice cream too quick. The inside of the case is dirty. The counters are dirty. I ordered a milkshake and it was handed to me with milkshake down the sides and over flowing the top. One time we sat inside and a customer was sitting on the coach with her nasty bare feet on the corner fee table. I won’t be back until you up your standards.

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