Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

302 N 15th St, Immokalee
(239) 657-4546

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Michelle Morin

First, when you're sweeping and wiping things down, wash your hands before handling food. so gross. Thankfully she didn't handle our food, I was watching. Tried ordering 3 different things but they were out of all of them. Had no white meat chicken either. I mean, you are a chicken place, and no white meat? Something tasted off with the chicken but figured it was just because it obviously wasn't fresh. Couple hours later, though, both of us tagged team the bathroom for hours. Moving on......Realizing it was 9:30 and they close at 10, I assumed it was still okay to order "for here." The gal did a heavy sigh and said, hmmph.I guess you can eat here but I gotta finish cleaning. So we get our food 20 minutes later (now cutting our eating time down to 10 minutes)only to have to listen to inappropriate language by who I believe was the manager, loud and boisterous conversation/laughing, and just overall just poor employee behavior.

Michael Crutchfield

Today is definitely a bad day for this place. Service was horrible. Took over 35 minutes to get my food and there was barely any customers. Staff was walking around the back in lala land (like they didn't want to be here), just running their mouth. No since of urgency AT ALL. I had to leave without half of my food. So much for a good lunch break. I would give 0 stars if it was possible.

Joseph Fiola

Didnt have their famous chicken sandwich and the idiot at the window gave us the wrong order, luckily we checked it before we left.

Elisandra zurita

It has it good days and bad days honestly there a few people that are cool but it's just like any other Popeyes food is good but I do have bad experience there but not to bad that it deserves less then four stars Js I hope this helps

Danny ONeal

Who is the store owner? Store manager? Friend had issue with employee and manager on duty at lunch Oct 4 2022.

Jeffie Maxwell

I was in drive-thru and sat at the window for 15 minutes before they realized I didn't have my food even asked me if I had my food yet so they didn't even know if they'd given it to me and when they realize they hadn't they pulled me off to the side to wait longer then I sat outside for 20 minutes watching all kinds of cars go through and get their food so I went inside and the young man that went to find out the girl in the back said that she'd already taken it out needless to stay it hadn't so they packed my food up and I left so I was there for 40 45 minutes check to make sure everything was there and left I get home and it's the wrong chicken I ordered spicy and got regular I am so fed up I have gotten Popeyes two or three times lately and it has never once been right this is ridiculous I was a manager of Popeyes and there's no excuse very upset how hard is it to tell the difference between spicy and not spicy thank you very much

Jordynn Miller

Emily was phenomenal. Great hospitality and fresh chicken! Definitely one of the better Popeyes we’ve been to. Also way to go on bringing back that Cajun rice!

brad hoy

Went through the drive thru after the casino. Came up and you can barely hear the team member taking your order. I start and he tells me they only have chicken. So, we figured no sides which is no big deal. Try to order just the sandwich and he again said, “we only have chicken.” Oh so no buns. Go to order chicken tenders and he said “Sir, we only have chicken!” They meant they only have their signature chicken pieces. You are a chicken restaurant no kidding you have chicken! If it’s only a certain type say that the first time and someone won’t have to be told Popeyes CHICKEN only has CHICKEN

Barry K. Blankenship

Great value for good food.The manager was committed to maintaining his cleanliness reputation.I believe this was the cleanest Popeyes I have visited

Adrian Presas

Bussin like always. Super fast and the manager was hella helpful. Food was fresh and hot

Trysten Fish

Awful service. Our order was wrong to begin with and when I asked for a refund they asked for the food back and we had already ate the food because we didn’t want to complain and be those kind of people. Then it took them 10 minutes or more to “cook” Mac and cheese (heat up). Another order and my table was a chicken tender combo and it took over 10 minutes to make that and they first kept telling us “5 minute wait” and then “about 2 more minutes.” And when I complained about that they just kept saying sorry. Well I’m sorry your restaurant sucks. Won’t be returning. Horrible.


If you expect to get something first ask what they do have! We went no cards could be taken cash only ..No soda only unsweetened tea or sweet very very sweet! Only fries for side no napkins no utensils there all out no dip sauce for tenders..but the briskets are good...just aweful management at the point there are at they really should not even be open!

leo hernandez

Well I love popeyes, but they never get debit or credit cards ,I mean hello it's 2022 ,they always want cash well not no more I just left and when to KFS WHERE THEY accept debit cards..

Kathie Fleming

Didn't receive the 2 extra sides of Cole slaw I ordered after waiting in the drive thru for about 20 minutes. Other than that, good.

Debby Ramirez

The kids, my husband and I enjoy the food at Popoyes specially when we are getting home late. I was checking out how much fiber some of their food has and I was impressed. I recently started paying attention on how much fiber in the food we are consuming daily. The goal is 40 grams of fiber in a day. The chicken and side are tasty!

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