Zenobia Mediterranean & Kebab Grill

1857 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Bradenton
(941) 900-2722

Recent Reviews

Peter Pakdel

Food was delicious. The chef was attentive to our order and made everything really well. Quality was top notch and the flavors were perfect. Server was really pleasant with great service and she was nice enough to turn up the music for us. If we're in the area again we'll definitely be back.

Peter Monk

It is a very clean and pleasant restaurant. My experience was good, but the food was a bit pricey and IMHO, a bit bland. The kabobs were overcooked and dry. The rice needed something, I'm not sure what exactly, but it wasn't in there. The lentil soup was decent, but not exciting. These are strictly my opinions, your opinions could differ. It was a very nice place, just not for me.

Lexi Tibbetts

Came to eat here with my family. The food was amazing! Big portions and beautiful flavor. I had the beef kafta kebab and it was delicious. The chicken shawarma was amazing. The Hummus is a must try!

Meghan O'Brien

I've really enjoyed the food every time my family and I have come to eat here. The food is always very fresh and the owner is very welcoming and friendly.

Rabah Dz Power

To expensive for a little bit of food. U can have Seafood for that price. They need to do something about that. Never go back there

Hollace Hare

My dad was a bit disappointed by how small the food was, specifically the lamb didn't have all that much meat on it. I didnt really care all that much about the place but the baklava was really good, hard to go wrong with sweets.

Shaun Notman

Excellent lamb/gyro meat, good falafel, great Greek salad. Excellent staff with impeccable manners and they are very nice. Restrooms kept very clean and the music is always playing.

Vincent Lefevre

Surprisingly good food! Much better than I expected for the location. Nice, caring service. I wish I lived closer to this restaurant!

Megan Abshari

Great local Mediterranean restaurant with home made delicious menu options. Hard to come by in our area. Very authentic. Won?t disappoint. Owner is a very nice & friendly family man. Make sure to go. We go at least once a couple weeks and crave the food often!

Jim W.

We stumbled upon Zenobia this evening, and thanked our lucky stars for this great find! The food was amazingly fresh, authentic and delicious. The grape leaves were even better than those we had in Greece last year - with just the right of spice added to the yummy filling. We both tried kebab dinners and the meat was succulent and cooked perfectly. We loved the entire experience, and the service was A-plus. This is really worth a try if you enjoy fresh, authentic Mediterranean food.

Abd Abody

Very professional staff. tasty food .


Absolutely LOVE this place! The food is SO delicious, very obviously made fresh daily. So flavorful!! They are the nicest people, the chef comes out and checks on us and we always seem to get some sort of extra dish on the house. They are also wonderful with kids, they have toys and crayons and are very welcoming. Highly recommend!!!

Julia L.

What a great find! Our family just had an amazing dining experience! We relied on the waitress to help us decide on what to get, and she was spot on. Everything we ordered was delicious. The service was fast, friendly and attentive. Can't wait to visit again!

Kendall C.

The restaurant was cute and the staff was attentive, but unfortunately the food was not very good. The falafel sandwich and the chicken shawarma sandwich were not underwhelming. The chicken was not very flavorful and the falafel totally fell apart. One of us also ordered the lentil soup which was both bland and sour. No one in our party finished our meals. I will say that the hummus and flatbread was quite good, but definitely didn't outweigh the other issues. I would not recommend and won't return.

Scott Kincaid

I love eating at Zenobia. The owner and his staff are always very friendly and helpful. The food is delicious and the value is amazing. Great portion sizes for a very reasonable price. They take great care of you while you dine.

Nick f

Great food, awesome service. The Kebabs and Shawarma and appetizers were two thumbs up. Highly recommend trying it.

Hisham Sawan

I just love eating at Zenobia. The taste reminds me of home. Ingredients, spices, presentation... all amazing.


