De Real Ting Café

128 W Adams St, Jacksonville
(904) 633-9738

Recent Reviews

S Booker

Caribbean food and service here is quality. Service treated us so kindly. They have so many good reviews for a reason.

Emmett Cain

One of my fav spots for Caribbean food. I will be back with my coworkers. Atmosphere is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I loved.

Olivia Young

caribbean food at this spot - excellent. i was so stuffed. i look forward to a return visit. the bill won't shock you. they have so many great reviews for a reason.

ruth coffey

Ok spot for tasty Caribbean food. It's so delicious. Prices were reasonable.

Lani Bonilla

A lot of fun and a great place to dance a night away.

Sabrina Bowens-Green LPN

Oh my God, the snapper is awesome! I always try something different when I go here and have never been disappointed yet. The food is amazing and authentic!

sabrina green

Oh my God, the snapper is awesome! I always try something different when I go here and have never been disappointed yet. The food is amazing and authentic!

Brittany G

Thursday mic night!! Loved it so much and they have 3 for $9 wells. The food is delicious. The host and dj for Thursdays are hilarious and kept me laughing. Loved it so much.

Vincent Smith

It's always a good place to hangout and have a wonderful time, I love it..

Myra N Shedrick

had a blast can't even say more. not one bitter or stuck up bih in the place. great vibes

Virtuous C.

Everyone was telling me Da Real Ting is the spot to get Jamaican food. So I called in December 2019 to get the prices for my favorite dish rice and peas/ oxtails they said two prices $14 and $17 . I'm skeptical of trying new restaurants and when I finally found the courage to go. It was lunch time. I walked there from my job and explained to the cashier I only have a limited time frame. I paid $17 and some change and it took them 15minutes to prepare something that was already cooked. And it wasn't busy they just decided to take extra long. Then I was surprised with curly hair under my oxtails. When I went back to get my refund I express to them that when I asked for a small they said there is one size now and it's 17$. So I said ok I don't want any food, I would rather get a refund. Then the manager was salty about giving me back $17 she told me it was $14.25. So I verified with the cashiers that rang me up and the woman refunded me the proper amount and didn't say anything further not even a sorry.

Sunny florida

I went there today to have a business lunch. It was 1pm the buffet was empty. We had rice with gravy because it was the only thing available. I asked the waitress when was the buffet going to be restocked she said there working on it now. After another 15 to 20 I asked again and was told its coming. Long story short 30 mins my business guest was full on rice and cornbread. I was able to eat chicken and greens 1 hour later. They never restocked. Charged me full price for 3 guest and said they had to charge me per the owner. They laughed and went on to serve carry out meals to waiting customer's. I also notice spoons used by customers was in the gravy and pans if they would have had food in them Pure Germs, filthy !!!!

Bankstreet E.

I went there for business luncheon with 2 other potential partners. The buffet was empty!!! There was rice and rice and beans. Curry goat was just gravy. I asked when would more food be out, I was told there working on it. All the time I'm watching carry out orders going out the door. I asked 5 different times. An hour later the people I brought had ate rice and cornbread. They were full, but I knew better. I did get some chicken after 40 minutes. I couldn't get a refill, the waitress came over ask me if I was ready for my check. I responded wheres the buffet, wheres the food! They charged full price as if we ate lunch or a full meal. I asked for 50% off since they knew and admitted my table had nothing much. They said the owners told them to charge me full price. I asked for the owner I was ignored. I went up one last time and notice that the utensils used by customers were in the gravy in the pans. GERMS I thought how nasty! Maybe I was saved!!! Beware it's not a 4star !!!! Save yourself an emergency room vist!!!

Rico Melton

I had the best time ever. I highly recommend if you like to laugh and have a non smoking atmosphere.

andrea bryant

Love it..this my regular weekly spot...Great food,Great vibes.Love this family own establishment

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