Bagels & More

3393 Sheridan St, Hollywood
(954) 981-0656

Recent Reviews

Samantha V.

If you're from up north, NY, Canada, NJ, you'll appreciate this place. No nonsense and tasty, old school. I love Florida Kennedy's OJ and their bagels hit home. It's a cash only place and that's fine, seeing how they're so cheap. I'll be coming back soon.

Kayleen Lopez

Worst service EVER! Over charged us by $30 on a $20 take-out order and then blamed us for not being “specific” when it’s their job to verify and clarify ones order. We tried giving back all the extra food he claimed we ordered and he refused to take it back or provide any credit or any sort of resolution. Plus, got extremely loud and aggressive with me.

Andre Vera

I can’t put 0 star because I can’t, but i not recommend the ATM from there because they stole your money, they charged you twice...

Shanty A.

Staff was nice and courteous but I didn't care for the food. Bought a ham,egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with a side of orange juice. I thought the orange juice would have been freshly squeezed but it was from a bottle look likes straight out of Walmart ‍. The food was not hitting I think I would have gotten a better sandwich/ meal from Burger King . My first and last time coming.

Fanny Sierra

Love the food espe finally breakfast, fast, friendly, fresh good food.Clean family owned.

Inga K.

Worst Bagels Ever .Very shady !!! Cash only business !!! The place is called bagels and more but they serve bagels that taste stale and like chewing rubber . Manager is extremely rude . Don't spend your money .Avoid this place.

Brad E

The food is pretty decent, but they use an *unbelievable* amount of plastic. For a sitdown meal, I was served with Styrofoam cups, platic cutlery, and paper plates. To me, I can't support a business that creates so much waste and I hope they eventually switch over to any kind of reusable flatware and dishes.

Roxanne Morales

Little over priced for bagel and cream cheese

Dekotah S.

Im a born and rasied new yorker and its been difficult to satisfy my taste buds. Was saddened to see the stars this place has gotten because its cheap and taste awesome ! Saw someone gave 3 stars because its a cash only place (you should ALWAYS have cash on you ! ) plus the cashier lady is a sweet heart. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this place and the Kennesaw orange juice

Kat I.

Great quick diner type place we ate at for breakfast. The bagels were delish, yummy NY style. My mom loved her cream cheese and chive omelet. The home fries were good. Coffee was hot and strong. I brought my 11mo son and they had a clean high chair for him. I have a dairy allergy and our server was very helpful in making sure the food I ordered was safe. My 11mo loved the Mickey pancakes! Great fast service. Reasonable prices. Definitely recommend for a quick no frills easy in and out bite! Cash only!!

Ian Minnerly

Not the friendliest of places. Waited in line to order, but they kept taking the regulars that walked in after me. Asked for a bagel and cream cheese, doesn't ring me up until after she brings the food. That's the first time I saw the price. $5 for a bagel and cream cheese. Extremely over priced.

Rafa H.

First tip: CASH ONLY place! It's a fairly good little shop with good food, quantity and prices. Staff was very friendly. I'd probably return for before work take-out breakfast every now and then. I got a 2 egg omelet with spinach and mushrooms which comes with a bagel and home fries for only $6. Id say you should come here if you're looking for a quick good cheap breakfast for take out. The food tasted good, and the quantity was ok. Food was very fresh which I like.

Lee Watts

Best bagels in Broward! Fast service, great breakfasts at great prices!


Seriously rude and nasty servers. So extremely rude and racist. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY AT THIS PLACE

Jayme G.

The food is good and inexpensive, but any restaurant that serves coffee and tea in styrofoam and also styrofoam plates and plastic forks is a disgrace in this time. Their are alternatives out their! I can no longer support these places that have no respect for the environment and refuse to eat there until they step up.

Debbie B.

Ravit was most helpful getting me some bagels and Biales and they were fresh and better than Publix bagels.


Breakfast is great at Bagels and More. The owner Abe is such a nice guy & very friendly. Love this little place.

M B.

Food was so so, Cutlery and place settings a joke as the cheapest plastic and paper are used. Coffee was almost undrinkably bad. Inattentive wait staff who would rather chat with the kitchen than wait on customers. Cashier reeked of marijuana when checking out. Not worth another trip back which is too bad as was hoping for a regular quick breakfast place when heading to the airport.

A G.

Decent food, horrible coffee and lots of unwelcoming stares and comments from the crowd if you dare dine with more than two people. It appears that hard working military and civil service workers are not welcome!!!!! Shame!!!!


Was looking for Asiago bagels, can’t get due to Kosher rules.

Chris J.