We came for lunch to try Zenobia out. It is attractively decorated for a small neighborhood place, but from the very generous serving of hummus that I thought had a very odd taste to the skewers of chicken, the Greek cheese pie, to the cucumbers in yoghurt (yoghurt with very little cucumber) I found the food had a taste that is nothing like the Lebanese food that Iâ??ve had before. It could be me, but Zenobia seemed so off what my wife and I expected in terms of taste that we were surprised. The prices for lunch seemed high for the area and the dinner prices were significantly higher to our eye. We know how hard it is to run a restaurant and do not normally write a review that is not positive, but this time we felt we needed to share our experience. The waitress was very kind and patient and the place has a nice ambience. Perhaps it was an off day.

Hilary Thieu

Was here for a birthday party. Wonderful service. The food was phenomenal (hummus is amazing btw). Would come here again with friends/family

Bill Trunk

This was a real surprise for my wife and I to a chance and stopped in for dinner on Saturday

joshua crabtree

If you love shawarma(like myself) do not order it here. It is less a shawarma and more of a shredded chicken burrito that lacks much flavor. It was also very pricey for what you get, even on the lunch menu. My table was a little bit dirty, but that doesnâ??t bother me, too much. The service was fast and decent. My food came out VERY fast! I would rather have waited 10 minutes and get a better quality sandwich, though.

John S

Everything we had was great. Lamb beef chicken kebabs , home made hummus was fantastic. The baklava is home made and to die for . No alcohol but you can BYOB with no cork fee. We brought in a bottle of wine. Great service as well. Plan to visit again

Eli S.

Went there for the first and the owner noticed me looking over the menu and came over to introduce himself and after some discussion I decided to try the grape leaves and falafel. He told me to try the chicken shawarma and gave a sample of the food and it was delicious. I will definitely go back


My husband and I recently placed a take-out order with Zenobia. We were excited for a stay at home date night, and wanted to try this local business as we try to support the community. The food was a tremendous disappointment. We ordered falafel, which was dry and flavorless. We had pita bread that was paper thin, cold, and tasted like cardboard. We had several other appetizers that were subpar at best. The lentil soup was likely the best item that we took home, but even that we chose to place in the trash because my husband just could not stomach it. I have never written a negative review on a dining establishment before, but when I called to share my experience with management, the response was nearly as poor as the food. I would also add that the portion sizes were rather small for the price. I requested a refund, but none was given and I was never followed up with. It pains me to say this, but I would select visiting Mcdonald's before returning to this establishment.

Mohammad Kaddoumi

Amazing Place to have a delicious food with an excellent services.


My sister and I went to Zenobia for lunch last weekend. After living in the Middle East and North Africa, I can say that their beef shawarma (with garlic sauce) and chicken shawarma (with tahini sauce) are fantastic! Great seasoning and grilled just right. . . They make their own baklava which melts in your mouth. The right balance of flaky pastry, walnuts, and honey! Owned and run by a local family, the service was friendly and wonderful. Can't wait to go back!

Stacy W.

My sister and I went to Zenobia for lunch last weekend. After living in the Middle East and North Africa, I can say that their beef shawarma (with garlic sauce) and chicken shawarma (with tahini sauce) are fantastic! Great seasoning and grilled just right. They make their own baklava which melts in your mouth. The right balance of flaky pastry, walnuts, and honey! Owned and run by a local family, the service was friendly and wonderful. Can't wait to go back!

Lauren H.

Great place for authentic Mediterranean food. They also adjust orders according to dietary needs. I do not eat meat and they were able to accommodate me. The owners are kind people that really care about their customers!


I've only recently discovered the wonderful flavors in Middle Eastern Food. We ordered lamb kebas and they were absolutely delicious, so tender and with the perfect amount of spices. The tahini sauce was so good, too. The owner was very nice as was the waitress.

Ellie R.

The worst chicken sandwich ever. Tasteless. Old and chewy. Overpriced. Worthless. My husband ordered kebabs. Very chewy and tasteless as well. Don't waste your money.

