12875 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami
(305) 981-8819

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Savana C

Me and my family rarely go to this IHOP because the service is slow and the hostess is rude but not only was the hostess rude we got food poisoning from this location. I’m disgusted if I could give no stars I would

Gabriel R.

Summary: I've been to this IHOP various times over the last 4-5 years, and have been satisfied overall. The food is what you expect from an IHOP, and tastes good. I had one bad experience with a staff member, waiter that was just awful, but otherwise have only had great experiences with staff. Parking situation is TERRIBLE, as there are not many spaces and you always struggle to find parking. That is a MAJOR downside for this location. Specific: I will say that the food is good, and I haven't had many issues with anything I ordered. If you order takeout and made any changes, check your food before you leave. They tend to forget any special instructions, or to add in syrups or sauces and stuff like that. So just check before you leave. They're always apologetic and helpful once you ask, but it is a bit annoying that I always need to make sure I have everything I want. Between that and the parking situation, it's why I'm not able to rate it 5-stars. The location is always full and the tables constantly turn over, so if there is a wait it's not terribly long. I feel as though this location is consistently understaffed, possibly because it isn't a large location, but the waitstaff and kitchen always seem to be rushing and struggling a little to keep up. Could just be my impression, but it's always been like this (even before COVID) Speaking of COVID, the staff does wear masks, but they aren't strict about it. Many employees will have their mask below their nose unless you mention it. Then they pull it up. They don't bring out syrup caddy's due to covid and bring out everything as individual servings. They'll ask how many packets of sugar you want, syrup, butter, and that sort of thing. They do wipe down the tables before you sit down, so they're likely to be a little wet, but not sticky which is an improvement? Lol. I'm picking up takeout today, so I'll update this a little later with pictures and such. Update: Picked up my food and the staff was really sweet. They were out of Butter Pecan Syrup again, which is frustrating because I really love it for some reason. It's pure sugar and not much else, but in all the best ways? Lol. But the staff took their time talking with me, and the manager on duty explained that some of their distributors have been inconsistent with their delivery schedules, so they run out of things. We had a short chat, and I came home. Food was good, exactly how we ordered it. Don't know why this location has such terrible reviews, but I like it. It's a honestly much better than the Denny's down the street which is utter garbage. I can walk to the Denny's, but much rather go to this IHOP for much better food and better customer service.


Was served appropriately. Very kind waiter... Was okay.. No complaints from me

G Grey

Sadly disappointed as we used to love IHOP and their portions. Now the order had smaller pancakes and smaller everything. The restaurant is dank and dark. The server was kind but allowed some random guy to interrupt her while we were discussing our order. Like they spoke a good 2 minutes while we waited for them to finish their conversation. Underwhelming. Not sure if the other location is now this substandard.

Marii Pedrii Zayas

Today My family went here for Breakfast ,Super Nice Server super friendly with my kids The food was well cooked ,Tasty and fast served , We all left Happy Thanks .

Jayden Martin

My food was an online order my food was supposed to be ready by 5:11am It’s 5:30am and i still have not received my food this is absolutely crazy peopleHave dined in after me and received their food before me usually when you order online, your food is already prepared the time you get there I am very disappointed but of course everywhere is under staffed not sure if that’s the situation here but this situation backed my entire schedule up very disappointing. Also the manager just told me the cook made the wrong pancakes and that’s why I’m waiting so long and that also she have tables to serve which means tables are more important than online orders so I won’t be returning to this location anymore this was horrible

Sid Goldberg

Not a good place for a breakfast dinner. Service good. Restaurant empty. Visited I-Hop on Biscayne and 125th street.

Hansel Porras Garcia

WORST IHOP EVER. My Uber driver have been waiting for about 2h, and they won’t answer the phone.


Very interesting. The tour guys are very knowledgeable and we enjoyed our time there. Kind of cool history

German Gonzalez

I was waiting for 20 minutes at 3 pm with the place almost empty and nobody came to the table while the servers were arguing with the cooks yelling at each other the whole place could hear. Just got up and left. Never coming back.

Jennifer P.

The worst customer service ever. I been to many other IHOP and this one by far is the worst. We waited for 15 minutes before I spoke up and asked for the drinks we got order. Food is taking long only for some eggs, sausage and bacon. Really unprofessional. And the smell of urine flows thru the place. And coffee is water down

Alissa-Marie P.

