Pizza of Davie

13150 W State Rd 84, Davie
(954) 577-4449

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Eric Velt

I wish I could give zero stars. Called to place an order for delivery. They deliver in a 5 mile radius but I live 6 miles away and was adamant that I use a food delivery app. I did have the coupons so I could try them out...guess those coupons go in the garbage.

Randall New

Got a chicken parm pizza with fresh garlic, this place is great, thanks.


Ive never written a review before, ever by the way. Okay so heres some tea for you all: My man and I have always ordered from this place for over 2 years for pizza and pasta. We loved it. After the last few times we have eaten here though, they’ve been horrible experiences. #1 the inconsistency of this place is crazy. One day well get an amazing alfredo pasta and the next its watery, flavorless and looks like it was made a week ago. They gave us a chicken breast that looked and tasted like it was sitting out in the sun all day. When we asked the owner if she could replace it the next time we ordered she accepted and apologized, which is great! The day we ordered it though? HA she had the audacity to ask us why we didn't just get it last time (mind you we live far away and were already home) then the employee continued to ask for a tip. Mind you we work in the restaurant business so we always tip. Also, the employees were NOT wearing face masks. Not. One. All im saying is, if you want a restaurant that cares about their customers and has consistency with their food, go somewhere else.

Yee Y.

The wings here are huge and very good.Got a 20 piece medium wing and I wasn't expecting them to be so good..This is my new wing spot.Try this place you won't regret it.

Rhonda C.

I don't understand the bad reviews. The cheese and pepperoni pizzas were very good. Restaurant is clean. I would recommend giving them a try.

Trent Roberts

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the cooking is appetizing and the stuff is generous and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we pass a cheerful time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Nancy Frias

I keep trying to give this places chances, and they still have yet to consistently make it up. This is the last time.

Trisilla Rockhill


Nicole Embroz

Disgusting food! If you are looking for good Italian food, do not order from here! The fried calamari is a disgrace and the garlic rolls were so dry, the garlic was burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pan. The pizza tastes like cheap frozen pizza. Stay away!

Tal D.

FIRE wings!!!! You can order them by 10's. The first time I ordered 10 wings and a pizza. The pizza wasn't my favorite but it was good. When I tell you the wing are amazing, oh my they truly are DELICIOUS! I order their Honey BBQ and their Honey Garlic wings. Both flavors are bomb ! They have excellent blue cheese. I am not such a huge fan of blue cheese but theirs is GREAT ! It was about $10 for the wings. They aren't pricey! And they do have a variety of options actually ! They also offer promotions and they have coupons ! They do NOT have any seating so this is not a spot that you would go with a group. Definitely stopping by for more wings !

Lisa T.

Found this place by chance on Door Dash; and the Sicilian pie with sausage & onion was literally one of the best pizzas I've ever had! Good crust, tasty sauce & the sausage & onion toppings were yummy! We had it delivered by a 3rd party & it was still nice & hot when it arrived! I was really kind of surprised when I read the reviews, because we've had pizza from Pizza of Davie delivered two more times and they have all been good experiences. We ordered the Sicilian again because we loved it! We also tried a barbecue chicken pizza which was good, but there was a little too much barbecue sauce on it in my opinion. For good, hot pizza at a reasonable price; it's hard to beat Pizza of Davie!

Ivan Febo

i wanted a whit echeese pizza they gave me a three cheese pizza i ask and showed them the wrong pizza and they didnt want tonmake me a new one or refund me dont every go to this shop they will not help you out

Ivan F.

ordered a white cheese pizza they gave me three cheese and when ask to switch it they said no dont go to this place bot great costomer service

Ashleigh B.

Worst place I ever ordered from soon as I eat the food me and my daughter started throwing it all up I called to complain and they said it's not their fault and take no responsibility for the nasty as shit they Fedus hope this place gets shut down my main goal in 2020 is to shut this place down and hope they never serve anybody else again they should not own a pizzeria they should be homeless on the street no responsibility for the nasty stuff they gave us and did not care and started giving me an attitude about their shitty quality fuck this place

Alexsandra Cassanova

I went on a whim last year and loved it. No I buy from them at least once a month! Their wings are wonderful, their pizza is phenomenal and their pasta is perfect. 10/10 would recommend

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