Shut Em Down Authentic Southern Restaurant

6315 San Juan Ave, Jacksonville
(904) 503-1979

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Danni Eden

This meal was blonde & bland. I really wanted to like it because I've heard many good reviews from others about this place but it was a "NO" for me?. The rice was slightly under cooked and not seasoned. The oxtails weren't braised or baked. I'm not sure how they were cooked but they tasted like they were cooked with bell pepper and too much of it. The macaroni & cheese wasn't impressive. I did eat all of the greens and cornbread though?. If I go back, I'd have to try something different, 3.5/10.

Rhonda Ellis-Thomas

This was my 1st time visiting. The place was very clean and welcoming. The food was fantastic! My friend had the oxtail and yams. She said the oxtail was very tender. I had fish and mac&cheese. The fish was seasoned to perfection. Mac&cheese was good, too. They need to work on their professionalism behind the counter, but al in all, we will be returning.

Twiddler's Place

Great food!! Flavorful as can be!! Staff was okay. Probably tired from a well deserved hard days work. Very minimal table settings. No condiments or paper towels on hand. Have to ask for it. Drinks were rather small but did the trick. We will be back try more!

Jasmaine Walker

*Went to Shut Em Down for my first time. My whole order was: Oxtails with Mac and cheese and greens, fried fish with Mac and cheese and yams, a two piece chicken strip kids meal with Mac and cheese, a three piece tender with mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, peach cobbler, a side of potato salad, and side of mashed potatoes and gravy. The total came up to around $63. For the Oxtails, they are served on white rice with a little gravy. Do not expect "Caribbean style" Oxtails. They were ok but tough. I had a few little bones. Their gravy is good. The Mac and cheese was great. The greens have more of a vinegar taste. They are good too but were tough and seems like they were cooked fast. The fried fish have their own unique taste unlike other places and there is no complaints for that. You get two pieces on the dinner. The yams.... very disappointing. They were lacking flavor. The kids ate their food so I know it was good to them. They chocolate cake was good but the peach cobbler I loved the most! Potato salad. It's a no for me. It missed all the marks. It had a taste of "something's missing". The mashed potatoes and gravy were good as well. The cornbread was ok. Not too bland, not too sweet. You have plenty of tables to sit at if you wish. All in all....I would definitely return. I'm not sure if it was a couple of misses this one time or if it's constant, but definitely will return for the Mac and cheese and peach cobbler alone.Kid-friendliness: Kids friendly menu

John Chesser old original westsider.

Sir you have the flavor and quality dialed in like a fine Swiss watch. Keep up the great work please. I give you a 5.5 for a 5 star rating . Out of 20 plus meals there you have never let us down. Thank you again.


Always good. I normally order fried chicken or barbecue chicken. Once I got the curry chicken and rice. The prices are cheaper in comparison to their competitors and the food is always fresh. (I just wish they would cut the cabbage smaller. It's hard to eat the big pieces without re-cutting them and that's hard to do when you're on the go. I wish the plastic ware was more durable. The forks are those tiny, flimsy ones and you have to make sure they put them in your bag before you go.)

Andre Ferreira

A very clean facility. The fried chicken is about the Best and so fresh..Two pieces will fill you up with two sides. Everyone is so pleasant and courteous! I drive from the other side of the town for their Fried Chicken! It's a well kept secret of how good they are..!!

T Bee

It was extremely hot in the restaurant, l got the fried chicken dinner. The chicken was good, the sides were bland. The vegetables were not seasoned with any kind of meat, the rice was over cooked and the gravy tasted like flour. They seem to forget to give people their drinks.

Mike Nolen

The restaurant is very clean and the food is served promptly. I do not recommend the meat loaf but most of the other food is good, especially if you like your baked beans sweet.

latoya ramos

The staff was very pleasant. I tried to order as many sides as possible. I do so that I know what to order the next time around.Surprisingly the rice was cooked perfectly and the gravy set it off ( my hubby words). The potato salad tasted like potatoes and I received 3 yams 2 of which sat at the bottom of the pan too long. They were burnt/overcooked. I even messaged them on Facebook and was told it was from them being caramelized, not even. I'm in the business and have scorched a thing or two. There is a difference and telling me that annoyed me more than anything. Hubby enjoyed smothered Pork chops and my daughter ate the chicken. The Cabbage was great but the collards need some love. Yes, I will give them a second try.

J Lampley

Food was great and very reasonable.. food was fresh … I had ribs my son had fried chicken. MAC AND CHEESE WAS SO GOOD .. my son said who ever COOKING NEED A RAISE ?

Erin Mount

Great family run business. Amazing fried chicken, collard greens and mac & cheese! Cannot beat the price-Family meal for under $30!!!

Alfreda Campbell

The food was good. I ordered the ribs, collard greens, and Mac and cheese. I also ordered peach cobbler, which wasn't good to me. The ice tea was good. It was my first time visiting. I would definitely go back and try other items on the menu. It has a great atmosphere.


I just had to get the fried chicken. It's always a great starting place for any country-cooking restaurant. Add to that a bowl of black-eyed peas and collard greens, and it was heaven. It was served piping hot. The chicken spices were superb. And the taste of the vegetables was mouth-watering. Complimentary corn bread with all meals -- nice! My guest had the vegetable plate with candied yams and string beans. I got to taste the candied yams, and they were like dessert. So good. The string beans was excellent as well. I took home a serving of peach cobbler and split it with my guest. If there's cobbler on a menu, I'm getting it. It was delicious.

Vann Mer

Consistently good tasting fried chicken. Oxtail are good. I need to try the other stuff om menu but I always get the fried chicken.

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Shut Em Down Authentic Southern Restaurant

6315 San Juan Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210
(904) 503-1979