Los Tacos de mi abuela

5516 NW 13th St, Gainesville
(352) 665-0658

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Brittany Whidden

First off, guy was rude taking the order seemed annoyed. We ordered 4 birria tacos, 4 pollo and 2 steak burritos and the flan, the tacos were alright, not used to getting grilled onions and raw onions on my tacos, the cucumbers were nice again not used to that usually tacos from authentic places are cilantro onion and the meat with lime on the side, the meat was dry, and the birria tacos the meat tasted old. we didn't get any pollo it was like a dry beef? The burritos were big but filled with lettuce and that was majority of what was in it. I've never had lettuce in a burrito from a Mexican place other than Taco Bell and we all know that ain't authentic. The flan was also just a slice of flan for $6 and it was prepackaged, it definitely wasn't homemade at least not a good homemade if it was. I could have made a better flan. Like to support small businesses but this is a ripoff will not be returning. I miss the small taco truck in summerfield Florida now that was real Mexican food! All of these reviews are probably from friends and family. Cause there is no way they got 4.7 rating from people that actually didn't have a bias opinion.

Food: 1

paulina cisneros

I was very excited to try them when I saw your comments but I returned disappointed, the tacos are delicious but don't go overboard, they didn't put almost any meat in them, you could say that I ate taco-flavored tortillas?

Edwin Matul

Recommend the fries and

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Laura Rutan

This little food truck is on NW 13th Street on the way to Home Depot on the west side of the road by the hydraulic store building. The tacos are 4 for $12 and you can select two meats. I chose lengua and burria. The lengua was cut very small and was chewy, whereas it is usually the most tender meat. So my guess is that it is not a popular menu item and may not be a great choice from a food truck. But I gave it a whirl. The birria was really beef and taste more like barbacoa. It was good, too. They use the very small soft corn tortillas so when 4 are laid out, it fills a 'to go' box. They were not the best but far from the worst tacos. I will go again to try the other meats. Very friendly and efficient young man takes the order and the ladies prepare the food. I do love that they put the tortillas on the grill as well as a half jalapeno, so the burn marks show. It is good and fairly quick. Worth a stop!

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Lengua

Ali Nouina

Best tacos in town hands

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5


Best tacos in gainesville. I’m giving four stars because they should add at least one small table & two chairs — something to sit & wait.

Maxwell Rivera

Suuuuuuuuper delicious food, well cooked, prepared and presented!

Dennis Craig

Was stoked to be driving by the other day and see what looked to be an authentic taco truck here in a town with not many great authentic affordable taco options.As some others mentioned, the tortillas are a little on the smaller side, but I think they make up for it with the addition of the grilled onions, radish slices, and the grilled pepper.I got the pollo asada, which had little chunks of pineapple in it; so good! The sauces were great as well. I like spice, and the red sauce delivered. They didn't have prices on the board, but my tacos were $3 each. They accept cards with a slight surcharge (think it was 3%). Looking forward to next visit!Parking: Grass/dirt, but plenty of space off the road.

Julia Mitchell

They win...they win best taco in Alachua county. Only suggestion is to add rice beans and jalapeños. Their french fries are excellent. Everything made my heart happy. Go here you won't regret it!

joel black

Delicious! Quick and hot fresh! Loved it, been back twice more this month.

Christine Ormond

Tacos are on the small size but packed full of flavor!

Chelsea’s Art

Delicious ? The best secret gem in Gainesville!


Tacos were delicious! Sauces were great! Friendly service... Definitely give them a try!!!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5


Awesome tacos fast service authentic food!

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