Leonardo's Pizza of Millhopper

4131 NW 16th Blvd, Gainesville
(352) 376-2001

Recent Reviews

garrett underwood

Awesome pizza. Their garlic rolls are fantastic. I know the original owners sold about a year or so back. But the quality, staff and prices haven't changed a bit. If you didn't know ownership changed, you would never notice.

Ryan L.

Ok, so I heard a lot of good things about Leonardo's, so I decided to try it. Honestly, the pizza could be worth a 5 star review. It's big, has a good amount of cheese, isn't greasy, has really thick crust. HOWEVER, there was so much sauce on the thing it literally got everywhere. On your hands, on your mouth, on the plate, oozing our everywhere. There was actually globs and mounds of sauce, especially near the crust. The sauce flavor is decent, but it's not good enough to put that much on there. Kind of ruined the pizza to be honest. That being said, still an alright pizza, better than a lot of places.

Jessica Kaplan

Great food, great service!

Carol Whitmer

Love their pizza and garlic rolls! We have been customers since the 1970's.

Margo Adeshola

I haven't been there in 20 years so when i had the opportunity to visit i was pleasantly surprised that the pizza and garlic knots were just as good as i remembered.

Franklin Pooler

One of the best restaurants in the area. The food is great and the staff is incredibly friendly. I absolutely love the inside due to its dark, and relaxing aesthetic. The music is always good, too.

Clifton Walden

As always, great pizza and lasagna. Well worth the wait. Unchanged for 30 years. Who is Satchel?

Keith A. Hartley

Always a pleasant experience at Leonardo’s. Good food and service.

Dottie K.

Great pizza! Visiting town and looking for local pizza. ThiS deep dish pizza was filled with toppings and they were fresh and delicious. The pizza was cooked all the way through. The perfect blEnd of meats and vegetables throughout. Enjoyed it.


This is my Chicago born brides favorite place for her to get a taste of home. They did not disappoint once again. We live 45 minutes away and it was still delicious after the long ride. I got brownie points for Valentines!!!

Dantastic Sloth

I live around the corner from this place yet I haven't been here since the 80s. Surprisingly it doesn't look like they have changed their decor since I was last here. The pizza is just great and decently priced. Amazing beer specials and lunch specials. Definitely going to make it a point to come back again sometime before another 30 years passes

Jud Weaver

Always friendly staff & unique pizza. I don't know of another restaurant that uses actual strips of bacon as a topping. Order the garlic knots...you're welcome. We've never had a less than stellar visit.

Amy Kittling

Our family shared a lovely evening here recently. I was a little concerned about eating here because of dietary limitations. The waiter was extremely kind and accommodating and the kitchen produced a delicious, cheese-free pizza for me. Everyone in our party was pleased with the food. Service was excellent and the family friendly atmosphere made for a good time. We will return to this restaurant.

Wayne Osteen

Absolutely some of the best pizza I've ever had! And the garlic knots were incredible!

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The food here is always excellent no matter what you order (although the calzones are my personal favorite) and the staff is always attentive and personable. You can tell they make everything from scratch, and the extra attention shows. Highly recommended if you want some good carryout pizza or a casual sit-down dinner!

Beth Edwards

the absolute BEST garlic knots and pizza I've ever had!

Kyle Vickroy

Garlic knots en fuego!I would give it 5 stars because the portions are massive,but a few menu items have been so so.I definitely go at least a handful of times every year,though.

Dianna Dawson Craven

Great night with friends. Table for 13 on busy pregame night. Pizza and garlic rolls are exactly as we remember 28 year later. Owner and staff are super friendly. Look forward to returning next season.

Eric Kim

A cozy little place, Leonardo's has the best deep dish pizza in town. The slices are very thick and loaded with toppings. It can be pricey to buy whole pies, but a slice or two should be enough to fill most people.

John Kramer

Absolute best pizza in Gainesville. Chicago deep-dish. Good salad bar too.

Mary Birmingham

The literal best garlic knots I have ever had in my entire life. Melt in your mouth. This place is amazing and they are incredibly nice - tip them well! They deserve it. Can’t wait to come back

R.S. Harrison

Pizza was awesome. It was deep dish, round style with super thick/flakey crust (Think Chicago style). Garlic knots were pretty good as well. The pizza is pricey but it is really thick and well worth it. The also have specials which will fill you up for a reasonable price. As a guy from the mid west, I am super excited to have tried this. Restaurant was clean and staff was cool. Will go again.

Gail Williams

The only real pizza around. Leonardo's has the best pizza you will ever put in your mouth. If you want an amazing real pizza this is your only option.

Pele W.

I've eaten here often, from a couple decades ago when I worked at a business near them to just weeks ago when I got a delicious Big Leo pizza to go. Quality of their pizza has remained consistently excellent over the years. If eating in, their salad bar has always been fresh and neat overall. The iced tea is always wonderfully fresh and delicious, the sign of one of their employees taking care to thoroughly clean out the sweet tea especially at regular intervals. Sure, it may seem dark and dingy, with mostly fake plants and subdued lighting, but the booths and tables are comfortable. This isn't someplace trendy or hip, but rather a nice chill place to enjoy a pitcher of beer and delicious pizza. I'd suggest going in with this in mind.

Mari T.

