Umai Cafe

601 S Ft Harrison Ave, Clearwater
(727) 533-5552

Recent Reviews

Jeorge Martinez

The fish is always fresh and the portions are delicious and satisfying.


Food is superb! Great customer service!

Katiana Francois

Worst place to eat unless you're ordering to go. Bad customer service, treats you like you can't pay or won't pay for anything extra. If I ask for extra is because I can afford it! I've witnessed their interaction with other customers compared to how they interacted with me and my friend, then we understood what was going on! Never will I spend my money that I work hard for to be comfortable!

Shegun Nichols

This is my favorite place to have sushi cooked or raw the best in town there is also another Umai Cafe on Missouri but I prefer this one because I've been going to it for years now for all my Sushi lovers do not hesitate to visit this place loved the cooks and the service


Vegetarian options were great. Beef didn’t taste right on Sunday. Shrimp was over cooked. Their beef is freshest on Friday per staff/owner.

Chris G

This place is a personal favorite of mine everyone is so happy so nice so sweet food's great place is clean including the bathroom I like to add that because sometimes it's very clean in the dining area and then you go in the bathroom and you're like where the hell did I just end up but this place matched cleanliness so check them out good food good people.

Diana Rose

This is my fave spot to get Japanese Hibachi and Bento boxes. The veggies are fresh , the steak is juicy and soft as butter ! My daughter loves their sushi is small for indoor dining, waiting for the pandemic to pass for the intimate dining is a treat. The fried rice is better than any asian restaurant in the bay area..a perfect blend of rice, egg, and veg..with a touch of soy yummy

Jamie Ferrazano

Affordable and fast with nice quality sushi. Paid 9.50 for two rolls which were more like half rolls but with thr miso soup it made the perfect sized lunch.

Chelsea A.

Super cute place, very nice and food came out fast. Clean Resturant as well. They were very accommodating to my peanut allergy.

Eric Dettloff

Excellent sushi. My wife and I are raw salmon lovers and we loved it. My wife lived in NYC and always speaks so highly of NYC sushi. She said this place was as good as NYC. We got the salmon lover and that was soooo good! Really hope we can come back and eat here again while on our vacation!!

Michael Gargiulo

Really, really good food, everything felt traditional. Servers felt a little rushed and would go by everything quickly, (could be anxiety or stressed* but besides that everything was amazing, and looked amazing

Lisa C.

Not sure how this place has so many 4+ reviews, but my food was very disappointing. Tuna Tataki appetizer - very skimp on the ponzu sauce, and tuna was very fishy. Toro sashimi - I was really looking forward to this when I saw it listed on the menu as this is my favorite cut of tuna. However, what came out was not what I expected. I got two pieces of what looked like grey spam. Toro normally has a slight pink color with cloudy fat incorporated as it's the fatty belly section of the tuna, but this was straight up grey and very fishy tasting. Rain Forest roll - Another roll with a very fishy taste and the sauce on top did not compliment the ingredients of the roll at all. Tempura Udon - Another let down as this Udon broth had little to no flavor. Sushi is not supposed to taste overly fishy, but every piece of fish we had here tasted that way. I'm not sure if it was the way it was being stored or it could've been just old. Either way, not a pleasant experience. Only reason for the 2 stars is the staff was very friendly.


Delicious! I live katsu and Umai Cafe made it just the way I like it. Thin chicken pieces and crunchy panko. Quite generous portion too! Friends had steak, chicken and shrimp hibachi and they all enjoyed their choices. The establishment was clean and staff was friendly. Prices were reasonable for the amount of food that you get. Definitely my new favorite Japanese eatery.

Rebekah Monzon

My husband and I came here to park eat on a Saturday night. Online it said they closed at 11pm so I called ahead to see if that was true they said yes and they stop taking food orders at 10:30. We decided to go and arrived at 10:15pm. We were immediately met with hostility from the staff who were shutting down the restaurant. WHY do they say they are open till 11pm if they want to close down at 10?? We arrived with plenty of time to eat and leave before closing. How are you supposed to enjoy a meal you are if they are sweeping and cleaning around you?

Stephanie Stephenson

Excellent! We ordered pick up and everything was great quality and staff was very friendly!

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