Cowboy Up Saloon

1609 Hendry St, Fort Myers
(239) 980-7630

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Great place. Didn't win the white claw claw machine this time though. Really picks up later in the evening.

Jose Rios

Walked in with my wife and a friend security at door was very nice sat at bar to order a drink mind you 7empty seats to both side of us we patiently wait for bartender to takenout order 4 girls come in after us sit next to my friend and get ask what they wanted before we were even acknowledge. They get their drinks and we think we would be next nope another group of people come in and get asked for their drink order like we arent good enough for bar so we just get up and leave. Sucks when my wife always wanted to go here and when we do we dont get service.

Becky Bowers

Funky little place to get a drink while walking around downtown.Parking: Extremely hard to find.Kid-friendliness: Probably not for kids after dark.

matt robbins

Cool little late night spot on the

Dustin Herrin

Disappointing Experience at Cowboy UpI recently visited Cowboy Up with my fiancé and was thoroughly disappointed with our experience. From the moment we walked in, it was clear that the bar lacked proper service and cleanliness.Firstly, the lack of service was incredibly frustrating. We waited patiently for a considerable amount of time to be served, but the staff seemed more interested in chatting amongst themselves than attending to customers. When we finally managed to place our order, it took an unreasonable amount of time for our drinks to arrive, and they were poorly made.Additionally, the bar had an overwhelming stench of vomit that permeated the entire place. It was not only unpleasant but also completely unacceptable for a business that claims to provide a welcoming and enjoyable environment. We tried to address this concern with the bar owner, but instead of addressing the issue professionally, they rudely dismissed our complaint and promptly kicked us out.This experience left a sour taste in our mouths, both literally and figuratively. We had hoped for a fun evening out, but instead, we were met with subpar service, a foul odor, and a complete lack of customer care. It's disheartening to see such disregard for patrons, and I cannot recommend Cowboy Up to anyone seeking an enjoyable bar experience.I hope the management of Cowboy Up takes this feedback constructively and makes the necessary improvements to ensure a better experience for future customers.

Cody Janacek

This place was a trash, the service was 25 min. With a bar that isn’t that packed throw up smell everywhere! “Bouncer” playing pool to the right of the bar. He kicked us out because we complained about a throw up smell around the pool table and entrance of the bar. The bouncer could’ve easily picked it up!

Esquire Hayes

Definitely have to give this place no stars what so ever! First time ever visiting this bar and definitely will never return! For one I had and issue with the way my drink was made by bartender Carlos, I then asked if he could remake the drink and his response was “the only way i will remake your drink is if you pay for another one” I’ve never been treated with such bad customer service. After I tried explaining to him he then walked off as I was talking. I then found a different bartender who’s name is Stacy but Carlos had whispered something to Stacy about me and she ended up ignoring me and walking way towards the other side of the bar she didn’t want to help me after whatever Carlos had said to her, Unbelievable! I’m beyond upset so I find the next bartender who’s name is Alaina and she was AMAZING! She came right away to help me she felt so bad for me after I explained to her the customer service I had received she wouldn’t even let me tip her. Thank You Alaina! That bar needs more bartenders like you. My friends and I will never ever return to this place.

Toni Pena

Elise was the best bartender! Just moved back to the area and DEFINITELY found my go to bartender already.Very quick service and super personable. I LOVED her sense of humor. Will definitely be back. It was 4th of July so super busy, but Elise was on it!!!

Lauren M.

My roommate and I were both charged $25 when we only got one $8 drink each. Tried calling and the number goes straight to voicemail.

Cat Livingston

If I could give less than one I would the bartender was rude and just stood around and wasted our

Mark Widman

The bartenders here our on a power trip and they don’t care about costumer service

Benjamin Dover

Holy moly I have to give one star? This place is the worst! I woke up to a decent day then went to cowboy up in downtown fort myers to witness thriving racism. Everything was pretty standard until racial profiling by the staff and being glared at by every other person was the expectation. I was just tryna get some beer. The bartenders and everybody but security were pretty lame. They will definitely cripple your vibe if you’re doing anything but being caucasian. Please do yourself a favor and stay home. This place is an eternal L on the soul.

Bryce Cox

Lots of stuff to do! Younger crowd and it was packed but fast service!

Max Maxwell

Very small space with tons of people. If you want to be out with everyone this is your place.

Carson Sanders

“K” gave us the worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my life. I couldn’t even believe it honestly. We politely told her that she must have accidentally made our vodka lemonades with club soda instead of lemonade. She refused to admit she was wrong and took another 20 minutes to get us our drinks remade. This time she said she only made them with a splash of lemonade (wrong again) and told us that’s how vodka lemonades are supposed to be made. She also made multiple very snarky remarks and gestures towards us that were very unprofessional even for someone half her age. I don’t think this is the type of employee you want representing your nice bar. She puts the customers last and herself first while you are paying her to work.

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