We came on a busy busy Sunday. It's very friendly & staff very knowledgeable, seem to know their jobs & attentive, a good sign. Tried the garlic rolls, & their Chicago Style pizza. The garlic rolls were ok but not as good as piesanos to tell the truth- I felt like if more fresh minced garlic and Parmesan was used it would be better, but again, totally acceptable & edible. The pizza was good, maybe could of used more cheese, but still satisfying. I would come here again.

Evelyn G.

This place was recommended to us since we were in Gainesville. Biting into the thick layer of gooey cheese and warm tender crust was satisfying. The pizza was delicious and the staff was friendly. My daughter really enjoyed our meal. Two thumbs up!

Rachel Varnadoe

The best deep dish pizza in the south. I have been coming here for over 30 years.

James D.

What a [email protected]& After waiting 54 minutes, they tell me that my order has been ready for a long time and that I did not answer when they called my name. I'm sitting right next to the counter...Then they get the order wrong. I'm done. Kyle. The manager did correct the garlic knot order. I only want what I freaking ordered, nothing more.

Chris Wiggins

The new owners maintain Leonardo's reputation for World Class Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza. The best in North Florida!

John T.

If your looking for a old time Chicago style deep dish pizza with some butter drenched garlic rolls. Then you hit the lottery at Leonardo's, while I am mostly a thin crust guy. The pie here got me changing my mind. I don't know if it's there funky spinning magical oven, or the fact they been making pies in Gainesville for almost a half century. I will be back to take a nice bath in garlic buttery garlic knots and fill my belly so I can fit my Santa suit by Christmas. It located in a shopping strip but at the back of the parking lot not on the main strip.

Lynn Hixson

I LOVED it!! From the moment I stepped in the door. There was classic rock playing (my fave), dimmed lighting, cozy seating, faux stained glass and greenery-the ambiance was just relaxing and comfortable. I wasn't rushed. When my food arrived, it was fresh, hot, and delicious. Leftovers were boxed for us. Prices are high, but understandable and we are definitely coming back!

Katrina Brewer

Although a bit dark. It was still quite cozy and the food was simply delicious. My recommendation would be...bypass the garlic knots. You can't eat just one basket! There will be no room for the pizza. We could only eat one slice from our medium Big Leo😂😂😂!

wendy miles

Great food... The wait for the pizza was a little long... But once we got the pizza we knew why! This pizza is thick! It was so tasty! 10/10 will come back!

Stephanie Green

First time here, wonderful service and great food. Servers go above and beyond and recommendations for dinner were spot on for our family. Will definitely be back!

Steven Marji

The food was sub par. The server was very abrupt and as soon as we sat down, she rushed to get our order. I ordered a meatball sub which was 3 meatballs with about a pound of cheese. The bread was well undercooked and was very doughy. The garlic knots were good except they were served in a butter soup which wasn’t the best. The pizza tasted like something you get from a frozen grocery. The bread tasted like flour, sauce like it was from the can, and cheese was burned. Also, we had a little critter join us for lunch. Would not recommend

Gerald C.

I tried 2 different pies, the pepperoni and the supreme. Both were exceptional dishes but I would almost dare to call their deep crust style more pizza casserole than deep dish pizza. I will break my review down into a classic 3 pizza part review: Crust, sauce, toppings. Crust: This is a top tier crust, the crispy edges were top notch and I would recommend this crust for anyone wanting a good pizza crust. It was shorter than a chicago style crust but higher than a new york style, while not as fluffy as an old forge or Philly style crust. Sauce: This is what I think is their greatest weakness. It was thick but not as flavorful as I would have wanted on this level of crust. the chunks were good but not as soft as would have been needed. Toppings: The toppings were really lacking. The pepperoni were nearly invisible within the sauce. larger and thin cut they weren't able to get GBD while under the layer of cheese. The supreme had good veggie ratio but again because they were under the cheese and thin cut it was more of a casserole than a pizza.

Erich Christian

I think this place is the only spot in town that serves Deep dish or Chicago style pizza, which I do like though it's more of a variety than a standard for me. The pizza is good although the wait is a bit longer as it takes time for the bread to rise. Patience is key. The menu is simple and straight forward. I should try whatever beer they were advertising next time. That said I wish I knew what it was as it was some kind of brand name? I'm guessing it's a local thing. Wait staff provides good service.

Cheryl Hurt

This was a great favorite in years past. Tonight's visit was not so good. Server was abrupt and smarty. Crust was thin which we ordered, but tasted assembly line, like it was pre-made. Toppings were thin and stingy. A large pizza barely fed five ( 4 adults, 1 child) people, two pieces each. Total was well over $50.00. This spot has changed owners and lost it's yummy charm.


Love this place. Awesome atmosphere, wonderful pizza, and great staff. Hard to beat the value of the $10 lunch specials (after tax). For example, pizza slice, salad bar, and drink.

Maggie R.

Quality of food was great as usual, we preorder before we got there due to time crunch. The waiter at the beginning was almost unfriendly and unwelcoming due to we chose table ( the one with the doors singer/ Morrison , we like the window)., he almost was upset starting talking about he got numerous tables on other side... and did not make eye contact.. so I'd say wait until seated and forget about sit yourself sign?.. not sure. Other than this I believe this is really good pizza.