Taqueria San Julian

11601 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers
(239) 936-0037

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Quesobiria tacos were awesome. Service great. 17.99 for a michelada was a rip off. Not posted anywhere that I saw that that's the price. I would have never ordered them if i saw it. Only reason i took a star.Food: 5/5

Tyla Henry

Well this would be my second time coming to this establishment. However, it appears even though I stated what I wanted regarding my order, it seems I got the opposite yet again. Great food, but… it would be nice to receive what I ordered. Also, it does appear they do not cater to those whom do not speak their language as well which is a bummer ??‍♀️. Shouldn’t matter who are.. customer service is customer service considering I am a paying customer ??‍♀️I did not ask for your stereotype, just my order to be correct. Nor did I ask to be hung up on multiple times either

Maria Oliva

Absolutely love this place! Their steak quesadillas are to die for! The guacamole is amazing! Delicious and authentic ! Food is nicely priced, call ahead and order your food. Service is good, but it’s always very busy.Food: 5/5

Brook Jimenez

We love their authentic tacos and spicy guacamole. We usually order take out. It is a small establishment with 2 tables outside as well.Food: 5/5


Wow ?? the food is amazing! Best Tacos I've ever had!!! Even the sauce was ??? I love it and definitely going back.Food: 5/5


I have dreams about their tacos and quesadillas! Hands down, the best I've ever eaten. So good, so fresh! I recommend to everyone!! Cannot get enough of this great food!!Food: 5/5


We enjoyed our dinner here. The food was good and decent portions. I would not suggest coming here if you are in a hurry but it was fine for us. I would not say it was super inexpensive as some have said. They don’t seem to have Ala carte tacos or other items so you have to order a dinner that is maybe $13 or so which is fair. It can easily end up costing $25 per person with tip without ordering any alcohol. This is including a shared appetizer and a plastic bottle of water. The restaurant primarily has Spanish speaking people and can get quite crowded. It’s pretty basic inside. I think they may have added an extra fee for using a credit card but I could be wrong. It’s not quite clear what the etiquette is for paying the bill. I think most people just went up to the register and they calculated the bill there. They only have bottled water so that is an extra expense if you just want water. It would have been nice to leave with an itemized bill but they keep that and just give the credit card receipt. Anyway we enjoyed the experience but wanted to share a few observations.


We had an event for our apartment community. These guys did a great job with communication. They are very generous and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your help to pull of the event.

Nicole Derrickson

It was just so-so. Small menu which makes ordering easy. The restaurant needs a really good deep clean. The chips were very dark and greasy with 0 salt. Queso was good. The tacos are street taco size. Chicken was a little bland and the quesdilla was small. I had high hopes after reading reviews of authentic Mexican food but sadly it's nothing like what I'm used to living in Arizona.

Daniel Blandon

This hidden jem is a great go-to spot for a quick bite. With its mom and pop feel, the staff is always busy with phone orders or walk-ins and with good reason. The tacos always taste fresh with a decent variety of options all at a low price. Definitely recommend. If you're in a hurry make sure you order ahead of the lunch rush.Parking: Parking is inside of a busy plaza so finding a spot depending on time of day can prove tricky.

richard mickolwin

Richard and Lee, snowbirds from Canada met Leo the owner and he invited us to try his food. Exceptional. Staff was great and we were blessesFood: 5/5

Ernesto Rodriguez

Outstanding tacos and quesadillas. The meat is seasoned well and has a ton of flavor. The service however was not the best. We put in our orders quickly and received our order quickly, but the server never came back for another 45 minutes or so. We wanted more food and napkins, but 45 minutes went by and nothing. Food is excellent though and I would return. Just make sure you order enough on the first go around.

Nelson Montero

If you are looking for a Mexican mom and pops restaurant look no more. Taqueria San Julian is the place to go. The food was excellent and explosive with flavors. Your first bite will have you melting into your chair like the cheese in your quesadilla. This is the place to stop on US 41 if you want comforting Mexican food.Food: 5/5

Cynthia Ortiz (Cindy)

My husband and I are from out of town and our hotel was in walking distance so we decided to give this place a try for dinner. We both got one steak taco, a chicken quesadilla and one order of guacamole and chips. The taco didn't have to much flavor but the chicken quesadilla was super good. Had a very good flavor. The guacamole was the best!!! The were super busy, the waitress seamed quick with everything, taking orders and payment. Wasn't really personal. But the food was good. I would still recommend this place.

Seth Reiman

Best Mexican food I've ever had!Was recommended to us by a car salesman we were working with. So we stopped in while test driving the car.The parking lot was mostly full at lunch time and is somewhat tight for larger vehicles, but totally manageable. We were in a big dually pickup.Two round tables outside were full and inside was packed. A good sign as far as I'm concerned. All the employees were hustling and bustling and we didn't wait long for our food considering how busy it was. Seems like family run "mom and pop" place, which I love.Food is amazing! Flavorful, good ingredients and fair price for what you're getting. I'm white as white bread but this seems like the real deal if you're looking for good Hispanic food.

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