12749 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami


Reviews for Canton Cafe

Hard to find carry out. Waiting area a solid 2 on the welcome scale. Not clean, dingy, etc. Ordered H/S Soup. Unusual flavor, more sort of sweet and sour than Hot and Sour. Wife loved it, me.. not so much. Loaded with bean curd, scant on meat, mushrooms, goldenrod, and other items normally found in HS Soup. Fried rice was plain Jane, and again, scant on veggies, bean sprouts, chicken, peas, carrots, etc. No flavor. HUGE portion. Cashew Chicken, loaded with full review
I would not recommend this place. Remember it's my opinion. But apparently my opinion counts, when it comes to a local Google guide. I write the truth about a restaurant, and the bad as well. I don't hide anything. I want my viewers, to have the best experience, when going out. In the local cities surrounded, by the city of North Miami. It makes me feel good, when I received, a positive feedback review. And also, when someone doesn't agree with me. I am not perfect, do not full review

First time visit. I ordered egg rolls which were good and beef chow fun, which while favorful, was a disappointment. The ratio of onions to beef, bean sprouts, and wide rice noodles was wrong. Formula should have been 20% Onion, 5% Chive, 5% Bean Sprouts, 25% Beef and 55% nooldles. Ginger was also absent. The dish was about 50% ontions, no chives, 15% beef, and 35% noodles. While somewhat was not the balance of flavor I am accustomed to..

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