Crazy buffet

1552 Lake Trafford Rd, Immokalee
(239) 658-1888

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Roxanne Lupita Bravo

People giving it more than a star has me absolutely bewildered the menu alone with its “charge by height” is fkn ridiculous. THIS PLACE DOES NOT DESERVE PATRONS.

Timothy Greer

Food was ok, alot to choose from. Some of the fresh fruit didn't look so fresh. Didn't go back.


Bad food, the most expensive buffet in the world, and and very poor hygiene

Jessica Perez

Horrible service. They tried to add a tip without my knowledgement. When I asked about it the owner stated it was because customers refuses to leave a tip so they are automatically add $1 per customer. (I wonder why)If the service was worth it then maybe people would leave a tip. They are usually on their phones watching videos or playing games and doesn't attend to their customers. I was charges $92 for 2 adults and 3 kids. I've spent less at Golden Coral. They stated that the cost of drinks alone is 2.75 with no chance of refills unless it's water or tea. And they both taste horrible. The tea tastes old, stale and moldy. . The food was cold and dry. I calculated what she claims to charge me and showed her that it was well under what she claimed it was. Almost $15 dollars less. Then claims that my 13 year old 8 year old and 12 year old were too tall and were charged as adults. She only gave me $5 that she charged as a tip.

Michael Petraitis

Really good buffet, good selection. Friendly staff, reasonable prices.

Joann Bennick

The food was not fresh and the waitress ignored us. This is a buffet and she initially gave us our orders of soda, but after that she never came to the table except to give us our bill.

Juan Garcia

The food is not good, they are false advertising with the food posters up front. You can’t call it a buffet because there’s only about 10 options to choose from!!! Kids running around while you’re eating and one point their ball they were playing with WENT INTO MY PLATE!!! The ice cream they serve comes from Winn Dixie, the grocery store right next door!! They charge kids by height!! I would not recommend eating here. There may as well be multiple health violations. Idk when the last time a health inspector was in here!! Over priced for the quality of food. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE‼️ FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!!!

Angel Perez

I would put zero stars but that isn’t possible. I came in here and there was the owners little kids running around and I sat down and the little kids were playing with their ball and their ball went into my food. The food is cold and stale nothing has flavor. Would not recommend and I will Definitely not come back. SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!!!

John Berry

Food was nasty the employees are very ride I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy

Brandon H.

It was terrible food was cold and old not a very big selection of food at all terrible service the lady didn't understand anything we were saying other than what we wanted to drink i do not recommend this place at all

Missy Speer

This place needs to shut down! I tried to order last night and was told they were closed at 8:15. Today I tried to order again and they were out of the things I wanted. This place is a joke!


decent inside and taste good no one here cuz it’s the middle of no where

LUIS “Your Info Source” OCHOA

Food tasted better than it looked, very little variety but overall OK.

Fernando Fernandez

Fry shrimp

Conisha Daley

Go here a lot for lunch. It does the job, and I can typically get a variety of food for under 6bucks.

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