1020 N Broadway Ave, Bartow
(863) 535-9986

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Surak Darbe

100% original Best price in market

Brandy Baker

I was disappointed when I stopped in to play lottery today. I was rushed to make my $3 purchase and made feel like my business wasn't important because the cashier had a crying newborn baby behind the counter to tend to.

Daniel Trowell

They have reached AND surpassed Circle K's mediocrity and are propelling themselves to become the world's heavyweight Convenience store mogul. And their Go Yum 7-11 ice cream and 7-Select snack line are equal or superior than ALL the other competitors now too!


Store is digusting...Always Dirty, Prices never as advertised on cigarettes, drinks, coolers...Employees are rude... Management is never at the store... 711 should be ashamed to have their brand tainted by this location... always have drug addicts doing dope in bathrooms and parking lot, fresh jail releases hanging around... AVOID THIS STORE... THE GOOD 711 IS 2 BLOCKS NORTH OF THIS STORE ON BROADWAY/HWY 98... GO THERE... THIS STORE IN REVIEW IS FRANCHISED AND CORRUPT... IF YOU WANT TO GET OVERCHARGED, ROBBED, IN A FIGHT, THREATENED TO BE ARRESTED FOR ASKING FOR ADVERTISED PRICING ADAMANTLY BUT NOT RUDELY YOURSELF, ENJOY THIS HORRIBLE PLACE...NEEDS 24/7 POLICE PATROL AND NEW OWNERSHIP...COMMUNITY EYE SORE


one of the young Hispanic females that work there is completely rude she blares inappropriate music curses and uses bad language dropping n bombs like its nothing shes always on her phone i have to yell sometimes because the music is so loud I suggest you check the cameras from last friday around 5:40 -6:00 pm her and customer (a young black male) got into a loud argument they were cursing at each other back and fourth very unprofessional she was repeating the n bomb and using bad language right in front of other customers not the first time other then that this is are go to store sadly we try to go when shes not there

Sunkissed Floridian

Good assortment of my favorite Lenny and Larry's cookies. I got the strawberry cheesecake vegan cookie. They have interesting things. Birthday cake pies and cookies and cream hot chocolate and brownies. Some gross things too. It's a pretty nice selection. I would recommend it. Conveniently located near firehouse subs lol.

Trisha Troike

My favorite place to get mini tacos!! The employees are usually pretty nice.

Hyzly’s World

I’m an Uber driver who is of the legal age to pick up alcohol orders for customers and they flat out refused to give me an order that I’m authorized to do all because the customer ordered the alcohol before 12 which at the time I came to pick it up at 11:34 and honestly should be illegal of them to do because if I was picking up alcohol as a customer they couldn’t refuse to give it to me but because it’s Uber they can this is flat out stupid thanks for making lose out on money

Jean Torres

This guy take to long like 10 minutes trying to charge to someone and after al that time when I refused to paid and y try to put everything back and then he come with some bad actitud talking me about I can't refused everything after I wait for 10 mnt I was I good costumer I'm not going no more to that store

Faye Tucker

I will NEVER be back in that store during the morning shift. The Hispanic/up north male employee is EXTREMELY rude. Everytime I have had to deal with him he has been rude. I have overlooked it but I am DONE. This time he had the nerve to tell me I didn't have to buy anything and leave. I reminded him that this was NOT his store and I'm sure the owners would appreciate the sale. I wonder how many other sales have walked out of the store because of him. I proceeded to make my purchase with the nice Indian lady wished her a good weekend and left. He's rude, disrespectful and that bulgar music he's playing from his phone is not appropriate for a business. My 15 year old daughter had also expressed to me that he's been rude to her on various occasions. I'm a regular customer early in the am on my way to work and the overnight clerk and the Indian lady are VERY nice. I spend a decent amount of money at this store on a weekly basis I might need to start looking for other options.

Cayla Hyde

I've had the worst few experiences at this location while this particular cashier was working. He has been MORE than rude on EVERY occasion I've been in the store. I had to pay for gas with quarters once, and he made me feel so ashamed and embarrassed. He threw a complete fit when having to count the money. He's been so rude every time since. He wouldn't tell me his name when I politely asked and also wouldn't tell me his managers name. He is the heavier set guy with curly hair and glasses. So if a manager or owner gets the chance to read this, you might want to think about doing an evaluation on him. He is unprofessional and rude. I wouldn't want him as the face of my company..

Adrian G.

I understand that work can be frustrating but talking to ppl any kind of way is not acceptable. If you don't want anyone in the store while you mop then lock the door. Don't give attitude to ppl walking into this establishment. Young girl there has a attitude with everyone. You chose your job little girl. Whatever chic is working on 2/18/23 at 6:36 she definitely don't wanna be there.

Lorri Taylor

Thank you so very much to the cashier who went above and beyond to help me get in my locked car. She volunteered herself and, conquered the task at hand. Bravo young lady. Thanks 7-11 for having a great and helpful employee on the Night shift.

Cynthia Matthews

Good service, food, and price.

Nelys Rosa

Good customer service, clean store

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