Pat S

My husband I love this restaurant. It is our absolute favorite spot to eat in this area. The food is fresh, perfectly seasoned, healthy, and all around fantastic. The owner is friendly and welcoming, and his pride in the establishment is evident. We have been enjoying various Savor Sarasota menus this week, some at very expensive establishments. Not one has been anywhere near as good as the food we enjoy at Zenobia. The butter, cream sauces, and salt most places use to enhance their food ( and my waistline) just cannot compare to the bright flavors you will find at Zenobia. To enjoy a feast that will delight your taste buds, seeming decadent while being healthy, do as we do. Order fattoush, kafta kebap, labneh, hummus and pita, grape leaves, and tabouleh, and share. FYI: They have the best hummus I have ever had anywhere, even the Middle East and the Meditteranean.


Visiting with family who just moved to the area. After a long morning of remodeling decisions we were missing the variety of options found in a larger urban area and looking for a quiet casual location with a tuque flavor profile. We hit the dead of the afternoon and were the only customers in the restaurant. Very thoughtful and attentive staff. Two picky eaters in our group and the server was patient and willingly made substitutions. The food was excellent. Well flavored and freshly prepared. The best dish was the Shish Tawook. The seasoning on the chicken was well infused without overpowering the dish.The amount of food is very generous. We took home enough food for all of us to have a second meal. The only downside was slow turnaround on food presentation,but we were glad to rest from our busy morning and worth waiting for freshly prepared food. Will put this on our must return list. The location is tucked away, but worth the time to find.

David Youngs

Delicious Mediterranean food. my Greek salad with chicken shawarma delicious. kebabs too. everything tastes very fresh. staff very friendly.


Empty plate club over here â?? everything was authentic and made to order. In a world of Captain Dâ??s and Chick-fil-A, itâ??s amazing to find these local gems. Will come back again and again for delicious flavor, great service and authentic cuisine!

Clarisse A.

Go to Zenobia if you want to taste a bit of Syria and Lebanon. The food is very authentic, prepared the way my mom cooked. Try the green lentil soup. It's heavenly. Their koftas are moist and served in thin Arabic bread. And their Baba Ghanoug and moutabal are a meal by themselves. At the end of the meal, you can even sip Turkish coffee. The owner is friendly and loves to talk with his guests.


This is our 5th visit-and each time we have loved our experience. The hummus is fantastic. The chicken skewers are delicious. The falafels are incredible. Treat yourself to a great lunch or dinner

Amanda R.

I tried and I really wanted to make this Greek place work because it's so close to where we live but everything other than the baklava is sub par. The meats are all dry ( I've tried the both chicken and shrimp twice) and I don't get why a small side of hummus isn't included. There's a "little" Greek place that is soooooo much better and cheaper I'm going to have to just live with the longer drive or pay for delivery because it's worth it to have delicious juicy chicken kabobs and a real side salad that is so much tastier and includes more veggies.

Deborah LaRowe

the food was do fresh tasting & had very authentic taste! the owner was very nice & very gracious. he fixed for us "Turkish coffee". my husband enjoyed it. we will definitely go back, as there are more foods on the menu I want to try.

Danielle V.

First time visiting Zenobia. It was completely empty when I arrived but the waitress greeted me and offered to answer any questions about the menu. After viewing the menu for a while I decided on the chicken shawarma dinner platter. The dinner platter comes with either lentil soup or cucumbers and yogurt, which by the way is really just tzatziki sauce with mint flavor. The sandwich was good but definitely needed the sauce. I am confused why it didn't come with any sides since it was $18 for just a sandwich and tzatziki. The people were nice but they cooked the chicken in the microwave and just grilled the wrap on the stove top. Probably won't be back. Pretty disappointed.

Robin B.

Excellent food and service. We had Lamb chops and Baklava which was amazing. Family owned and operated and they give great service! Clean and inviting for small business. Had an awesome experience!