Juice Therapy Cafe

8220 Griffin Rd, Davie
(954) 990-4735

Recent Reviews

Donna C.

Pleasant find! Great service and delicious food! Definitely worth a try! Avocado toast was great!

tom brady

I placed an order and they canceled it 30 minutes before closing. Was going to try it but now I’m never going to be giving them my money. Oh well

Amanda A.

Juice therapy is the best! During the pandemic they are still open and taking pick up orders. The employees are very friendly and the food is delish! Kombucha is sold as well along with smoothies, shots, açaí bowls, and homemade cookies. Will be back very soon for more goods.

Mistr Q Brown

Invigorating little "Nips" to boost your metabolism and overall health and "Karen is an awesome baker folks"...healthy treats for your body and taste buds!


Best wraps ever! Love the smoothies too❤

Isabella Muller

I ordered a Boysenberry Bonanza smoothie and it tasted horrible. The "smoothie" was like 85% ice. I asked for almond milk in it instead of water and what i got was a flavorless slushie. I even went back inside to see if something could be done to change it or at least fix it. And although the cashier offered to blend it again, it was just that the smoothie tasted horrible. The quality of the fruit seemed old. I also didn't like that they were promoting the use of paper or metal straws but were serving in single use STYROFOAM. Big turn off. Never again.

Lexi S.

Yummy! My sandwich was delicious and the smoothie was filling! The owner was very friendly and gave me soup samples, which were also good. The service was great and my food all came out fast, making the experience truly enjoyable. The prices were reasonable for the quality of the food. It's a great lunch or study spot and I will definitely be returning!

Rod Danan

I got a Meal Replacement shake after the gym one day. They put so much ice in there that there was no taste and I had to throw it away. I stayed hungry that day.

Gabriel macias

Best smoothie of my life

Christine M.

I was disappointed with the pitaya bowl. I've had it several times before, but I don't recall the pitaya being so thin & watery. Plus there wasn't as much fruit as usual. I ordered it to go, which I've done before, & it felt light when I picked it up from the counter. Hoping it was just a one time thing, but I've definitely had better, both here & elsewhere.

Stephanie Demic

OBSESSED with a Juice Therapy Cafe. Best vegan soups, vegan sandwiches, fresh smoothies & vegan desserts.

Sarana Minick

Love the selection of food and smoothies. The kids love it as well.

Mama B.

Quality is good . Portions are way to Small for the price you pay , 17 dollars for a small Smoothie and a small wrap . No thanks.

Marie C.

Got the veggie burger salad. Veggie burger on top of the salad was good. The salad was super dry since I was only given one little thing of dressing. Piña colada was delicious.

Michelle P.

My favorite lunch spot! I've been going to juice therapy for years and it never disappoints. I usually order a slow joe wrap or the impossible burger, both great options. For smoothies I like berries a more, acai for me, and mango tango. It adds up and can get pricey but it's a nice treat every once in a while. The food is mostly vegan but there are options for non vegans too! The staff are super amazing here and always brighten up my day!

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