Cariño's Cafe

214 Broadway, Kissimmee
(407) 201-6129

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Lisa C.

The worst customer service I've experienced in some time. Out of the six servers only one could communicate with us. He was the only one that spoke English. After our food was served no one came to check in with us. I called out for one of them to come over because we needed napkins. Before he came over he turned back to see if someone else could help us. When he saw that there was no one, he came to help. That was it. For the rest of our stay no one else came over to ask if we needed anything or how was everything. Nothing! On the brighter side, the food was tasty and the latte was delicious. It's a great place to sit and chill over coffee or one of their many alcoholic beverages. The ascetics are beautiful. It's a great place to capture pictures for Yelp or The Gram.

Tomas S.

First good cup of coffee in whole week (stayed at Disney properties -go figure) ! Great atmosphere with laid back and warm service

Sandra Baldi

We got there and had outside seating, there was great music so we decided to try it out, I ordered sangria after 20 minutes of waiting, it was not busy . One of the worst sangrías I have had. After asking 3 servers we get it changed and the same, it was horrible. Publix has better, I changed to rum and coke and the lime Juice was on the side, it did not have a good taste, we decided to leave next door to 3 sister's and had a few great drinks. I did tell the server about my experience there and still got charged and no apologies. Will never go back in there even if it was a free meal. 100% unorganized and don't care about customer service. A good Manager and less servers, they would make a killing. Coffee might be good but the servers......... darn and such potential location.

Carla H.

Why would I need to pay an extra 10% on top of the 7% that IThey blame the charges on the city!!! We will find out on Monday and get back with my community!!! I spoke to the county and they advised that the restaurant must must must disclose that they are charging the 10% fee. The restaurant also has a sign that says if you pay cash you will receive a 10% discount things that make you go hmmm. You've got some splanin to do Lucy!!! Be very aware whenever you go to a restaurant and see this on your receipt especially tourists that don't know Florida law!!! This is deceitful

Virginia Norford

The staff was overall friendly and attentive. The atmosphere was cozy and relaxing. The coffee was great and the photo on my coffee was the extra touch we needed for our anniversary. Completely loved it! Will be going back when ever I’m back in Florida. We had a great time. ☕️

Brie Nail Spa

I typically love to support small businesses and typically don’t leave negative reviews, but felt the need to for this. They charge $1.30 for a to go cup making my iced “coffee” $6.25. I asked for a black coffee and this coffee is definitely not a “black” coffee. Additionally, they charge a 10% service fee. I understand that products have gone up, but if they are charging 10% service fee, that should cover your extra expenses.. why are they charging $1.30 for a to go cup?? And the coffee was not tasty. Highly disappointed.

Alyssa S.

In the middle of downtown Kissimmee, Carinos Cafe is a cute little spot. The interior is very warm and the staff seem friendly. We were walking past when we saw their sign for boba and decided to try some. I ordered an avocado bubble tea but unfortunately it just wasn't that good. The drink pretty much just tasted like sugar with little to no hint of avocado. The boba was not chewy and soft like it should be. It's a shame as it seems like a great place to hang out, relax, or study. Maybe their other offerings taste better but from what I tried, it just isn't worth it.


This was a lovely cafe. The waffles weigh fruit and a chocolate drizzle We're both light and decadent. My dining partner had an egg white omelette with cheese that was perfect size and delicious. The hot mocha was right on point too. It was a pleasant restaurant, not too large but perfect for having a conversation because there was no loud/blaring music. The only thing that I did not like is that I had to bus my own table. What am I tipping you for if I have to move my own dishes? Minus one star.

Chelsea D.

First time going to this cafe. You order at the host stand as soon as you walk in. I ordered a large french vanilla latte and the waffles with banana, strawberry nutella. I paid about $24 ... pricing is a bit high. You enter the dining room with the number they give you; they bring the food to you. The scenery is so nice and aesthetic. Really cozy. I waited about 15 minutes and got my food. They asked if I wanted the latte with my food and I said yes. But they gave me the food without the latte. Waited about 3 more minutes for the latte. The waffles itself tasted bland but with the toppings and syrup, it was tasty. The latte wasnt sweet at all. It was still drinkable but not enough milk or sweetener. The coffee itself is different and strong. A good different.

Karen C.

Two starts for decor and location. This extremely overpriced cafe is in downtown kissimmee, the Cuban sandwich was ok, a lot of fat in the pork that I had to pick apart. They gave me no napkins, and my $4 lemonade was missing the mango flavor... :/ also, they charge a 10% ahead for services, which no one tells you. Also, too much personnel for how disorganized they seemed....

Aeme V.

Delicioussss! My favorite Taro Milk Tea I've ever had. It's such a perfect spot to have brunch at or even just grab a quick breakfast like I did and walk around Downtown Kissimmee.

Mariam S.

Have you ever seen a boba tea with no boba? We'll, I've seen that today. That's the picture I took right before I tossed the drink in the trash unfortunately. To be fair, the staff are really nice but they can't understand what I'm ordering because they don't speak English. When I found that they have no clue what I'm asking about, I said, there has to be at least one person in this cafe who speaks English' absolutely no one speaks English. I ordered strawberry boba tea thinking that I'll get the boba at no additional charge but instead they didn't even add boba and they added 60 cents for the strawberry flavor !!! ( although it's called strawberry boba tea) And $1 for ice !!! I ended up with $7 drink that tastes terrible. If anybody explained to me how would I end up with this order, I was not gonna order it. My husband told me that I was supposed to leave the drink and not pay for it since their pricing is not reasonable but I felt bad for the workers. They were doing their best and it's not their fault that they don't speak English. So if you ever go there make sure you order a simple item on the menu, point at it for them, don't speak. Or take someone with you who can speak Spanish.

Barbara I.

The place is so nice but the food is super overpriced! It's too expensive, low quality and low quantity food! The waffles were too soft and taste just like egg! The oatmeal was super clumpy and has no consistency at all! The plate only has just 2 tiny pcs of bacon with 2 malnourishing slices of bread in a $14 plate. They charge you a 10% service fee aside from the tips and taxes! In comparison to another café just down the street it is not worth it! Sorry but it was an expensive desastre! I can NOT recommend this place!!

Cynthia F.

Amazing I love it here, food is great the only problem is the service is super slow you will be waiting awhile and the syrup they give for pancakes is so little, a tiny little cup :( next time I go I'm definitely bringing my own syrup in my purse because so yummy ! Haha

Hector Serrano

If you are looking for a great spot to enjoy a great coffee this is it. Step outside the box of the big coffee chains. Trust me nothing better than a fresh made coffee. The batista are well trained. My wife had a cappuccino and I had a Frappuccino both where amazing. The caramel Frappuccino and the chocolate are really good. Definitely recommend this place. Also a good spot for pictures. 10/10

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