Tijuana Flats

3357 Sheridan St, Hollywood
(954) 987-5509

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Stephi M

Amazing service and delicious food I love this place and their desserts are so delicious my favorite is the churro bites with strawberry sauce yum! Best place to come!

Phil Mak

Best in Hollywood area,very professional and responsible staff!

David Ramirez

The service gets slow especially during lunch (my friend and I ordered cold noodles and kimbap and it took 40 minutes we thought maybe our order was lost). The food is typical korean food. The owners are very nice and help every way but sometimes it's hard to get the attention of a server because there's not a lot of people working and the tables are upstairs behind the register and there's a dividing wall. Good for catering (especially the kimbap) because the orders are made ahead of time, but not so much for a lunch out with someone.

Ray Bland

Food is good. Servers are friendly.

Jessica Diaz

Delicious food and great ambient and service as always.

Flex Conception

Tijuana Flats: Customer Service As Hot As QuesoToday, I came in to order a basic chicken wrap and the staff was very attentive and accurate with my order. While dining, I asked a gentleman by the name of Brandon for a bag to put my chips and instead he gave me A WHOLE BAG OF CHIPS!!! Caught off guard by the amazing customer service. Glad you guys/gals can service us during these harsh times.

Mio K.

I've gotten takeout from here a few times before and ate inside once a looong time ago. I just remember it was really fun to try all the different hot sauces at the hot sauce bar, but that is no more with the pandemic. Dining is currently outside only, and they had tables lined up in the front of the restaurant to place orders that were ready to pick up. The staff have given me no problems when I stop by this location.I've gotten the Blackened Chicken Bowl a couple times on Thursday's since that day is a Throwback Thursdaze at Tijuana Flats with $5.99 bowls and burritos with chips and a drink. (Also, two tacos with chips and a drink for $5.99 on Taco Tuesdays!)Bless them for offering unsweetened tea as a drink instead of only sugary drinks. The bowls are fresh with good flavor of the beans and chicken, though the chicken can be slightly hard since they use chicken breast. The bowls and the burritos can be customized when you order online with your choice of protein meat and beans, and you can omit ingredients from the dish (no jalapeños, no onions, no cheese, etc.). I do wish that if they give you chips, they would give you something to eat with them, like salsa, or otherwise it's a mild waste of excess carbs. They do give you some guacamole on the bowl, so I guess you can eat with that. The chips are thicker than other places, are minimally salted and good for dipping.I ordered four different hot sauces with one order and believe I got only two because they were out of the other two sauces. If they have that information updated on their ordering page, I'd totally be by more often for a fresh "fast food" fix!

Michelle M Gallagher Zoldan

Excellent service ! Love the Taco Tuesday special !


Awesome place. Customer service is always great and food is as well!

Pete S.

I am usually not a huge fan of Mexican food, but this Flats is working hard to change my opinion. I don't stray too far away from the Tacos, mainly because they are great. Service is quick and the servers are always smiling and happy to help. I have to add that the crew assembled here is, overall, one of the best I have ever seen. They are very efficient and always are busy either bringing orders , keeping the place clean and when that is attended to there is always time for a friendly little hello and chat.And they all have that amazing knack for remembering your name ! So, kudos to Manager Charles. Stop in to see Valerie, Heather, Brittany, Angelica, Felicia or Brandon treat customers the right way.

Alex Ortiz

Not good at all. Sad to say. Use to be better. Rather have had taco bell and I don't eat taco bell

Al T.

Wow wow !!! Unbelievable service. Thank you thank you thank you we are definitely coming back thank you Alonie!

Epcot Festivals

Tijuana flats rarely disappoints! I usually go for taco Tuesday, but I have also tried burritos, bowls, and nachos. I absolutely love the beef nachos. I’m glad that Tijuana has expanded to south Florida! It’s always exciting to binge on delicious Mexican food.

Robert Bacic

Excellent food and service...excellent covid19 precautions...very clean ..felt very comfortable sitting down for lunch today....

Mars VII

The staff here is super friendly. Not sure if they just opened up again due to the virus but their dine in was clean and very well organized. Always cool to see the different murals in Flats but by far the food always wins my stomach over

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