Trap House krab and seafood

2150 Fowler St, Fort Myers
(239) 203-5364

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Randy F.

Prices have gone up but thats ok. I split the Sixty Five with my adult son and we had more than enough food. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was my first time. The restaurant is a little hole in the wall joint; personally...I LOVE THAT! Isn't that was Yelp is for? :-D What to know. 1. Prices have gone up. Didn't ask why. Included pic of menu 2. You can split meals. Be sure to tell them and they'll separate them for you. 3. It's authentic Cajun and absolutely worth it. 4. Food is cooked fresh. It's literally from the market next door.. 5. There is a wait. Good food isn't fast. Enjoy your time in conversation or simply chilling. 6. It's med/hot spicy. This is Cajun. If your nit a spicy fan but want to do Cajun, do it anyway. You won't regret it. 7. This isn't a fancy restaurant and you don't have have waiter. You may have to ask for some things like claw leg crackers and small forks to get the meat out. 8. There is nothing that isn't going to be awesome. If you've ever wanted to try mussels, craw fish, whatever, do it. The food is delicious.

Dominique T.

This place is amazing! I love it. Some people may have a problem with the excessive garlic but i love it. The seafood platter is cooked well and fresh.

Ramsey R.

Great seafood, everything we got was delicious. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for crab boils. Shrimp and extras all great too. Want to come again when I'm back!

Mary A.

Food was amazing. Customer service was great. This a hole in the wall restaurant with good seafood and great service A+++++++ will def be going back.

Nicole Sullivan

I was informed to go to this business to get Garlic crab. Most places on fowler that are family owned have been a good choice. I waited in line long who to know the seafood was not fresh and had been off of ice for too long. I unfortunately did not make past the rotting fish smell and decided to save my belly the suffering.

Alejandra M.

The place looks undercover nothing fancy at all and the guy that help us out was ok in terms of the food the Snow crab was very good, in taste I give it a 5 start in price is extremely expensive for the amount of food you get, the blue crab has no meat, it is not worth ordering. Unfortunately this is a place that I wouldn't come back because of the quantity of food and the price

Alex A.

In town for a wedding and wanted something to sink my teeth into. Very good seafood, funny and humble service. Highly recommend!


Menu is odd. It is set up more for a carry out where various items are prepared and put into large aluminum serving trays. If you were feeding a family or large gathering it would be ideal. For a couple of lone diners it left something to be desired It was kind of a one man operation. The person taking the orders, running the cash register, bringing us our food and answering the phone taking phone orders was the same guy. I think he was doing a lot of the cooking too, but there was one other person in the kitchen. The soda selection was down to two cans of Sprite and two things of some brand of tea. Before we left the cooler got restocked. It took us about 45 mins to get our food. My breaded oysters had so much breading on them I actually was pulling it off. That plus I think the cooking oil was in need of a change. The man who was doing all the work was friendly though. He did his best to be entertaining.

Robert Bramer

Great seafood at a great price. Very casual restaurant and friendly staff.

Matthew H.

Delightful food and friendly staff, a great neighborhood restaurant! My wife loved her seafood platter and the hush puppies were great! I see why this place has such a high rating and loyal clients. We will most definitely be back for another meal.

Bwill 4u

Sonny's mix was super delicious. The original sauce compliments the crab and shrimp and makes it very enjoyable. I will definitely be back.

Lily W.

Mac Daddy took me 3 meals to finish on my own.  It was a late birthday gift for myself.  This is a real gem, a whole in the wall type of local seafood foodie hideout!  Seafood were fresh and super garlicky.  Their sauces are full of flavor and the portion is decent.  I wish to try more specials but since I don't live around here, I will definitely visit when I'm in the area. BTW, ask about the daily specials, it's not the same combo as the menu.

Tabitha Strong

Very delicious food and I've been here two times now for a dinner date carry out for home.

Carlos W.

Unbelievably excellent service and hospitality that could only be matched by freshly prepared seafood that was flavorful and seasoned to perfection. I am a seafood snob from Maryland who believes the best must come from the Chesapeake Bay...but THIS place has me rethinking everything I thought I knew about good seafood. 5 STARS on all categories.

Evangelina Powell

My family and I visited Fort Myers on vacation. We are from North Carolina and our town in the mountains lacks good seafood places like Traphouse. We were excited when we found this place online and due to covid we preferred to do takeout. We drove 30 mins to try their food and they didn't disappoint. The food was still warm when we got back to our rental house, was seasoned perfectly, and so delicious! One of the owners we met was so friendly. If we ever visit the area again, we'll definitely be back!

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