Charcoals Latin Grill

Latin American

11401 NW 12th St E - 510, Miami
(305) 463-0209



Google Google: 3.9
Yelp Yelp: 3.5
Tripadvisor Tripadvisor: 4
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Reviews for Charcoals Latin Grill

I recently visited this restaurant expecting the best of the Latin food. It wasn’t bad but the food(talking about the flavor and freshness)wasn’t what I more
Gabriel M.
I've come to this place about a dozen times and the food is ok compared to La Fogata in Flagler and kendall. In these two other locations the food is more
Nezrin B.
I have ordered chicken with rice and fries, chicken was disgusting!! It was smelling bad and taste was really bad which is the characteristic taste of old meat! more

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Monday 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Tuesday 10:30AM - 10:30PM
Wednesday 10:30AM - 10:30PM
Thursday 10:30AM - 10:30PM
Friday 10:30AM - 10:30PM
Saturday 10:30AM - 10:30PM
Sunday 10:30AM - 10:30PM


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Appetizers - Entremeses

Fried Cheese$3.75
Queso frito.
Hawaiian Plantains Tostones with Fried Cheese$4.95
Grilled flour tortilla with cheese.
New World Quesadilla$4.95
Grilled corn tortilla with mozzarella cheese.
Chicken Quesadilla$7.95
2 Grilled Sausages with Plantains & Cabbage Salad$5.95
Two grilled sausages with Hawaiian plantains served with fried cheese and cabbage salad.
Mozzarella Sticks with Fries$5.50
Served with fries.
Chicken Nuggets with Fries$4.95
Served with fries.
Chicken Tenders with Fries$7.95
Served with fries.
Tortilla Chips$3.95
Served with our special marinara dipping sauce.
Chicken Wings$5.50
Alitas de Pollo fritas.
Fish & Chips$11.95
Fried fish served with french fries.
Shrimp Cocktail$7.95
Coctel de camarones.
Fried Pork Chunks with Plantains and Cabbage Salad$9.50
Cerdito frito con tajadas verdes y ensalada de repollo.
Plantain Chips$2.95
Served with garlic lime sauce. Tajadas verdes con mojo.
Appetizer Sampler Special$13.95
Grilled sausages (2), fried cheese, refried beans with cream, new world quesadilla, plantain chips and fresh cabbage salad. Serves 4.
Deluxe Appetizer Sampler$21.95
Bite size charbroiled beef, grilled sausages, fried cheese, refried beans with cream, new world quesadilla, plantain chips and fresh cabbage salad. Serves 4.
Sports Fan Platter$24.95
Grilled succulent shrimp (6), fried fish fingers, chicken wings (6), mozzarella sticks (6) and fries. Serves 4 to 6.
Lone Ranger Platter$27.95
BBQ spare ribs, bite size grilled chicken breast and achiote pork loin, fried cheese, refried beans and plantain chips with cabbage salad. Serves 4.
Beef Quesadilla$7.95
2 Grilled Sausages with Hawaiian Plantains Tostones, Fried Cheese & Cabbage Salad$9.50

Homemade Soups & Salads Sopas Y Ensaladas

Homemade Soup of The Day$3.75
Sopa casera del dia.
Cream of Broccoli$3.95
Crema de brocoli.
Caesar Salad$4.95
Ensalada cesar.
Chicken Breast Caesar Salad$9.50
Ensalada caesar con pechuga de pollo.
Steak Caesar Salad$11.50
Ensalada cesar con carne.
Shrimp Garden Salad$10.95
Ensalada de camarones.
Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad$11.50
Ensalada cesar con camarones.

Beef Carnes

Churrasco Steak$13.50
House specialty. A perfectly charbroiled flap meat choice vacio steak.
Charbroiled Beef Strips$14.50
Carne asada. 8 oz or 227 grams.
Tenderloin Beef Tips$15.95
Served with mushroom mignon sauce or jalapeno cream sauce. Puntas de filete de res con salsa mignon o jalapeno.
Beef Fajitas$12.50
Fajitas de carne.
Mixed Fajitas$12.95
Fajitas de carne y pollo.
Lomo Saltado$12.95
Sauteed beef with tomatoes, onions, french fries and seasoned with soy sauce.
Skirt Steak Ranchero$18.95
A charbroiled 10 oz/283 gr. skirt vacio steak.
New York Strip$19.95
A 12 oz./340 gr. New York strip steak.
Steak Parmesan$15.50
Breaded beef steak topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella Parmesan cheese.
Baby Churrasco$17.25
Served with sauteed onions. Bistec encebollado.
Baby Churrasco with Grilled Sausage$15.50
Baby churrasco con chorizo
Baby Churrasco with Shrimp$18.50
Baby churrasco con camarones.
Baby Churrasco with BBQ Ribs$19.50
Baby churrasco con costillas de cerdo.

Big Hunter Skirt Steak "ranchero" Combos

Big Hunter Churrasco with Sausage$17.95
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Charcoals Latin Grill

11401 NW 12th St E - 510, Miami, FL 33172