Panda Express

5820 S University Dr, Davie
(954) 252-6288

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LaVa Lady

Workers seem consumed with their own lunch needs as opposed to assisting customers.

Kelsey Jacobs

The service was horrible.. I ordered in the drive thru and they advised it would be a 10 minute wait, I agreed.. After 20 minutes and no food.. I went in to check.. Food was sitting on rack and the food was cold when they gave it to me. First and last time going here.

zury nunez

Had the teriyaki children with noodles and egg rolls well teriyaki chicken with noodles was really good but the noodles were a bit under cook It was hard to eat and the egg rolls was delicious no complain there and price was quite right

Royal Gush

Food was good. Wait was long. No worries it's a pandemic outside...

Kenny M.

A very nasty place to eat the workers are very rude.

charles mears

Pretty pricey but you get a decent amount of food I'd say yes you


We frequent your establishment a lot. It’s typically a Fairly good experience. It’s a little frustrating when we go at lunch time 12-2 or dinner 6-8 and there’s a 10+ minute wait for fried rice or orange chicken. I’m sure these are your top sellers, you would think that they would be ahead of the game and ensure they had enough for the rush hour. It seems like they’re are out of them too often

Tommy N.

Im rating the service they give cause i love panda this particular location that i went to always mess up my order either they give me something i dont want or they forget my order completely i am very disappointed usually i would go in and order but since we are not allowed inside i had the unfortunate event of going through the drive through and the 4 out of 5 time ive visited this location they always manage to mess something up

Jw P.

Waiting for full menu. Drivw thru moved along well. Most of the food was hit, some of the noodle were just warm - they really should stir them. I do live the generous Large sized soda and the fact that this Panda Express serves Coke-a-Cola brand fountain drinks!

Alyssa Perez

Food is great but they need to wear gloves when handling food especially since customers can see them handling the food.

Tiffany Carrazana

Came to pick an order and the order wasn’t ready, and had to repeat myself multiple times to be understood and was given order wrong needed to be corrected and although the food is great the employees weren’t wearing gloves when handling the food.

Stephanie Diaz

I have never in my life been treated ruder by any fast food/restaurant I’ve been to. I went to the drive through and the person working was so rude I literally left. Every question I asked or tried to order was responded by an extremely rude response to the point she raised her voice at me when she wasn’t even answering my question to the order. I left in fear that they would do something to my food. I did not order. I will never go here again. And to think that during Covid19 restaurants should be grateful for support AND for having a job. Completely unacceptable. I’d love to speak with the GM at this location.


Panda express in 5820 SOUTH UNIVERSITY Florida, is not abiding by rules and regulations regarding facemask, the cook did not have his mask on his face to fully cover his nose, I stood outside for half an hour waiting for my order and not once did he put his mask over his face, they also let a person come in without a mask, that I witnessed With my family. Timeframe was from 9:50 PM till about 10:15 PM, I brought that up to the manager, and she lied and said that the person had a face mask on, when I saw the person in the store and my wife saw the person in the store without a mask. I’m very concerned for the safety of my family and myself, this is a health issue Please address it.

Shanir Kol

You cannot beat their $20 family, b it's really a lot of food for the price and the family like their taste

Phillip Kim

This restaurant is awesome and broad, the menu was enchanting and the rates were very fair. fast, productive service and very friendly waiters. Will definitely recommend this place.

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