Village Sub Shop

2020 N Market St, Wilmington
(302) 655-1050

Recent Reviews

Dillan Straabe

Awesome food. Super cheap and fast! I'd rate it 10/10 if I could. Turkey club is amazing and their breakfast options are great too!

Don Moss

My favorite place for food on the goFood: 5/5

Andrea Finestrauss

Outstanding tuna!! Great place! Quick, friendly and Delish!!!

Christian Kanakis

Like...i disliked it. Nothing available as far as sandwiches go - wrong time of day?Shop looks decent - thats as far as it goes!

vickie Davis

I love the fact that the store is really clean! Good food, little mom and pop spot, cooking with love!

Ny Nintendo93

I absolutely love & completely obsessed with their French Toast! Damn near go every morning for my breakfast/lunch break. Done literally became a regular customer there due to their French Toast lol making me tempted to have them now just by typing this post SMH.... ?

Anthony Worley

Food was delicious as always?

Carlos Gomez

Wonderful place very good food thank you very much

Dwayne Rose

Quality food at a affordable price.

Go Getzfit

BF sandwich was okayHowever, the cashier guy got mad because I wanted to check my order before I paid!!!Then told me my card declined lolNo sir... your just upset... slide it againCustomer service was poor but sandwich was okayWon’t be returning

devon johnson

Best subs and cheese steaks in town. They close too early tho.

jermaine jervey

Welcome to Delaware and you don't eat a steak from the village steak shop or Olympics then you didn't come to Delaware

Mariquita Newton

Love der subs

Alex M.

I like the Italian from here. Never had a problem with this place. Prices are great. Service is just service in this place. Neither good or bad.

Gods Treasure

Friendly owners, great food and reasonable prices!

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