The waitress was so kind, patient and attentive to our needs. I ordered a veggie omelette, I was able to build my own. It was cooked perfectly. The avocados were fresh to death. The omelette was pretty small though..they used to be larger. You might need two if you're feeling really hungry. Otherwise, the customer service was great, clean establishment and no complications.

vincent jean

Updated review***********Been coming here for years and I've notice a horrible trend during COVID, not enough staff in the afternoon and evening times... 1 server and 1 cook runs the show here, multi potential customers leave because of the lack of staffing and employees are quitting left and right for this shift. Management refuses to hire anyone for those time slots and I have proof, sad shame a great place like this has turned rotten.. possible combination of MGMT and COVID

Vincent J.

This place has gone down hill for the past 9-12 months.. Not sure if its COVID or the manager of this location.. understaff during the afternoon-evening time frames including weekends... 1 server/1 cook and it rotates (people walking off the job/quitting, have proof) every 2 months it seems. Bathroom's are horrible, food takes a long time to arrive, not a bossy person but 20 minutes with an empty business with 1 server is strange lol. Seen multi potential customers leave because no ones in the front to seat them, not good for business and a safety concern above all. Feel bad for this location, assuming the morning shifts is what's keeping this place in business and this isn't a assumption, sad tbh

Alejandra T.

Hmm... I don't even know why I'm giving this place 2 stars. I must be in a generous mood. I doubt I'll ever be back here to be honest. Sad to say bc this location has good potential to do great due to it being on Biscayne Blvd, however, the restaurant is always noticeably understaffed (& it somehow works out for them since it's always pretty much empty anyway). I walk in innocently thinking I've hit the lotto bc there aren't many people inside eating, but I soon realize the reason for this is the same reason I'm leaving this generous 2 star review today... You walk in, & you're lucky if the person standing behind the register greets you, but you'll be even luckier if there's anyone behind the register at all! If luck is on your side that day & someone happens to hear you waiting & comes out from the kitchen area in the back to tell you to sit wherever you want, then jackpot!! LOL! --- So after I sit down & realize that once again, my table is dirty (this has happened more than once previously at this same location), I just ignore it up & wait for the person to come back & help me since I know what I want bc it is the only thing I ever get from the IHOP menu (Strawberry Banana French Toast Combo). The waiter comes back about 10 minutes later & 'takes my order', doesn't wipe down the visibly dirty table (they never do), & since I'm so hungry bc I come from far to get this specific menu item, I let it slide time & time again (yep! Totally my fault, I know), don't judge me. I always ask for coffee & water first while I wait for my food, but nope, no one asks if I'd like my coffee first or if I'd like it w/ my food, I have to do all the work bc the people they have working there are there but not there (if you get what I'm saying). The food takes a good 25 minutes to come out & in the meantime I'm just sitting there watching YouTube videos to keep my mind off the fact my coffee isn't here yet & not wanting to call the server again since I keep hearing people coming in & out bitching at them over 'TO GO' orders that were taking too long & that were also put in the system incorrectly, LOL. The server kept going back & forth w/ the customers as if it were some sort of debate & she was getting points for who had the best comeback argument (talk about GHETTO). Alright kiddos, can someone answer this question? "What's the # 1 rule of Customer Service?:" --- 'The customer is always right!!' (even if they aren't, which in this case they were, but you get my drift) LOL... so anyway, my food arrives, & on top of the fact that they had no strawberries & no bananas for my "Strawberry Banana" French toast, the order was incomplete missing some of the extra sausage & bacon I initially made sure I told the server I wanted to add, to which she replied "yeah yeah, I'll remember, my mind is like a puzzle"... HAHAHA, yeah, I can tell, a puzzle freshly out the box, that is. LOL. Anyway... she brings the missing stuff & I eat, the food was okay. My time to pay comes, & of course I had to wait, there were about 4 other people ahead of me, most were 'TO GO' orders complaining still, lol... some lady in front of me goes up to the register & the server gets a phone call on her cell & completely disregards the lady to pick up her personal call which lasted about 5 minutes, I know she was speaking to her father bc she answered w/ great excitement "Hi Daddyyyy!", she went on to speak to her father about how customers had her "messed up thinking she wasn't going to put them in their place"... OMG!! Hahaha! So when she finishes w/ her father's call, she tells the lady waiting in front of her, that she had to wait some more & that "it was only a matter of patience", LOL (whatever patience pill she's taking, I want two! Hahah). She gives me my

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