The lady manager is obnoxious and rude to customers. Thankfully, The waitresses and cooks are very congenial. Their above average service makes up for the manager's ineptitude. While portions are small for a New York style deli, the food is good.

Heather Kleinjans

The food was absolutely amazing and the staff were so friendly!

Dominique M

Great bagel and breakfast place. They serve coffee cheese for breakfast including eggs and potatoes and really nice servers.

Ricki Lane

Family owned cozy inexpensive little deli

Linda Lopez

Always a pleasure. Great service and the waitresses..

Fran J.

Bagels & More is a Emerald Hills, Hollywood Hidden Secret! This Is a real Mom & Pop and Family establishment who have have been serving our community for 25 plus years. This is our home away from home!! We love the tender loving care of the wait staff. They make everyone feel like family. Food is delish and the prices are very reasonable and affordable. Thank you Shirley, Abe and family!!


Eat in or take out, Bagels & More is your go to spot for breakfast or lunch. Reasonable prices, friendly service & great food!

Harvey L.

If you don't mind eating on paper plates, using plastic forks and trying to cut your food with plastic throw away knives, this is your place .

Angela C.

One of my favorite breakfast restaurants! The food is always delicious & served so quickly. Eat in or take out, either way, you're going to be very satisfied.

Daniel Halili

I ordered a bagel with egg and cheese and a coffee without looking at the menu after my food arrived I asked if there was any potatoes or any french fries that come with the meal and she told me that is not what you ordered I then proceeded to look at the menu and I noticed that you could get egg and cheese with potato and a coffee for $4 while I was being charged $8 for a bagel with egg and cheese and coffee with no on fries all of this is okay with me until I got to the manager and started discussing the issue with her and she wouldn't really listen to me no matter what I explained to her and I really just don't understand why the waitress couldn't tell me to order with home fries for $4 I really am not clear why I had to pay $8 when I got half of the food comes for the $4 meal. On top of that management told me it's a new menu, not sure what she is trying to say, like it's my fault that the waitress didn't tell me that

Amilcar Noguera

excellent customers service 😊 make you feel like family

Kimberly R.

I've given this place chance after chance. Very rude every time I come in. Over priced bagels. There was not enough cream cheese on my bagel. I asked for more politely she then tried charging me 4 extra dollars for extra cream cheese. When a bagel is worth five. I grew up in Hollywood will never eat here again. Family owned business or not service definitely not worth my money or time again. Brooklyn bagels it is

Oriyomi I.

Went in to order never been there before. The cashier was to busy on the phone didn't even look at me at all. Not going to return terrible service.

Casie Alvarez

First time here and it amazing.... EVERYTHING IS AMAZING... People, food, prices. If you in Hollywood area have to visit it this place.....

wanderlei santos

cash only . Waitress shouting into the phone. first and last time they saw me

mujer DeDios

Great small little knuk great, bagels, coffee,byaly,

Amy S.

***PLEASE READ*** My Dad and I have dined here many times throughout the years and after this morning we will NEVER step foot in this place again. Their breakfast is nothing to write home about, I've made better from my own kitchen. Not to mention one of their nasty, wicked, and downright rude daughters who almost ran me over in the parking lot because she was driving so fast! I'll be honest I shot her a bird because you don't 50mph tearing through a parking lot putting people in danger. She then got out of her car and proceeded to chase after me screaming at me, "what did you say to me you little b****!?" I said, "I didn't say anything but now that I'm talking I'd like to say you're really rude!" She then followed me in the restaurant proclaiming in a very threatening manner, "my parents own this f***ing restaurant and I'm crazy but this is nothing meet me in the parking lot so I can beat your f***ing a**" (her exact words). By that point we were going to leave when the wife of the couple sitting behind us stood up for me and told her she shouldn't treat her customers like that and her customers are the reason they stay in business! Our waitress was very kind and asked us to please stay. She claimed that she is "sick" and they have been dealing with her like that for years. I admit I was in the wrong by giving her the finger and telling her she drives like an asshole(well she does), however family or not I am a big advocate for MENTAL HEALTH and with the money her family makes owning the restaurant they really need to get her help. I'll say this if she keeps doing this to people they're not going to have any repeat customers. We weren't looking for a free meal but they didn't bother to comp anything either and on top of that the cashier (possibly the other daughter)gave my Dad attitude when he was nice and went up to pay the bill! Beware of the rudest breakfast experience of your morning! We will NOT continue to support this local business!

Lisa Ponzio

This is the absolute best for a good, cheap and expertly prepared and served breakfast! The ambiance is perfect for the food being served. Clean as well!

Dirk Gootjes

This place is a gem. Great food & affordable prices. A real American breakfast diner.

julie ann

Corey little dinner with a friendly staff and reasonable prices. Thank you