Taco Bell

5875 New Kings Rd, Jacksonville
(904) 765-7826

Recent Reviews

Jimmy Withers

Do NOT eat at this place. It was so bad, I put the food back up on the counter after the 2nd time it was made wrong. Didnt even ask for money back I was so ticked off. I never was given the drink I paid for either. The cashier took my money, gave change and disappeared. I wont be back.

*VioletsinBloom *

I usually come to this one because its the closest but the employees especially the females who work there have bad attitudes like already on edge and irritated. I had a girl get mad because i asked her to repeat my order. So i laughed at her and she got even more mad. They have no customer service or social skills

Bradley Bell

The counter person was nice. The food was good. But the floor is sticky told by each sticky step you take in this place. And under where the napkins and sauces are, are left over food particles and sauce packets. God knows how long they have been there. DISGUSTING!

DB Trucking

this is the best taco bell, in town!! food is fast & fresh, the crew is always nice and professional.

Lacy Horton

It tastes amazing and the night crew at the taco Bell at US 1 and Edgewood are always so pleasant. That is not a common thing for fast food, but something I appreciate completely. The employees keep it clean and tidy and they even help me carry my food out to my car because I always order a lot of food. And they are even patient while I try o decide the most cost effective way of feeding my large family and don't mind telling me prices in things. The one drawback is that you must be sure to check you food before you leave because they often forget something.

Wesley James

I moved near this Taco Bell about a month ago and I?ve been here 3 times. Each time I?m always met with friendly staff and good food. Without a doubt the best Taco Bell I?ve gone to in Jax.

Lovely Smidge

Ordered ahead and they had my food hot and ready to order. Did have to go in to grab items leftout but it's easy to forget desserts.

Martina Crews

Terrible Terrible Ordered from Grub hub and half of our order was not there.. All Grub will do is refund.. they will not resend someone out for items that are not there EVEN though you paid for them. Also Tried to call this store over and over for an hour... rings 4 times and sounds like someone picks up and hangs up.. Customer service is gone.. No one gives a damn about their customers anymore.. Will not go to taco bell again. Will NOT order from Grub Hub again

The PUBG Experience

It is a good place for food nice people i would recommend this to anyone

Little Miss Blaze

Depends on the shift, some people just dont take pride in their work in providing fresh food for others. They should put their self in our shoes.

She Creates

Got there 15 minutes before closing and the food was surprisingly fresh and hot .

Anita Gibson

It was a good experience and employees were very nice

Michael Nipper

This place even when they're bad they're good if they're running behind they do everything to catch up don't have no issues here food is always hot. Specialty orders always make correctly every now and then I hate getting everything I ordered repeat it back to me as I say it because I can't complete my order on time wait till I am done then repeat that's the only issue I have here I like to spend my order out not be interrupted every time I say one thing drives me nuts we'll have you all will that be all will that be all hey jackass it will not

Tara Santiago

This was the worst Mexican Pizza that I have ever had! The flavor of the pizza shell was like some kind of chemical flavor with a bitter lingering taste. $8.12 and I couldn't even eat it! Don't eat here unless you want to waste money and take the risk of being sick.

Zack Chartier

Worst taco bell I've been to.

Clide Ogmur

Normally just swing through at the late hours and don't have many issues. Food is normally dropped fresh and made correctly

Glen Branom

Can't give 0 stars they don't deserve one star been eating here for a long time and never had a problem but now they seem to have better things to do than take orders and be polite. Will go McDonald's next door from now on

Christian F.

If I could give no stars I would. There was customers lined up outside and inside and the two cooks were just laughing and talking while the manager showed no authority. They need new EVERYTHING.

Eclectic Witch

I give it a 1 star as i drove by for breakfast and it was open but noone came to the speaker. I kindly said hello a few times before driving off. :/

Kissy Mackey

Food tasted like pesticide & floor cleaner. I made manager aware immediately. She explained, she believed, it was the result of burnt grease. SMH? Was told I could get a remake, but why would I ever want to return. Someone here knows when things are not right, and serves the food anyways. Scary... this is my favorite fast food chain. ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???

George Boyette

There was a nice young man at the window with a great attitude. Second time dealing with him and his customer service is always great. Food was nice and hot and everything was correct.

Alondra Miles

A favorite spot for Mexican food. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. Feels like a place in Charlotte that I enjoyed visiting.


