Gino’s Bottega Italiana

6606 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
(305) 397-8296

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Italian cuisine with a creative twist. Worth trying at least once.

Cliff L.

As an ex-pat who has lived in Italy, I've grown to love authentic Italian....this place has it!! I returned for a second time today...the staff remembered me and even allowed me to order "off" menu. I feel as though I'm back in Italy. I'll be back for more. Food and service is great. Try their organic red wine...

James M.

Nice place , Good food , real Italian , nice staff and interesting customers . I would return anytime

Elisabetta F.

I've heard a lot of nice things about this place and today i had the chance to try it; everything i had was amazing, the pasta perfectly cooked and the fish delicious and finally presented in an original and very tasty way. The desserts are outstanding and the guys who work there very kind and smiling. I really recommend this authentic italian place :)

Matteo S.

These guys are very good. Little cozy Italian place in Mid Beach. Service id perfect, the food is authentic and very good. The plates are very well displayed. Notable are the dessert.

Melissa Aria B.

There are very few real Italians places like this.... can't explain the explosions of flavors in every plate that I've tried in this place! I came 4 times in the last 10 days LOL! Pictures does just a little bit of the amazing culinary experience that I had! Oh and don't forget to drink the aperol spritz ;-)

Carla S.

Omg this restaurant is outstanding!!! Everything it's absolutely amazing, and desserts are next time I'll start by the desserts ... Their tiramisu, that's no traditional tiramisu, was amazing with some sort of cocoa cookie crumble on top the new cherry on top. The coconut ice cream is a must, and they have like a banana cake with passion fruit and ice cream that was one of our favorite. Now, with the appetizers and main courses ‍ the bursts has tartufismo in it, so if you love tartufismo go for it!!! The grilled octopus has three different kind of sauces (tomato juice, pistachio sauce and stracciatella) that accompany the octopus flavor perfectly. The capresa is NO traditional capresa, brace yourself for an explosion of flavors. Then we moved on to the main courses, I had the daily special which was Ravioli stuffed with Zucca in a Parmesan cheese with a sprinkle of amaretto on top, for me this was the best one We also had the raviolis in butter and tomato sauce spaghettis. If you go please try these: 1. Capresa 2. Octopus 3. Ask for the daily special, in sure it's something out of this world 4. The tuna tartar 5. The tiramisu or the coconut dessert

Roberto Fuschi

Fantastic dinner..risotto ai tartufi una delizia, so were the apps and desserts .. thank you guys, awesome dinner.

Alessandro I.

the food was all very good !! I started with a caprese, yellow and red tomatoes !! with tomato sauce, ricotta, burrata and pesto! I fell in love with this !! then I took a turbot with potato foam, taggiasche olives, dried tomatoes and potato chips !! unbelievable !! to finish a delicious chocolate and coconut dessert !! good guys !! congratulations !! see you soon !!

Dawn Sole

Hello. I’d like a refund Plse. The order is cold, there are two small pieces and it cost &23.00. And it’s ice cold. Do u want to have someone pick it back up? Plse refund my card and thank you for your help. Plse check the UBER eats app to see my phone and address Plse.

Natalino Zanchetta

Great food, real Italian, this place it’s a real deal. Every dish was a real italian experience.

Umberto M.

best Italian restaurant in Miami. Tiny little spot on collins ave serves authentic Italian food. Everything is fresh and amazing. Service is great and the chef Alberto is incredible. I recommend everything on the menu. New vegan dessert to die for!

Koriynne Wong

I ordered the red snapper main course and it was tough to the bite and the presentation was not appealing at all. The skin of the dish was intact and chewy. I didn’t understand what was my dish all about. Photo attached. I ordered a side of pasta for my dish, and I was served pasta in a plastic bowl. The bill came up to $30+ tax for my fish and $12 + tax for my pasta side. I think next time they should tell the clients beforehand what to expect. My husband had a Carbonara and it was soaked in butter and cream and served in a small bowl. We also had a bottle of Panna water. Our bill was $86 and the entire dinner came up to $100 including gratuity.

Jennifer Ibarra

We had the most amazing food and memories made at Gino’s tonight! We really needed a place lice this on North Beach. They were welcoming to our dogs as well. Fabulous food and service all of the way!

Oscar B.

Hidden little gem! Fresh, homemade plates. Highly recommended. It is a little taste of Italy in Miami Beach. Coming back soon

Leonardo Lanaro

A new gem in Miami Beach. Innovative take on Italian food mixed with some outstandingly executed classics. Highly recommended. Quaint and nicely appointed setting.

papa so grande

Good atmosphere with nice italian bibes with delicious food, definitely will come back!

l. a.

