Sanpocho Restaurant

901 SW 8th St, Miami
(305) 854-5954

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Alexis J Espinoza

I’ve been going there for years. The server was great and the food, the bill however incorrect ($3 dollars) difference. The owners response was that there was an error in their end but they still didn’t correct the bill. Clearly the owners are too greedy to care about their customers, everything else was good.

Ingeborg Dalene

So many wonderful things to say about Sanpocho! Full flavors are so exuberant and the staff is great. They are my muse for learning about Colombian food.

Are Ramirez

If you expect to be treat the right way don’t come here ! 0 customer service you ask for something they give you a attitude! Definitely not recommend this place at all believe me as a customer if you don’t like certain this you would ask to be change or at least see that they try to help you


It is one of the best Colombian restaurants that I have been able to visit in Miami.The seasoning is incomparable, it reminds me of my beautiful Colombia.

Nardo Chillemi

So many wonderful things to say about Sanpocho! Full flavors are so exuberant and the staff is great. They are my muse for learning about Colombian food.

Giuliana B.

BEST COLOMBIAN EMPANADAS! I absolutely love this place.I have never been disappointed with this restaurant, the food it's amazing. My favorites are the sancocho, empanadas, tamal, and also their daily specials.

Zoe M.

Idk what happened to this place, it used to be great.Ordered a bandeja paisa and all i could say is would be nice if they could put some flavor in it. It also came to the table in less than 5 minutes. Hmm. Microwave food. No love or passion behind it.


Seems like during the day the service is friendlier than the night.You can skip the line if you know the server as me and my friends saw it happen.

Benjamin Garcia

This is a Landmark for the area, no better Colombian restaurant. I’ve been coming here for close to 15 years and the quality of food and excellent service has been very consistent. I Highly recommend coming here for a typical Colombian meal where you will be treated as if you were at their own home.

Don Hallenbeck

Great place for food! Price is reasonable for Miami. The food was delicious, great service and flavor!

Carlos O.

First time trying this place. I really had high hopes since Colombian food is good in Miami. I gave this place multiple tries but I'm disappointed. First time I got the Tamal Tolimense which was good for the $7 price tag. Second time I went, I ordered two beef empanadas and a calentado. I tried to pay with a credit card since it was $5.89 and I don't carry cash but the guy claimed they had a $6 minimum. What a convenience. So I had to buy a third empanada since a tip doesn't "qualify". Now the third time sealed the deal. I ordered a bandeja Paisa with sausage. The meats are salty, steak undercooked and over seasoned, the rice tasted a day old and usually my fav meat, the chicharron was super dry and hard. Needless to say I won't be coming back. Time to find a new local Colombian place. Wish them success in the future.

Connie West

My favorite spot for colombian food. It has a great feel to it. They have so many great reviews for a reason.

Ana Jimenez

Great place, today just stopped for Jugo de Mora with milk and empanadas to take home.

Yuri Rodriguez

Loved , real Colombian taste. Very avant gardè

Maxie Espinosa

Love this nice Colombian restaurant! It close to my job and my go to place when I am craving Colombian Food!

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