Punjab Kitchen

5479 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee
(407) 507-2764

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Chad F.

We just had delivery through GrubHub. The preparation and delivery was timely and our food was still piping hot. We ordered Chicken korma, chicken madras, onion kulcha and dhai wata. Everything was so tasty. Can't wait to order again.

Brooke E.

Wow! We were staying down the street across from Old Town and walked around looking at all of the tourist attractions and restaurants. Although there was the largest food truck mall I'd ever seen, none of the places around were very alluring. We took a brief 4 min drive down the block and went to Punjab Kitchen. What a fantastic idea! The place was pretty empty, but with a consistent take out customer base, which made us feel much more comfortable amidst a Delta variant peak. We had two appetizers, vegetable samosas and wade sambar. Perfectly spiced and served with amazing dipping sauces. I took the server's suggestion and had the house special lamb, and my husband had chicken madras. Each dish was so unique and, once again, perfectly spiced. I loved the prevalent flavors of black peppercorn and fenugreek. The madras was creamy and coconutty with a delicate curry flavor. And, then of course, there was the fluffy, buttered, garlic naan to sop up all of the sauces! All-in-all break off the main strip of touristy places and head over to this family run business for a fantastic meal.

Siraj Virani

Excellent food and service. We had sarso ka saag with makai di roti, lamb kababs and lasi…

Sheik A.

The food was good. Went late night the worker started sweeping next to us while we were still eating. Please Use Common sense next time!!

American Girl

It’s really good. Glad we decided to try it. I got Shahi Paneer and Yellow rice. We got our food to go.

Aubrie D.

We got delivery from this local hidden gem and we're pleasantly surprised!! The food was delicious with just the right amount of spice for us. Never entered the store but we got veggie curry, garlic naan (MUST order extra, it is addicting!), and the biryani. No complaints! The sauce that came with the biryani is also great for dipping the naan. Highly recommend giving this place a try.

Alex D.

Go to spot in Orlando for Indian food, I always make sure to order the chicken 65 , butter chicken and tikka masala. Everything I've had there was always good.

bob j

We ordered curry, dal and paneer dishes with naan. Very yummy. The dining area is small and it wasn't busy on a rainy July evening. Several takeaway customers while we were there. Will definitely visit again when in Kissimmee.

Areen Ali

this restaurant didn’t not live up to its expectations and the reviews we read online about it. to begin with, no one was there to assist us once we were seated even tho we called beforehand to let them know that we are coming. once we ordered, we didn’t get the food until an hour later!! the restaurant closed and we still didn’t have the food served. also, we didn’t receive half of the food we had ordered. they could’ve told us when we were ordering that these items were not available and not when we ask them where the rest of the food is. the restaurant is also very unsanitary. this is ridiculous, the food and the customer service were both awful. my family had a terrible experience with this restaurant, i do not recommend this place.

Ilahi Modh

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Food was not great. That was not the only problem though. The absolute worst thing was the service. The service so slow. We waited 20 minutes just for us to get the menus. All of that time just for us to get only 3 menus and we did not have enough silverware. Once the food finally came we received the naan to eat the food 15 minutes later. Not to add they refused to give us all of the naan.


Food was delicious! We had chicken curry, chicken Tikka spicy and Cheese Naan, everything was really good. Very friendly service and Food came out quick. Cozy casual restaurant. Alot of people do take out also, we saw many in the short while we were there.

Ranjeet Singh

I just had a food here.. I would rate them very high. Their food quality is really authentic and taste good !!! . Good song in background ( all I liked ) ..

Runeeta Roy

We visited this place on April, the food was good that we dine, so we thought to Take-Home order. We ordered some Naan bread and curry and rasmali!. When we riches our hotel after our a long day , we were hungry and open the box that we order from this place! We were surprised to open the pak, that all bread were burnt , the curry was ok but then Ras -malai like frozen, it was frozen 2pices for $5 plus tax that you got ten pieces in a box at Indian store for $9.95!!! made us upset in the late night that we couldn't come out to eat late night dinner with our small kids!! :(

nithin george

Giving one star for the staff who called and conveyed they cannot provide one of the dishes I ordered, nevertheless they managed to send that . The chicken Biriyani I ordered was an overkill, too much masala and under cooked masala . I opted for medium spicy , and this was full of unwanted spices. I don’t know about other items, I recommend not ordering biriyani if you are delivering food. I ordered from a hotel as I am in vacation from California, I don’t know if that affected their preparation, knowing I am a tourist. Nevertheless they managed to deliver the food within stipulated time , credit goes to Uber Eats. I thrower away more than 3/4 of the food, if I were at home I would have made it better.

Smk c

We have ordered for 2 appetizers, both the appetizers are not the box full they gave it as half and half, and more over we ordered for dry ones they served us complete wet appetizers. When we ordered we have confirmed with the person for the dry ones even though they gave the wet appetizers this shows how reckless the cheif and management is. Completely disappointed with this. The other curries also doesn't tast that great. I wish to give less than "1" if I can.

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