The food was worth 5 stars. It was soo good. Whatever sauce they use for the tortellini is heavenly. However, the wait staff was a little "too eager." It made the meal uncomfortable at times as I felt we were being watched. I suspect it was because we walked in at 6:30 and they gave us a table they were holding for a reservation at 8:30. They almost turned us away - for a 2 hour window! That being said, I'd go back. The food was delicious.

Federica Poletto

Ottimo cibo, i ragazzi sono molto carini, consigliatissimo!!!

Ermina Santaguida

What a nice surprise to have found this little 'gem' in our neighborhood. Food is very good and staff is amazing. It's becoming quite popular so we suggest you make reservations and don't shy away from the counter it's a great way to get to know the staff.

Camille Y

Literally the best and most authentic Italian restaurant in Miami Beach. Everything is fresh, thoughtfully made, and super delicious! We were there last night, and we are going again tonight!

Vincent Bertucci

One of, if not THE best Italian restaurant in all of Miami Beach. Far more authentic, and better quality than Fratelli la Bufala and other well known Italian restaurants. Traditional, with a subtle contemporary twist. Extremely friendly service staff, and reasonable prices. We look forward to returning!


It was AMAZING!! A real definition if a hole in the wall restraunt. Best Italian food I've had in my whole life. The service is amazing and the people are so nice Will definitely be coming back and I would reccomend this place to anyone!!!

Rachel A.

Loved this place! Came on a Sunday evening and was craving Italian. They are a tiny restaurant, with a couple of tables outside. The menu isn't very extensive, but still something for everyone. I had a tomato pasta with a huge dollop of burrata on top. It was perfectly creamy, and with some chili flakes, it packed the heat I wanted. Such a simple dish had so much flavor! I highly recommend :)

Brian G.

Gino's Bottega is a new restaurant in North Beach with really good authentic gourmet Italian food. the fish, the orecchette pasta, the pizza bread as well as their home made olive bread were fantastic. the service can not be beat. North Beach is coming alive with new restaurants, hotels, condos and stores, and Gino's is a great addition for a this booming barrio. Parking is free after 6. a Winner!!!

Amanda H.

The food is amazing great atmosphere and affordable bottles of wine. The only con is please expand on the proteins. The desserts are delicious. Will definitely be back. Great addition to north beach!

Luis P.

We just tried this tonight. From the moment you walk in you can feel the coziness of this restaurant. The food is as great with very high quality ingredients!! Everything we ordered was delicious. The service was great as well. Highly recommend this restaurant for a true experience of Italian cuisine.

Steve P.

I ordered for delivery with understanding delivery would be in 40-50 minutes. We received a confirmation that order was received at 7:20 but delivery did not arrive until 9:45. I started calling them after 70 minutes but they do not answer their phone. We tried repeatedly calling but no one ever answered. When the food finally arrived it was cold, no utensils or napkins for a hotel delivery. The Burrata was a mess in a paper cup. No bread, just the cup full of cheese that was not in the normal casing. The La Nostra Pizza Fritta was good but very small. 6", 4 slices for $16. The mixed green salad was just arugula with sliced cherry tomatoes but it was the best of the order. The Spaghetti Felicetti Alla Carbonara was ok. Probably would have been better if warm. Definetly over priced at $20 for a small portion of pasta tossed in a mild tomato sauce. Based on the prior reviews we were looking forward to a good meal. This was a serious disappointment. I tried to call the restaurant again to give them direct feedback but still no answer so I am giving my first negative review of an establishment. The worst $75 I have ever spent for a meal.

Andres M.

Best Italian place in the area, cozzy, great service, traditional Italian food. I had the octupus and it t was great my wife it's vegetarian and the chef adjusted d the menu for her. Recommended 100%

Skip F.

Had a last minute change of plans and rang for a table for 5 on a whim because they were close. They squeezed us into the private dining room 30 minutes later on a busy Sunday night. What a lucky break. Food was amazing - five different starters and five different mains compliments all around. Alberto was an amazing host. The only complaint was that the private dining room is a little dark but we will definitely make another stop before we leave Miami.

Toni McAndrew

So delicious...everything is amazing! Love the atmosphere and service is fantastic! This will be my go to Italian eatery!! Love

Josepha G.

Everything we ate was delicious; The warm bread, caprese appetizer, lasagna bolognese, amazing octopus, and the best tiramisu I've ever tasted. If I had a criticism, it would be that the lasagna should have been served at the same time as the octopus. The service was outstanding and watching the chefs cook the food was fascinating in such an intimate setting. I loved that it's in our neighborhood and I wish everyone at Gino's much success. BRAVI TUTTI!!

Jack Barbour

Absolutely loved his Italian Restaurant - very authentic Italian menu .. excellent service !!!