This is the worst Taco Bell I have ever been too. Nothing but Imbeciles work here. They mess up the simplest order. Either they need to fire everyone and start over or just close this location down. Tonight my husband went to get me a steak quesadillas with potatoes and they gave him a chicken quesadillas. Wish I didn't have to leave a star at all.

Roy Wilson

I had the best breakfast wrap ever. I was warned that if I got the guacamole it would be cold so to get it on the side and then I can add it later. The only reason I gave them for instead of 5 stars was this is the third time I've gone there and they have not flip the menu board around for me to know what the breakfast items are. There was one person there tall enough to regen but I'm sure they have some other method of turning those boards. Is just customer service. It's not that hard to do and it takes so little effort there on ball bearings they spend a turn just flip them around.

Leslie Garcia

Mexican food and the scene here is excellent. It has an awesome atmosphere. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I liked.

Ms Shirley Felton

Line was super long... but food was hot and fresh (good). I guess worth the wait.

Spanky Miller

Fast service. Friendly people. Great tacos. This is my favourite Taco Bell.

James Turner

After taking advantage of the free delivery, we placed an order that cost near $90. Everything came wrapped in the exact same Packaging and almost everything was missing meet. If there was any meat it wasn't a taco. Every package was soaking wet and disgusting. I called back and spoke to the manager Clinton who told me I had a few days to come back in and have my order remade. I went back today in the manager on duty told me absolutely no way, you are not getting a refund. I said I don't want a refund I want my order remade. And she asked me where the food was and I said it is in the trash and he gave me three days to come and pick up a new order. I recorded the whole thing which could be found on Google as horrible Jacksonville new Kings Road Taco Bell. There were at least five other people inside waiting for their food, some had been waiting for almost an hour.

Iam T.

1p minutes sitting in drive thru during lunch when they know they will be busy. Never again and complaining to corporate

Brendia T.

Needed a quick lunch so visited this restaurant. Staffing was not adequate to accommodate the drive through nor customer line inside. Prep cook kept having to stop making orders to give cashiers change. Soda station was a mess. I ordered a taco combo to go & made the mistake of not checking my food before leaving. The tacos hardly had any contents- a child could have eaten them & still been hungry. The food quality was pathetic. I probably won't go to this location again- definitely not worth it.

Heather Champion

This Taco Bell had the best service I've seen in a while. They were steadily busy, but didn't get flustered with it. Our food was good and the order correct.

Angel Francisco

Did they have to slaughter the cow?? 45 min wait.

Catina Smyth

Toco bell is good.but sometimes messes up your order other then that food is good


I know tomorrow is Easter but its no excuse for only having 3 employees working on. . Saturday night at 9:30pm and one being a manager that apparently doesn't know what she's doing at all. Not only a 25 min wait in the drive thru to get to the order box or having to wait another 5 or 10 mins for your order to be prepared and served since you've already waited 15 or so mins after you ordered at the speaker but doesn't fill the order correctly or even to company specifications. The joy of getting back home and your over priced chaloupas have barely a smear of meat on them so when you call your told by the shift manager that she worked the line and you're wrong about your order that the chaloupas  have meat and the soft toco didn't have lettuce or tomato just as ordered when that was almostl arah

Quise Ward

taco bell is never right. Either they give the wrong food, have no silverware, or something is wrong

C W.

Ordered food today around 130 or 2 Two craving deals and has been vomiting every sense I ate. I don't know if something was spoiled or what but started feeling bad within 15 mins of eating there..

Kailee D.

Have never had a problem with our order from here except once had ordered steak chalupas but they put beef on the receipt (didn't mind tho). The chalupas are my bf's favorite from here and now he has me hooked too lol. They don't skimp on the meat, overall this is a decent taco bell!

S.J. B.

Previous reviewer must have had a one-off experience. This Taco Bell was clean, accessible from the main road, the staff was friendly, and the bathroom was clean. Oh, the food was hot and in line with other Taco Bells up and down the east coast. It *is* a Taco Bell though (I reserve 5 star ratings for fine dining locales, but for what it is - it totally delivered).

Sobe D.

Wow!!! I can't give zero stars?!? One of my items was deliberately sabotaged to be "FIRE" hot! Little did they know that this Latino could handle it, but if my wife had gotten that item, I'd be more that 1 star pissed. AVOID THIS LOCATION AT ALL COST. Taco Bell feel free to contact me at [email protected] I am not happy and almost considered 'Just Call Saul'.