Jimmy John's

4613 S University Dr, Davie
(954) 680-6911

Recent Reviews

Clifford Phillips

If you're going to close at 7pm during the week. The open sign is misleading.

Jaime J

Very disappointed with my last order. Been a big fan since the pembroke pines location. Will not be returning. I suggest publix subs as a better alternative.

Edward Baker

Hour later...still no delivery. Not even close to fast...

Gamby Inc

As good as my last “coal-fire” sandwich. I cannot switch it now.

Keshana Esty

Dont get me wrong the food is great but when I ordered my sandwich i ask for no capicola, cuz i dont like the way the capicola tastes, and its on the sandwich when I get it. I asked for mayo packets and I did not receive any and the worst thing, what i find to be the worst, is that I ordered a large soda with no ice and I receive a cup full of ice and I mean full, from top to bottom, and it took two sips to finish the drink.

Kotina Davis

I Hate to post this because I really like this place I went yesterday on my lunch break and had a number 9 and hour after I got sick I was Throw up and had diarrhea 3 hours later I went to the emergency Room and they told me I was food poison sorry to post this because i like It here I really like this place but now I will not go for a while just to make sure the food is getting better

Macalana C.

DONT ORDER! took 30 mins And when I called the young woman had a terrible attitude Said they only had one driver with a box of deliveries! Etc etc etc she didn't even attempt to solve anything I told her I live close by and order all the time and won't anymore and she said okay have a nice day we don't want your business

Anthony Pentangelo

Wish I could leave 0 star... ordered a sandwich (jimmy johns is literally across the street) took 40 minuites had to call and cancel my order because I was off work. Insane. And never again.

Neal A. Schofel

Good, Solid Subs stuffed with Veggies. Nice people working there..

Victor Hernandez

Their little John is the best perfect for a small snack meal


always great sandwiches

Mig X.

I like it. The store service is quick and the delivery is fast as well. The food quality is good too. Big UPS.

Justin K.

Food is ok and employees are friendly, however don't bother getting delivery. It took an hour to receive my order, they were nice enough to give me a room temp sub and watery drink

Alfonso B.

What a waste of money. What an insult to the Jimmy John's name. I ranted and raved to my family about how amazing these sandwiches were, until decided to bring them to this horrible location. The one thing Jimmy John's is famous for, the bread, was HORRIBLE! HARD AS A ROCK! Then, when my mother politely asked why, they rolled their eyes and mumbled "the oven...blah blah blah"...then they turned around and continued their social media conversations. Note to management, hire immigrants. People that would do their work with PRIDE. Do not hire spoiled little babies like these. They are tarnishing the good name of the franchise

Jorgi Al-Jageka

Freaky fast to this place means 45 minutes for one sandwich delivery and I live around the corner from the shop. On top of that I called three times and got hung up on by the same female employee who claims that she put me on hold. When I called the fourth time I got no answer. Unbelievable

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