Red Lobster

2900 Oakwood Blvd, Hollywood
(954) 924-1550

Recent Reviews

Greg Shrock

Great service. We had one of the best waitresses I've ever had.

Tracy Harris, U.S. Navy R

I had a horrible to-go experience at the Oakwood Plaza Red Lobster. (Long story short): They had a promo for free Mozzarella sticks with $40+ order, but they charged me for it. Then we ordered butter, sour cream and extra lemon for the crab legs but we got a bunch of butter. I will not go back there...

Darrell Boyd

Carlton was a super host! Great food. Great value.

Ayde Amir

Food and service was great. They were very nice and accepted us there past the closing time.

Sammy Gregg

The food was good....a little on the over seasoned side

Darriel Brown

I went to Red Lobster on June 6th order a salmon dinner that was the worst salmon that I've ever seen the Sam was extremely too small needless to say bye before I ordered I had to wait 40 minutes is one of the two people working in Tire area the dining area the lady seated us and never came back to the 40 minutes for me to flag her down to get her to come back it sucks being in that they're going to Red Lobster

Pamela Cappuccio

I ordered 3 lobster bisque, 2 Caesar salads, & 1 artichoke seafood dip to go. What I got for $43.94 was 2 WARM SMALL salads ( not dinner sized) no cheese shavings or croutons, & 1 small container of dressing; 2 half filled lobster bisque (not 3); half container cold artichoke dip. I'm soooo disappointed, and urge people not to order from them until reopening.

Rosa Anderson

Been going to Red Lobster all my life never had such a lousy waiter never had to call back or send back food like I did service was terrible only the manager understood

Shelly T.

Our server was friendly enough, but we were not happy with the food. We have been going to Red Lobsters for many years all over South and Southwest Florida and every single one of them has the SLOWEST FOOD SERVICE ever!!! I don't understand why this is... Seafood doesn't take that long to cook! I worked for a great restaurant for 21 years so I know how this industry works. There is just no excuse. It took 8 minutes to receive our drinks and then an additional 12 minutes to get our appetizers and I stopped counting while waiting for the entrees... So, most times my husband gets the fresh (when possible the 3 pounder), however, this time he chose shrimp. It was fortunate that he did because my daughter and I got the crab legs and upon arrival we were informed that they were not giving out the metal tools to crack them! After asking, we did receive plastic zippers.. they did not work, at least not for the claws. I am just very disappointed in the quality here at Red Lobster.. When I was young, my parents came here every year on their anniversary, it was a special place for special occasions. Now I am embarrassed to bring company here. I hope they make a big turn around. Please stop serving frozen products! People will pay the price for fresh food..

Rebecca de la Zerda

Significant Coronavirus changes were all reasonable. One masked server for the whole place (no need for more, it was that quiet). Menu significantly cut, understandably. They give you paper, one-use menus (which are thrown away after you order) or the choice to use a computer code to get your menu on your phone. Why not just post them at the tables, either on the wall or under glass on the table tops? That's a suggestion, not a complaint. Food and service still great.

Shawn Lovnme

atmosphere decent was on time... hostees was professional

Natalie Nodal

slywia was our waitress, she was AMAZING to say the least. she was attentive, generous and like no other waitress that has ever attend me and my family. She thought of everything. location was very clean, bathroom was clean and hand sanitize EVERYWHERE!

Caroline B.

I was really shocked when I went t to Red lobster here they are on an limited menu that means no rolls no salads I was really disappointed couldn't order an drink so why the heck are u open if u cant serve the right things .very Bad wont go back to that one ...I like Red lobster I think I've changed my mind on them..they get 1 point .if that is what u want to call it.....Very Dissapointing

Jessica D.

I'm so disappointed with Red Lobster. This past Sunday Mothers Day . I placed an order at 4:35pm my food - I had a 6pm delivery time - my food arrived at 8:45 pm. I understand Mother's day is busy holiday but to receive my food about 5 hours later is ridiculous . Our food of course was cold and by the time it got here nobody wanted it. I called the restaurant and spoke to someone at 7:00pm who told me that my food was about 30 mins from being completed. So I couldn't even blame door dash. I was extremely disappointed in the shrimp already. No seasoning. I would like my money back .

Susie Matula Russo

I will NEVER order from this place again!! Ordered shrimp skewers yesterday and they were delivered. My husband and I each tasted one and promptly spit it out as the shrimp was rancid. During this pandemic, they are obviously holding on to raw foods beyond their expiration dates. If you can't keep it fresh , just shut down.

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