South Philly CheeseSteaks and hoagies

5343 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee
(407) 507-9109

Recent Reviews

Arton G.

Is was a perfect sub. Great portion. Meat was very moist and the bread was perfect. Fries were ok but the Philly was perfect.


I have ordered at least 5 times on Door Dash and get a notice an hour later that they are closed and my order is canceled. Call First!!

Peter L.

We were in Kissimmee on vacation and decided to eat here because of the great reviews. The reviews did not exaggerate. On a business trip a few years ago I had some colleagues from Philadelphia take me to "the best Philly Cheesesteak joint in Philly"; it was truly phenomenal. This was most certainly on par with that!

Donnamarie Snodgrass

Excellent Cheese Steaks. Best steaks since moving to FL. Uses the best Rolls from Armoroso bakery. Don't let the no frills store front sway you. Definitely will be back.

Clarence Windish

Good luck getting what you order. Employees don't care about customers. Ordered at 7:50 pm over the phone. It says open until 9. We got there before 8:30 and the doors were locked. When we knocked they had nothing made because they didn't have what we ordered from the menu. So not only did they take our order knowing this, they didn't care to tell us as we placed the order and we drove there to find all this out. When we asked about why, the employee threw his hands up like he didn't care. Why would you take the order knowing you Don't have the products listed on the menu? Don't believe the rating. Disgraceful and rude.

Jessy T.

Went at 11:30am on Thursday - they say they open at 11am. No one there. I would have liked to have tried the Philly steaks but I can't if they aren't open! Super disappointed I drove a half hour to get here!!!

Jim B.

I went there yesterday. Its a very bland inside, only a few pictures of Philadelphia hanging up on the wall. A few tables with chairs but it immediately gave you the feeling they didn't want you eating there. The place is very clean I will give it that. Typically in Philadelphia take out joints are kinda of on the messy side. I didn't order a cheese steak but I ordered a steak with sauce (thats one of the ways they order it in Lancaster areas) without the cheese. I wanted to see how much meat they put on, type of bread etc. To much of my disappointment all I got was a few packs of ketchup and hardly any meat on a 8 inch roll. The bread was good though - real philly kind if you get my meaning. There was only one guy behind the counter. Cooking taking orders and answering phones. He was an older gentleman and very nice. I hated to complain that I ordered a 12 inch with sauce. But rather I put ketchup on this lame sandwich with hardly any meat. Either this place never worked in Philly or times are tough and they were being stingy on the meat because times are tough right now. I will not be returning to this place. Even though the place was clean and the old guy was nice. Save your money its not worth it.

Patrick Monetti

Amazing. The sandwiches were enormous and loaded down. Bread is imported from Philadelphia, and this place is better than anything I had up there!

La'Vail Lanier

I don’t usually leave reviews but this place deserves one. I’ve been here a few times already and they haven’t disappointed me once. The food is amazing and so is the staff. Definitely worth the visit.

Cary Z

If you’re in the Kissimmee area and are looking for the real deal in an incredible Philly Cheesesteak, look no further. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, Kathy and Ira put love and care into every sandwich. Don’t miss this hidden treasure.

Linda D.

I tried this place for lunch on Thursday after reading the great reviews. It did not disappoint. I had the cheese steak wit. My husband had the Italian hoagie. Best we both have had since we moved from the mid Atlantic area 15 years ago. The owner lady is very kind. Cannot wait to go back. I have been suffering with shingles and not eating much. I wolfed my cheese steak down, it was the first thing I have eaten with such gusto in months,

Xavier M.

After all the hype surrounding this place and craving a Cheesesteak, I decided to give it a try.... All signs say "Open until 9:00pm" meanwhile at 7:57pm I arrive to the place locked, chairs up, and people just standing around talking like they'd been closed since 7:00 (they somehow waited around long enough to talk to their friend who had a pick up and wait for their pizza). Was today a slow day? Is closing before they say they're closed a normal thing for them? Regardless of the excuse, this experience was nothing short of pathetic.

Miranda Lockard

Just moved to Orlando & this is this the best Cheese Steak/Hoagie Diner compared to a REAL Philly Cheesesteak Diner!

Michael L.

We just moved to Florida two months ago. We found this place on Yelp and had the Cheese Steaks delivered. Honestly the best tasting cheesesteak sandwich I have ever had. The cheesesteak with the cheese whiz is phenomenal. We are happy to be able to have this delivered. You have to try it. It is delicious.

Taniesha M.

I can appreciate this "mom & pop" type of restaurant but what turned me off was seeing the food being prepared without gloves. Touching the raw steak with bare hands and then handling the hoagie rolls is completely against any good handlers rules and can make someone sick. As I stood in line waiting to order I was observing this and also noticed several (8-10) raw pre portioned steak servings between the parchment or freezer papers laying out on a prep table that also had hoagie rolls, the raw steak on the same prep table where they put the hoagies together and rolled them in the paper.

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