Taco Bell

5875 New Kings Rd, Jacksonville
(904) 765-7826

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James Stewart

Order this today the other 3 melts was ok tighten up please.

Kristy Lee

They're only getting three instead of two stars because their Dr. Pepper is always amazing.

Grams' Corner

Yuck, is the only word I can use at this moment. My family and I ordered nacho supremes and tacos and were very disappointed. In addition to the tacos being tremendously sloppy, the taco shells were stale and hard as a rock. There was absolutely no freshness at all. The nacho supremes were covered with mostly beans and a teaspoon of meat. It was horrible.On the plus side, the woman who took our order was very friendly, clear and polite. So that was the only positive experience with this particular restaurant.I would not recommend this place to anyone. Save a trip and make your own.

Danielle Duncan

They gave me the wrong food and I didn't realize until I made it home..20 mins away..Sooooo mad

Hailee Brianne

Order placed 06/08/2020, 10:50p Manager On Duty is overly aggressive with customers, highly unreasonable when asking to substitute chicken instead of beef on an item, MOD is also aggressive towards employees, half of my quesadilla had no sauce, cheese, or meat on it, other items purchased had very little sauce or meat as well, manager audibly scoffed at and disregarded my request for extra sauce packets. The employees themselves are very nice, but evening** manager on duty needs to be replaced immediately.

CarrieGeorge Fowler

Can still use the bathroom if needed and was fast and order was correct and tacos full!

Remita Trowery

Had to get my food replaced. It was not hot and fresh like I asked

Steven Seiber

Horrible staff. Too long to even elaborate about. Need a store or regional manager to get in touch with me.

Donnita Stephens

Icee machine always broke.. no receipt request one and they say the printer broke....

prettygirl sk girl

Good customer service but don't touch yo face and hand wash all the time please

Miss K

It is ALWAYS BURNT I’ve been 3 times each time is the same. Always sloppy put together.

Rhonda Norris

It was VERY VERY SLOW and they were taking 1 order at a time. And the food was not good once I got home to eat it. They need to do BETTER. IF I was in a different area it would not have been that way.

Tywan Allen

This place needs a new manager due to the fact that she messed up everyone’s order including mine. The people gave their receipts to them multiple times and the still managed to mess up the order more than once.

P R.

After tonight's visit, it will be my last. This Taco Bell was very good about a year ago. I go to it mainly, because it is so close to me. However, my last 3 orders have been totally screwed up. First, I order two taco salads with no tomatoes and extra beef. I next ordered 1 hard taco with meat and cheese only. Next order is 3 soft tacos, meat and cheese only. Two meximelts, no tomato, 1 double cheesy gordita, 3 orders of cinnamon twists and one strawberry frozen drink. Now... The taco salads were layered in tomatoes. They are cubed, so, they are difficult to remove. Both of them had tomatoes! The shells also tasted quite bitter. Unlike the fresh pastry lightness and crispy flavor. Next, neither of the salads had the container of salsa included. This made the salad very dry. The meat had a slight burnt smell and wasn't even warm enough to melt the cheese. There was a 2 inch line of sour cream. The hard taco with meat and cheese wasn't in the bag at all. Instead of 3 lettuce and tomato free, soft tacos, I only received 2 soft tacos filled with brown, chopped lettuce hanging from the inside. Again, trying to remove that shredded, stringy lettuce is annoying and very messy. Again, in these other items, the beef had that slightly burnt smell. There were also two beef meximelts that weren't even warm enough to melt the cheese. They also had tomatoes! The double cheesy gordita was surprisingly made according to oder! But, still, the meat was very cold without enough heat to melt the cheese! Last, but, not least, the 3 orders of cinnamon treats weren't even the bag! The strawberry drink was fresh and tasty. I spend $28.00 at Taco Bell, to only throw it away as soon as opening! It wasn't late at night, for them to try to "stretch" the meat, so, why was it so dry, underseasoned? Needless to say, I had to go BACK to get us some dinner. I went right next door to Jenkins and the food was fast, prepared as ordered and hot! I had to wait a couple of minutes for fresh, hot fries, but, it was well worth it! Jenkins has NEVER let me down and in the future, I will drive past McDonald's and Taco Bell to pull right into Jenkins!! Good bye Taco "ugh" Bell and to order with confidence at Jenkins BBQ! Don't waste your time on this Taco Bell. The customer quality is not number one any longer. They will throw something at you resembling what you ordered and send you on you happy way, thinkung you have dinner for your family, only to have the little ones crying and refusing to eat because of the tomatoes on it and a husband's hate of tomato and trying to dig it and it's flavor from his taco salad. Also, no salsa to pour on top to apply some sort of quality to that dried mess. To top all of this nightmare, I didn't have the cinnamon twirls to try to compensate with my kids for. I had actually ordered the drink to help me take my medicine, but, I had to share it with three very hungry little ones. What a horrible night! Jenkins has save my night on numerous occasions. Thank you Jenkins. GOOD BYE TO MCDONALD'S AND ESPECIALLY, YOU, TACO BELL, TACO BELL, TACO BELL!!!!!! You will never see a dime of my money ever again. You've stolen from me time and time again, by, not cooking my order as instructed, not putting my entire order in my bag and putting onions and lettuce on just about everything that comes with lettuce. Oh we can't forget my double cheese burger with bacon! I think someone help it in front of a hair dryer to cook it! It was LIMPY, GREASY, COLD and hung halfway across the bun, to lays half in the box and half in the box. It was caught where the box closes in the corner. DISTRICT MANAGERS WAKE UP!!!! QUALITY CHECK THEIR WORK RANDOMLY. It is out of control. I've seen cars pull out of ahead of me, not wanting to wait for the food or these two, "restaurants," since the food there was not worth waiting when there are so many restaurants up and down the road eager to sure y

Kelvin Brown

The food was great, but customer service was terrible, and the manager had one young lady working in the back preparing food and the front counter. Then that same young lady had to go and clean up the front dinning area for customer. One part of me wanted to go off on the manager, but when I looked behind the counter, I saw one worker sitting on her but and the other just goofing off, not doing anything. This is what you call LAZY.

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