Mr. & Mrs. Crab

5771 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee
(407) 479-0099

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Pauletta D R Love

My food was amazing and Keke was the best waitress!!! Definitely ask for her, super sweet and helpful. I had a snow crab leg boil, scallops, eggs, and rice. Very good and flavorful, good prices too! Eat Here!!!

Joe Canute

great food and service at a reasonable price.

Roy Melendez

I love this place it's my second time going, great food and service.

Chris Morris Sr.

Omg omg omg this place right here is amazing! Everything cooked to perfection seasoning not over baring!!! Best seafood I had ever had hands down! This place should be 5 stars across the board!!! Paid a hefty bill but well worth it!!!! Give it a shot

Jeannette Rodriguez

Ooooooooooooommmmnmmmmggggggggggggg!!!!!The seafood at this spot was sooooooooooo daaaaaammmmm goooooooddddd!!!!!!Idk what they put in their seasoning and sauce but it hit every spot!!!From the snow crab to the blue crab ? to the shrimp ? to the blue and green mussels to the corn ? and potatoes ?!!!!!! There was flavor in every bite ? if I could give it some more stars ? I would!! If you haven't tried it u need to stop sleeping on this spot and try it you will definitely get ur money's worth!

Melissa Panozzo

Their seafood boil is amazing! The food is delicious and you get a ton of food for a fair price. We tried it while vacationing last year and got it again this year when we returned to the area. Last year the crab legs were super fat and this year we started cracking legs and got worried cause you couldn't see the meat right away, it kept slinking down into the shell. We started cracking differently and bam, huge pieces of meat. The sauces and seasoning are delicious. We love this place!

Sonya Walker

This place had the best customer service and the most spectacular food I have ever tasted. I would like to give a shout out to our waitress Ariana she demonstrates real customer service. The next time we are in Florida we are definitely coming back Also you have to try the catfish my husband said it was the best he has ever tasted.

Acieblaze acieblaze

The absolute best Seafood and flavor in Orlando. They have the best King Crab legs and shrimp. Try the Mr. And Mrs Crab sauce.

DJ JohnsonHubbard

Great food, service and clean restaurant! Love the Thai chicken, shrimp bisque and crab legs.

Tammy Cavalone

Have previously dined here and food has always been great. Service is hit or miss but food usually makes up for it. On July 19th we went and ordered over $165 of snow crab lobster shrimp and my daughter got crayfish. It comes out in metal tins. As we are eating my daughter tries the crayfish and says they aren't good like they weren't cleaned properly. Tries another yeah and definitely not good. At this point the server who was great was busy with another table so we continued to eat she pushed the pound of crayfish to the side. Finally get the servers attention to let her know about the crayfish and to get the check and to go boxes. That's when I assume either the manager or owner comes over and states that you have to tell us right away if something is mushy . We never said it was mushy it tasted like dirt is what I said she seemed to imply that because we were full is why we didn't want the crayfish and basically said she would not take them off even though we were taking boxes Togo for the rest. Well completely unacceptable. We are locals who frequent often whom also have worked in the local hospitality industry in the area for 20 plus years. Very unprofessional so for a $13 order of crayfish you'd rather lose a customer. Nor do I plan on recommending or referring them to any of my own guests...word of mouth is a huge plus in this industry.

Sallee C.

This place was the dining highlight of my Orlando trip. I almost don't even want to post about how good it was Getting away from the Disney area to eat a meal without 8 million people around was delightful. The server was pretty green; but very polite. Not overly attentive (my second beer came after we finished eating) which normally would bother me but it felt so damn good to get away Disney I was as happy as a pig in mud. The seasoning was on point and the food was great! I would definitely come back! As for the server -- everyone starts somewhere and she was definitely a sweetheart.

Arthur M.

Great food and service! Highly recommended for visitors when visiting the theme park in the area! Try their lobsters, they are great!

Liberty D.

Went here at about 9pm. We waited for 5 min and was seated right away. We ordered a combo that included clams, snow crabs, blue crabs and sausage. I would recommend the 3 different flavors mix. You can pick your spice level and I picked mild which was still had a kick. If you are in the area, this is a must try.

Addison Duarte

Worst dinning experience of my life, literally not even the slightest hint of service was provided. The wait time was said to be 40 minutes but we waited an hour(I'm being kind about that number), but it happens , it's understandable.We finally get seated but proceed to wait for an additional 12 minutes and all the while we notice servers occasionally sneaking a glance at our table from a distance, but still no acknowledgement.A member of our party returns to the front to ask if we're going to get a server and the one who seated us starts asking questions like we just walked in.5 minutes later a server finally arrives just to count heads and tells us he has other tables to attend to and he'll be back in another 5 min or so........."OR SO"!!We wait another 10 and finally decide this isn't gonna happen.-no server--no drinks--no acknowledgement--not even a apology-Is it that hard to Literally just be honest and say we're either not getting to y'all or it's gonna be another 40 min-an hour?Never again

zedric guebara

Came out to eat to this place, we made reservations for a party of 8 waited an hour which was ok, we knew that much, we waited outside got sat an hour later, they put our party all the way I. The back where there wasn’t any a/c it was crowded and we saw three different servers, none of which came to our table to greet us Kat alone look our way, it’s almost as if they were playing hot potato with us to see who was going to be our server, finally after getting up and saying something to them the server came over and asked if we We’re a party of 8, I mean can you not count or is this just how they train you guys, He said he just got sat with another table even though we were waiting almost 30 minutes after being sat not a drink in our table, he said he Seoul be back to greet us after the other table which came after us. Place was very dirty and they weren’t even that busy, just a bunch of lazy unmotivated staff if you ask me. We left and will never come back, little do they know they were probably gonna get the fattest tip of their life, but now they’ll never see that money or my face in that place again

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