Don's Famous Hoagies

784 S Apollo Blvd, Melbourne
(321) 676-7030

Recent Reviews

Tricia Jordan

Indialantic tuna melt.... just as tasty as i remembered.

Rick Colon

Simply put..great sandwiches and pretty quick

L. Furrow

Wanted a yummy sub, BUT - THEY ARE NOT WEARING MASKS BEHIND THE COUNTER. -Customers are required to wear masks when they come in, but the people breathing on the food, preparing food, wrapping your sandwich, are not. They act like they don’t wear masks because the law does not mandate it. -Common sense should overrule legal mandates. There is no mandate against wearing a mask to protect the public! It is exactly this kind of irresponsible thinking that has created the Florida surge in cases. -Many people who actually have Covid-19 do not show any symptoms but can pass on this deadly disease to others. -I can’t eat at Don’s Famous Hoagies - these people have a lack of safety measures to protect the public. Many other sandwich shops’ workers are ALL wearing masks - I will eat there instead.

Kali Poore

Their sandwiches are great but I was very disappointed this week while eating at the restaurant that a staff member was talking loudly in the seating area about how dumb masks are. She was making fun of the science behind masks when obviously there were many people there who support mask wearing. I understand that everyone has their own opinion on this right now, but she was highly unprofessional and made us feel uncomfortable for wanting to wear a mask.

Pantera C.

The Italian wheat wrap is so good I go there every chance I get! the people there are quick and very nice! Definitely recommend this spot

Barbara Allred

I found out about Don's Hoagies many years ago... I have tried a variety of different hoagies but my favorite is the Italian! So good!

james ray

Always a pleasure here. Great subs and people

Katrina V.

Cheap and delicious!! The best hoagie I've ever had. Everyone is so friendly too. They even have a drive-thru which is extremely convenient.

Jeff Bragg

Best sandwiches and cleanest restaurant in Melbourne

JB Quinn

The sub's were great. Fresh ingredients flavorful meats. The employees were friendly and great to chat with. My only set back was price. I thought it was kind of expensive for a sub shop. Coming from that business I understand food costs and labor and I think their prices are a bit high. Other then that good experience.

Donna Coleman

Hands down the best sub shop in Brevard County. Friendly, quick, and so so yummy!!

Paul Cox

Good subs but a little pricey

Danielle C.

One of the best hoagie places! The pepperoni, provolone is a personal favorite and you can taste the goodness of ingredients in every bite. I recently visited and they are only accepting orders via phone and pick-up through the drive-up window and I must say the customer service from calling in my order, to picking it up was AMAZING! All good things to say about this place! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

cynthia askew

Just had a CHALLENGER........ absolutely awesome! Loaded with meats and cheese; fresh lettuce, tomatoes onions and sweet peppers; just the right amount of mayo and spicy brown mustard; all on a fresh hoagie roll. With dill pickle spears on the side. So delicious! Highly recommend Don's Hoagies.

Brittany Dinkins

Great people, great food, great service. Always consistent, quality food.

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