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Chef Ami - Fresh Ingredients & Recipes Delivered Meal Delivery
3315 North Main Terrace, Gainesville

“Fairly new to Chef Ami. Invited by a friend who had a free week of meals to give to a potential customer. Am now on my second round of Chef Ami delivery of meals ready to prepare. I am impressed by the rapid and helpful replies from customer service (thanks, Brian) and by the freshness and quality of the food. Impressed by the packaging and the clear instructions on the colorful recipe cards. I was skeptical because I love to cook and select the foods I cook. While the offerings are varied and interesting, the offerings are limited. On the plan we chose there are four offerings each week from which you can choose three. I have gotten over all my concerns because the food and recipes are so darn good! Premeasured and packaged, the meals have all you need except olive oil. And the food is all organic or as much as possible so. And the cost is fair and reasonable. We can't eat out for the cost of meals for two from ChefAmi. Randy C“

5 Superb155 Reviews
352 Delivery Meal Delivery
204 W University Ave #10, Gainesville

“Today 352 Delivery was a true blessing. My Gator student was sick and unable to leave the dorm building and 352 driver went above and beyond to deliver her food. The food from la Tienda as just what she needed while away from home. We will for sure be using this service again and will highly recommend in the parent groups.“

4.1 Good142 Reviews
Bite Squad Meal Delivery •
901 NW 8th Ave a6, Gainesville

“I would love to give them five stars love them but the drivers don't make what they should. They are 1099 but make 5.50 for an order and that's including the tip. Sometimes they walk up 7 flights of stairs and through big parking garages and bitesquad nor the customers who order tip them enough. I have driven for a few company's they are still my favorite cause dispatch rocks . I would recommend them for deliveries as well. But don't drive thinking your going to make 20 an hour or cash tips cause you don't. And you'll even get customers who claim they're going to give you cash so it doesn't come off their card and give you nothing. Bitesquad still reports a tip regardless your paying taxes on money never received. So if your a customer I ask you think of your driver. They could be on the opposite side of town and drive 20 miles to bring you food. That takes at least 30 minutes travel time plus waiting on food time. For 5.50. you would tip your waitress way more for sitting by the soda fountain gossiping than you would someone to drive through traffic and walk in restaurants to bring your food as quick as possible. There is road hazards wear and tear and traffic. It's worth a good tip thank you bitesquad I love you that you customers who do tip and know what it is to need those tips to survive. I drove 12 hours just to make enough times I shouldn't need to“

1.4 Poor44 Reviews

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