12875 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami
(305) 981-8819

Recent Reviews

Ashley C.

Do not. I repeat, do not order online. They never seem to get it right. I ordered the family menu. It's like 24 dollars for pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and bacon/sausage. I know this is corona time so I wasn't too harsh with the stars. They are doing the best they can but this IHOP on 128th and Biscayne never gets the order right. I paid 26 something for a whole meal. I received pancake, eggs , the little fixing, they forgot my bacon. It's supposed to be 8 slices of bacon.

Leonardo Gonzalez

I went on a non weekend day but service was good. The waitresses try to please you and are motivated. Good place to relax and eat during the week .

Dale E.

The WORST server works here. We got seated and waited 40 minutes!!! for her to return to us, not even an apology or a drinks order first, just the most un enthusiastic 'what would you like'. Her attitude sucked! She only had a few tables to deal with. We saw other waitresses working their butts off around the restaurant and I applaud them! It took her 15 minutes for a drink to arrive to us. Her attitude, her work ethic, her lack of motivation. Im calling her out! Her name is NYLA! I told the manager (who was amazing) that she was the worst server I have ever encountered. The table next to us also complained to the manager. It got to the point where I requested a different server as I didn't want to see her again and she was Amazing with us, if you go. Ask for Paris as your server shes the best!! Thank you for turning things around and being a true professional and making the best out of a bad situation.


Today I treated myself to brunch, I had the the sweetest server Alice who was very kind and very professional. My order was taken and delivered in a timely manner even the manager came by to chat with me.. but the best part was the most amazing omelet it even arrived hot .. best omelet I have ever had in an Ihope and it turns out the cook is a female.. they need to give her a raise and keep her forever..lol... Will be going back again .

Seanna Trinity

The restaurant was empty, but it was a 25 minute wait to be seated along with another handful of customers.

marshall goldman

Service was awesome. Monica went above and beyond very knowledgeable n funny. Highly recommend

Vanessa Robinson

The food was horrible. The omelet was dry no favor. The T -bone steak was tough even with pink inside, The French toast was dry. The hot chocolate wad just above warm. The iced tea was sour tasting. The bacon was mot not cook well. For this to international house of pancakes, the pancakes was alright. I will not go there again. Even though the manager give is a 20% discount. Do not want anything from there if they have the food away?

Tropic Sciurus

Theo food and service was good. However their decor is very outdated, this place really needs to do some remodeling. And their orange juice tasted dry. Hope they had all that stuff fixed soon.

Andrea Alexander

Do NOT frequent this place on a holiday. The wait time for the food was tremendously long. Food was ok.

Reyna C.

The WORST service ever! When we walked there were two other tables so the restaurant was empty. As soon as we were sat down we were attended, that part was quick. But we received our receipt before we got our food on top of that we waited 30 minutes for our pancakes. We had to ask another waiter to bring our food. Then our waitress came back apologized and admitted she forgot. Afterwards we waited another 30 minutes for Sheila to pick up our check. Since she forgot about us again and there was no one at the host table we decided to leave the money on the table underneath the coffee pot. As we walk out Sheila has the AUDACITY to ask us if we paid in front of other customers. We are never coming to this restaurant again!

V M.

Was there doing shift change on a Sunday,We waited 10minutes then seated ourselves. Once the servers came the food was fast and good just done go doing shift change they're running out

Xavier Woodley

Great Food but it did take awhile for us to get help

Sciurus Alpha

Theo food and service was good. However their decor is very outdated, this place really needs to do some remodeling. And their orange juice tasted dry. Hope they het all that stuff fixed soon.

Benjamin Diaz

The waitress was perfect. I believe her name was Monica. Great service on point.

Alice Z.

Everything was fresh and my waitress, Karina very attentive. Place is clean and smells good. Weird but the bathroom was impeccable. Someone goes in and cleaned twice while we were there. I would have given 5 stars but her is the BIG PROBLEM.....Not enough parking. It took so long to park. Other plaza will tow your car. We had to get creative and park on side of road in back. So while eating, I was worried about getting a ticket. Place was not so pack so not sure why the parking was full to capacity.

Jamila Thompson

Love, love, love it here! It's open 24 hours so you can get breakfast, anywhere and at anytime because they also deliver! The surroundings are clean and the ambience is on point, inside is not too cold or too warm. The waiters and waitresses are very nice...shoutout to Sheila!!! The portion sizes are great and you will leave having your tastebuds and stomach satisfied.

Meka D.

Our waitress Brittany exhibit Customer Service. Her smile and the way she greeted my party, was welcoming. Thank you I-Hop and thank you Brittany

Juliana O.

