Dreamette Ice Cream Springfield

1401 N Main St, Jacksonville
(904) 643-7080

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Sean Donovan

Good spot to share some ice cream delights. I recommend the pineapple or orange whip twist. Their shakes are fire too. To be honest, I have never had anything bad here. The staff are very personable and are passionate about their craft.

David L Hotaling

Super nice owners and employees. Great selections of treats. Pup friendly. Generous portions. Turtle Sunday is wonderful. Highly recommend.

Brenesha Williams

My daughter and I love Dreamette! I prefer the one on Main Street because they take cards. They have a huge menu of ice cream and other treats. I love that they have actual parking and don't have to crowd around the building or park across the street like the one on the west side. The ice cream is delicious and great customer service. I really liked that they had wet wipes up and lots of napkins. They have seating outside under the building and beside the building.

Robert Rudolph

I've lived just down the block from Dreamette since about 3 months after it opened. It has been a busy spot since it opened it's doors and I don't believe that is going to ever change. The first time I ate there was for the 1-year anniversary. They gave out cupcakes, had clowns, balloons, and you could get your face painted. I had a large banana split all the way, and it was amazing. For the size and the amount of toppings in it the price wasn't high and I've had no problem paying it any of the other times I've been since then. The staff has always been friendly with a smile on their face and if you bring your dog up there they even have a little pup cup just for them. Whether you're big on ice cream or not I highly recommend you check out Dreamette Ice Cream. They have lots of different ice creams to choose from and shakes as well. Their menu is online so you can check it out before you go there's even an app that you can put on your phone for it. Maybe I'll see somebody there because I'll definitely be back.

Dalton Conant

Great place! Employees are phenomenal! They help people who can't see or need extra help ordering by going the extra mile to make their experience worth it, they are respectful of service dogs vs non working puppers, and just all around kind and respectful to everyone!


My daughter loved the real bread pudding and mon dairy ice cream sundae. I was looking for that BnR cheesecake flavor in a pineapple sundae: the server pushed same combo in shake as delicious; It was ok. You order at window and sit at tables covered by canopy or in what used to be a drive through now with counter, high stools n 2 ceiling fans. Limited parking space, however, it seemed as though customers order n drive off. As I always like to say, "don't go by my palate, you have to judge for yourself " you might love it!!!

Melaine Schweighardt

Love this place! We bring everyone that visits here. The Owners are friendly and remember you and the staff is friendly, fast, and really seem to enjoy being there. There is almost always a line, it goes fast… just wait! I am not a fan of soft-serve, but this is my #1 go to. If they served espresso, I’d be there everyday!! Ps orange dole-whip swirl… it is my favorite . My boyfriend loves a Neapolitan cone and has not had a bad special sundae or milkshake yet…

Kate C.

A local staple and a fun experience. It's not my favorite but it will cool you off on a hot day. The orange swirl flavor is kind of fun. Everything here just tastes kind of artificial to me and the texture has an uncomfortable graininess to it. When I went it was cash only which is inconvenient.

quicha Lawson-banks

We got coupons for a free scoop or cup from the library ? shoutout to them, but we went on their 1st year anniversary and it was goooood the kids had big vanilla coned with sprinkles and i got a cookie monster milkshake oooh it was tasty they did not skimp on toppings and the ice cream ?, though machine made, was delicious ? the customer service was great ? it was a lot hot but i guess thats the point eat your ice cream in the heat ?

Kristi Jarrett

My son and I enjoyed our ice cream and experience. It was delicious and staff was friendly.

Williz Pagan

This place is a favorite of my niece and her hubby, and they invited me to join them one evening just before closing.I don't indulge much in icecream. It's just to addictive. So I opted for a lime flavored slushy, but that night the machine wasn't working.However, I am guilty of picking up ginger flavored icecream at whole food, which is absolutely delicious. It's not only addictive, but it's a major impact on my wallet at around $7 a pint.Not forgetting to mention the impact on my waistline too.No matter where the comforting chilly treat is peddled.


It was one of the best go to places for ice cream. Never had a banana split in a cup. It was delicious. Unusual but they did it. Love their pricing. Like the seating area. Very friendly staff.


This new addition to the menu is awesome! I ordered the hot fudge brownie parfait sundae and it is exactly what I wanted. Mari, the owner and former nurse, is super excited about everything that is ice cream. Her smile and creativity is really amazing. I look forward to coming back on a very regular basis. Thank you again for being fantastic! ?

Miranda Carr

We’ve always loved Dreamette ice cream but our new love is Dreamette Ice Cream Springfield! A member of the management team (possibly the owner) greeted us upon arrival and was very helpful in making suggestions what on the husband, kiddos, and I would love. I especially appreciate the Bible verse proudly displayed beside the menu. We will be looking for excuses to come back to this area just for the ice cream!


Best ice cream in Jax. Forget the rest! Best pricing, great service and staying original with modern tones!

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Dreamette Ice Cream Springfield

1401 N Main St, Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 643-7080