Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard

1575 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 1, Naples
(239) 417-4827

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Phiyo and Mariah were so friendly and accomodating! The custard hit the spot after a walk on the beach today! The store is nice and clean and the employees really made my visit special. Thank you!

Lindsey D

Had icecream around 7:30 pm 4/14. I'm in an interracial relationship, and was asked if we were together or separate. This was after coming into the shop with him and asking him if he knew what he wanted yet, all right in front of the cashier. I'm writing this review for the managers attention, bc directly after we ordered, another interracial couple came in and were not asked this same question. I don't think this question should ever be asked, that the people paying will let you know if the payment will be separate. Like some of these other reviews have stated, perhaps your staff needs some new standards enforced!And to be clear it wasn't the larger lesbian with her visor on backwards and upside down, it was the skinnier one who looked like she'd rather kill someone than serve icecream, before we even walked through the door.

Barbara Conard

3/25/22 We bought two small dishes of ice cream tonight which really were baby size for over $9.00! They had no vanilla chocolate twist. So, I had to just get chocolate custard. I wish I took a picture of the amount of ice cream that was in my husband’s dish. We will not be going there again.

Madelyn Gray

The workers were super friendly! Good custard too. Definitely want to come back to this spot.

Robert Dow

Avoid sugar-free ice products at all cost. I will spare you the details of what transpired within a hour of eating. It is well established that the alcohol sugars they use to sweeten their products induce extreme gastrointestinal distress. This is well documented in the medical literature. Several people have reported this online with Rita’s sugar-free in the past. While Rita’s does not provide details on the amounts of sugar alcohols they use, it has been reported they use 50 grams in a small ice, if true, is a high amount. The question is why would Rita’s continue to sell a product loaded with this additive with a clear and extreme side-effect?

Ursula Gibbons

A total hit at the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park 2022 art show! Service was wonderful! You can’t beat frozen treats at the beach!

Steve Costa

Disappointed! I've been to other Rita's locations and they only had two custard flavors; chocolate and vanilla. This location had about 10 different hand scooped Frozen custards so I decided to try two of the flavors. I was very disappointed as I don't think these were real custard, they were nothing but tiny ice chunks. On top of that it wasn't your typical waffle cone either, it was a lighter brown waffle cone that didn't taste nearly as good.

Florida Reviews

Awesome cones and creamy shakes. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Karey Woolsey

What a great experience. The owners are AMAZING and the service is SUPER COOL ?. They serviced our entire company and not one sad face.Thanks again Ritas of Naples!!


Rites is always a awesome place to get Italian ice cream . The staff here is fantastic. I recommend.

Deborah Einhorn Udut

was not happy with young girl who waited on us did not have a clue about anything she forgot half of our food we had to keep going back I'm hoping it was her first job and she gets better with time. I was patient and courteous but it wasn't easy not to mention I think I was overcharged. not a good experience this time but I love Rita's so I will try again

Mikey Yarusevich

Rita’s is always a awesome place to get italian ice. The staff here is fantastic.

lisa Thieme

Ran in tonight. (First time in the new location ) Briefly saw a sign about a sale next month. Thought it said come back in on the 19th of September (one month from today) and I would get my next custard for 19 cents. I was having fun with the middle aged, dark haired man with a northern accent. He ended up being so insulting and demeaning, questioning my intelligence. I really doubt I will go back. My orange ice also had no flavor.There's a great ice place on Immokalee rd near Target. Think that's where I will spend my money.

Emily Cawlfield

What a treat! I’m getting a new roof and my puppy thinks the world is coming to an end ??? so I took her for a drive and we ended up at Rita’s Italian ice drive through. I got the little tray of 4 flavors which I think is AWESOME because I always have a hard time deciding. But just as we were pulling away, the sweet girl at the register noticed Penny in the back seat and asked if she wanted a “pup cup”? Thanks Rita’s for giving us a little getaway from the loud construction at home ?

Desiray Rushing

Barb was awesome!! Some of my family had never been and she was so warm and welcoming. She let they try samples till they found what they liked.

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Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard

1575 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 1, Naples, FL 34109
(239) 417-4827