Angela's Pizza

3800 US-98, Lakeland
(863) 858-2001

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AMAZING FOOD. Gotta have respect from both ends, customer and the workers, great service. It does get very busy at some times but we gotta relax and be patient. The food is worth the wait, awesome spinach rolls and they have the best garlic knots.

Bonnie Alexander

Food was hot, fresh and delicious... especially the garlic rolls. Service by all the employees that I saw was AWESOME!!! Highly Recommended!!!

Toniann Kennedy

This pizza is the best around town .this will be the only place we go the workers and owner are amazeing and great customer service!! Thank you so much best part this pizza is like eating from ny thank you again !!

Joseph Smith

Very good pizza. The cheese seems to me to be real mozzerella. I had a pan pizza and it was very good. Next time I'll try there new York style and see if it's just a good. Good job on this one though

Melissa Perez

HORRIBLE!!! DO NOT!!!!! Order or Use the delivery service doordash! You will not get your food and when you call them to inquire about your food going missing they wash their hands and say they don't know where it is and can't help. Instead of having great customer service and offering to remake you're order as they should! I will never order from them again all around horrible experience.

Michael M.

Great pizza! Friendly service and always polite and sincere. Would of been 5 stars but there are some toppings they don't offer unfortunately. But what they have is good.

abby ahmed

Great food but the service was the worst. The lady was paying attention to other things and other people sitting down eating. Then she never offered any promotion. And they have a deal with a free kid meal and they don't even have the selection to get it.

samantha green

Very delicious

Yasmin Garcia

I got a delivery order from them but they are located inside the mall and the parking lot is so full is not even worth doing all that walk just to pick up from them it's a hassle and a waist of my schedule time. They need someone to run orders outside BC parking is inconvenient in this mall.

fatima ha

pizza is good

Brad D.

They have a really good stuffed pizza and they were very friendly. Must try there located inside Lakeland mall.

Airevlis Kennels

We absolutely love this place. We've been eating here for years. Best pizza ever. I love that you can also order pizzas to pick up and take home.

Ms. Lehkel

WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS!! Sunday at noon. Looked at your pizza, asked if it was fresh and said it looked like yesterday's pizza and your employee confirmed it was yesterday's pizza!! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!

Mia Diaz

New to town and 1st time ordering & originally from NY, so I know good food. Angela's is great! Thank you all :)

dayanara dieguez

I LOVE this place me and my husband go all the time... pizza is great the meatballs are to die for and the staff is awesome been coming here for about two years and they’re the sweetest guys ever and very hard working.

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