Lucille's Kitchen

60 Seascape Dr, Miramar Beach
(850) 610-7464

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Jamaica B.

I stopped here randomly during vacation. The restaurant itself is awesome. The live bar/upbeat music in the patio area and the cozy romantic live music inside were each great experiences. I preferred the inside better for a date night. The waitresses/hostesses were very inattentive and slightly rude I didn't like that at all. The best parts of our from our meal were the shrimp and the french fries. 10/10 The mahi dinner wasn't particularly my favorite. It like most of our food was flavorless. I only took two bites and told the waitress that I did not like it she asked me why and I said bc it doesn't have any flavor and it is very dry and she told me that it was full of flavor. I said well I don't like it and I don't want it.... I didn't like that she tried to argue with me because I did not like the fish. But my issue was resolved. The burger was okay. The meat needed more seasoning. The pulled pork was also okay but dry and also lacked seasoning. Overall my experience was pretty decent. Although the food was slightly bland and the waitresses were a bit rude I would travel back to eat those awesome french fries and shrimp. (They were so good I forgot to take a picture before I tried them)


There was no one to greet us at the door when we arrived. We sat ourselves and sat at a table for a few minutes before we realized that you had to order via a QR code. Ordering was difficult and confusing. We waited for a long time for drinks. Finally, we had to go to the bar and ask for water and our drinks. The food took a long time to arrive too and, again, we had to ask for every single plate. As for the food, it was as horrible as the service. It was greasy and terrible. No one at the table was able to finish their meal. My wife ordered a mushroom Swiss burger. She got a cheddar burger with one (yes, one) mushroom placed on top. The drinks were watered down as well. To add to the overall disaster, we were forced to pay an 18% gratuity! Our bill was over $75 for two burgers, two orders of fries, and one drink a piece. I left angry and hungry. I would not refer anyone to this establishment. In fact, I would strongly suggest my friends and family to avoid it at all costs.


Find anything other than this place. They add an automatic 18%gratuity without disclaimer and hope you will add more. Food is ok at best,limited menu kind of dirty you can do better

Jennifer B

Servers do not take your order at all, or at least not ours. You order online and then, eventually, someone comes and throws your order down on the table. It was okay food and nonexistent service. There was also an 18% service fee, not the tip. There were only 3 in our party. Maybe the 18% service fee is normal here? We also paid our tab online - no server involved, so I am really confused by the service fee for no service…

Jodi H.

Staff is amazing, super nice and fast service pulled pork fries are amazing Trivia is a fun

Katie L.

Fast, great service by Leslie. Our food was good and the atmosphere is awesome. Confused by all the bad reviews. We thought it was great! Food wasn't anything crazy special but it was good! Service was good and fast especially with baby!


We stopped in on our first night staying in Sandestin, The host was the nicest guy. He stopped and talked with us for quite awhile. Our server was nice and efficient. I wouldn't call her overly friendly, but no complaints about service. We ordered the Rock 'n Roll Fries and we are still talking about them! So good and different from your typical loaded fries with pork, bacon & sauces. My burger was juicy and well cooked. My husband had the pork sandwich and enjoyed it also. The fries were the biggest hit, though. Prices were comparable with other places in the area. Definitely a great place to stop if you're up for something different than the norm.

Samantha Fox

We were immediately greeted, seated and order placed. I ordered peel and eat shrimp and asked if they would make a grilled cheese for me. This was not on the menu, they said they could. I am sad to say I did not take a photo… being there is none left - it was excellent! The peel and eat shrimp weren’t what I expected, I was thinking these would be traditional shrimp cocktail style peel and eat. These were not bad, I simply didn’t expect the different taste.Our server was excellent, attentive and again created something that was not on the menu for us. *Thank you *

Danielle Murff

Best place we ate all week on our last night here. We all had something different and we all enjoyed the meal very much. Karaoke was just starting and it was very nice outside! Service was good, fast, and friendly!!


Went on Thursday night and the kids had a blast! Food was delicious and service was great! Kids had a blast singing karaoke! Loaded fries were awesome, chicken tenders were so fresh! Definitely recommend for date night or family night!!

Eboni P.

As a annual destin fl visitor, I was VERY disappointed in this place. So we are staying at the seascape resort and saw their flyer for trivia night! Of course we got super excited and actually planned to attend trivia and comedy on Wednesday. On their Facebook, there was a post saying trivia was on Tuesday. Around noon on Tuesday, I called to ask about the time. I introduced myself via the phone and explained that I had reviewed their site about Tuesday trivia and that I had questions about how you sign up and the starting time. This lady took a DEEP AUDIBLE SIGH and said "you can find out about trivia on the facebook ( which let me know that was not listening to me and had heard NOTHING I SAID). I replied with yes mam I am aware...can you tell me what time is starts. She said mmmm " I guess 8". Feeling the vibe I was like okay thank you and hung up. We got there at about 7:45 to be greeted by hostess who also gave the vibe that we just ruined her day by showing up. No hello no smile no nothing! We asked if she could takes us to trivia area. She replied ooh too late it started. We all looked at each other. We were very disappointed and explained that we called and were given different information. She sighs and then proceeds to leaves us standing outside. She comes back and says you can sit outside but you still can't play. We were like okay, I mean we are already here. She sat us inside, where we were approached by ANOTHER rude person. Our waiter hated us as well for no reason lol. I knocked over my husband 's coke over on accident and his annoyance was very apparent. I did apologize because it was truly an accident. You would have thought we were speaking to a wall. He had a thick Jamaican accent, idk maybe there was a language barrier ‍. When we tried to close out he disappeared for almost 45mins. I have never felt such an unwelcoming vibe in my 6+ years of visiting. Only good thing was the chicken tenders. We won't be back and we did not even attempt comedy night.

Kristen E.

So bad! Bad service and even worse food. My hubby will eat anything and could not stomach the fried shrimp. Do not waste your time or money here. (We were there for lunch).

Tiffany B.

Great place great food! Definitely recommend. Stop by and grab a bite to eat. Manager was awesome


We went in and set right by the stage inside. They were doing karaoke outside. The sound was coming through the speakers which was pretty cool. The place looks like it would be a really cool place to listen to music. I got a 10 ounce ribeye. We split that. Salad was good green beans were good and mashed potatoes were good service ok, The place was clean, I would go back again


Must admit I was a little skeptical reading some recent reviews. Man I’m glad I didn’t let them sway my decision to go here. My family and I (4 total) went on a Sunday evening. Our server, Rushawn, was amazing!! Very attentive, kept our drinks full, and checked on us consistently. At one point while enjoying karaoke, we told Rushawn we would give up his table but he insisted we stay because we were “having fun!” The food was good and the portions were large. This was our first visit but definitely won’t be our last. It is on our list for next years beach trip!!

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