Lyn B.

Food is so good. Run by a sweet family from the Venice Area of Italy. It was a fun night. Authentic food unlike Olive Garden. Thankfully!!!

Patrick J B.

I'm just as excited as everyone else that there is finally a good restaurant in North Beach, but let's come back to reality for a second! This is a solid 3.5 stars for now. Gino's is an absolutely fantastic addition to North Beach. It is an oasis amongst the abundance of awful restaurants located along Collins Ave. I have high hopes for the restaurant, and I'm certain that they'll find their groove in the next few months. First, the exterior of the restaurant is a bit nondescript. I've walked by the location for a month and wasn't sure whether it was open for business or not, but we finally decided to visit on a Friday night without a reservation, and were seated at the bar. The inside of the restaurant is modern and cozy. The bar seats about 14, with space for about 20 at the tables. Sitting at the bar allows you to watch the chefs in action as they have an open kitchen. We were told to sit down and then never really properly greeted. We were asked for our water preference while the waitress put the menu on the bar in front of us, and then 10 minutes later we were provided a bag full of warm bread. While the staff smiled when they engaged with us and seemed friendly enough, they were aloof. We looked through the menu, and 10 minutes after that a new waiter walked up and simply said 'ready?'. It was a bit brusque. With no guidance from the staff (re: portion sizes, suggestions), we blindly ordered the egg starter, a pasta with lobster and pistachio sauce, a pumpkin risotto, and a baked eggplant. The egg starter was fantastic. The parmesean reggiano stood out and the portion was enough to share. The pasta with lobster was disappointing. It was served in an absolutely embarrassing "10 gallon hat" bowl which was difficult to eat out of and came with about a teaspoon of lobster. It serves no purpose. I would highly recommend that the restaurant change the plateware. This was priced at $32. The pumpking risotta was okay, but the pumpkin flavor was present in some bites and undetectable in others. The baked eggplant was great. Overall, I would say it's a good restaurant, however the prices are a lot higher than they should be and the portions are small. A $32 pasta dish should be exceptional, but after seeing it, I would expect that it would be priced at about $24. The portion size might even warrant less than that. Everything else was approximately 20% overpriced. After all, the restaurant does not make fresh pasta (as can be seen from the bags of pasta that line the wall of the bar). We'll be back in a few months and I know this restaurant will make it, but the staff needs better training and the prices need to be adjusted. I would only order the cheaper dishes on the menu in the future because I simply don't think the other dishes are worth the additional cost.

Gianni Furlan


roberta s.

This was an amazing experience. Well above expectations. The wine was too notch and the pasta was al dente. Perfect flavors and great service! I highly highly highly recommend!!

Patricia P.

Just came back from Gino's, is nice to have an upscale option for Italian fine dining, and the energy was great!. They are definitely off to a great start. One observation, there was no poultry on the menu, that's always a safe option for picky eaters or people with too many food restrictions, other than that the menu selection was great. Price point, definitely on the pricey side. My brother ordered a delicious seafood pasta, and while I am inclined to say that it was worth the price, the quantity certainly wasn't. We paid 32.00 dollars plus taxes and gratuity for this particular dish, 30% more $$$ compared to the most expensive seafood pasta at our usual upscale Italian Restaurant in the area, which everyone loves. I should agree that this Restaurant is very authentic Italian, even our server was Italian, and the decor, the glasses, and the plates looked fabulous. Despite the details, it is not fancy, but rather casual.

Alex L.

The neighborhood is starting to change. And this restaurant is a much needed addition. For years, most of the food options around here were Spanish/Brazilian/South American. I'm not complaining, there are some decent spots. But Gino's is very much welcomed. This isn't your NY/Northeast style Italian food. It's not a chicken parm or a linguini with clam sauce kind of joint. This is most definitely a European Italian style of restaurant, run by actual Italians. It's a small place. There isn't much of a sign advertising who they are. But don't worry and head right in. The anchovies were delicious. Im generally not a fan but Italians know their way around these salty little fish. A little bread and a little olive oil and you are in business. The pastas where great as well. We had 3 for the table and all three went over well. Cooked al dente and with a their own unique sauces. By the time dessert came, there wasn't much room but we powered on. The tiramisu and the Sicilian were just perfect. A perfect way to end a fantastic meal. Nothing negative to say. To the staff of Gino's I say "well done"! I will definitely be coming back.

Asi A.

Went to eat there last night with our Italian friends The food was amazing Start from the appetizers the fried pizza was yummy The capris was so fresh and the mozzarella cheese was Amazing The risotto was unreal Don't forget to order the cheese cake and the home made tiramisu If it's available ask to seat In the second floor The best Italian food I'm town