I think it is disrespectful that this site takes more than 40 minutes to bring some eggs to the table (there were not many people in this ihop) so we decided to leave! this is very annoying and impolite

Darlene Lewis

This restaurant is Known for it's All you can Eat pancakes

Jose Martin

Great bar! Perfect for catching any game! Great prices on drinks! Perfect for the area. They always have something going on.


I think that parking was an afterthought when designing this restaurant. The coffee was very weak, my children enjoying their food, and mine was okay. Sabastian, our server, was very nice and helpful.

Ben S.

One of the worst IHOP's I have ever been to. The service is not good, the food is not the normal restaurant's quality.

David Lawrence

Went to IHOP yesterday. With my children, and some cousins. The service was great. The restaurant, had a very nice laid back feeling. The food came out quick. Everything was tasty. The waiter was very kind, and very informative. Management have a smile on their face. Cashier was very kind of swelled. Restrooms for clean. Lots of parking lot. Disability access, and parking available. Easy to see from the street. We will definitely be going back in a couple days. They have a large menu. This used to be a breakfast spot. When I was growing up. Now they sell just about everything, to eat. Do you have hamburgers, they're very delicious. This is a let's go back to restaurant. I take my hat off, to the CEOs, of IHOP. You guys have come a long way.. and it seems like you just getting stronger, and more popular. Keep up the good work. David Lawrence signing out. I will be back later with new and refreshing reviews. I hope I was helpful, to anyone that is reading this.

Kari Morissette

I know I work here but I even come here when I am out and about. they have creative options that something similar won't match. you will crave until you have it only at IHOP

Russell Hopkins

Service & friendly wait staff is superior! I had grita & rye toast because I don't eat meat, but my companions were impressed by the food prep. Best I HOPE in Town! Check them out!

Anna Graham

Great location, quick seating and friendly wait staff. Our server Toron was extremely pleasant and attentive to our needs. Great experience!

Yvette Caro

The waiter Brandy /Randy was very knowledgeable of the menu n gave us great ideas. I even told the waiter I would cook breakfast for him. He was very handsome

Harrison C. Davies

Always loved this IHOP location which has recently been revamped and renovated. This location captures the fun feeling of America’s International House of Pancakes and I love the menu rotations. Who doesn’t like pancakes right? #ihop #pancakes #breakfast #syrup

Allana C.

I have been waiting 6 minutes to put my name on the waitlist and the person who is supposed to be doing the check in. Is completely rude and inattentive. This is deplorable service. You do not leave a guest standing without acknowledgement and adding them to the waitlist. She came to the front to grab the phone and walked away... while leaving me standing here. She doesn't even know the order of the guests who walked in. Oh she said they had a problem with the phone. What does that have to do with the guests in line? I am available to offer service training if needed. Manager of this location please reach out to me.

Kim R.

Im a big fan of breakfast so i love anywhere i can go to eat it 24hours and this is the closest to me. But unfortunately time and time again they consistently disappoint me. Ive gone in at different hours hoping maybe this would make a difference on service or food but really they just auck 24hours. Ive had several different servers who all lack basic customer service skills so i cant even say who it was. They are all horrible here. We've had food missing wrong orders no drinks no refills no silverware food ran out manager never there ... You name it we've encountered it here. Now im a server myself and i know what its like to be in the weeds and to make mistakes so i always give people the benefit of the doubt but they really need to get a whole new staff including the managers. I still gave it 2 stars because although the service here is horrendous the food isnt horrible.

Juan O.

The website crashed three times when trying to order for pick up and the only reason I wanted ihop was for the promo code then once I finish my order finally after making it three times that screen pops up saying I can't use it to call the store, then I call them and they can't help.

Ferd Vega

This place started out good. They have shrunk their portions so much, it bothers me to spend $10 for breakfast there. I'll continue to eat at east bagel in Sans Souci.

Moe S

Haven't been in a while bit their French toast was really good. Will definitely be going back for that. And I'm usually a pancake guy.

shawn b

Left work to pick my breakfast which I order online for pick up Poor customer service no one called to let me know my order didnt go thru once I got there for pick up the lady said I dont see ur order are u sure this the rite place ur order from I said yes this is the right address showed her my order number she then presented to the manager an only this he can say is the printer ran out of paper we can still place your order I told the manager no because we're late going back to work can u Refund the money pls........ WON'T GO BACK THERE AGAIN

Zion P.

I think IHOP over the years has gone downhill. I came here with some friends for Sunday breakfast. The took a long time to seat us and service started off super slow. Next I ordered eggs and steak with a side of pancake. My eggs were very runny and cold. My steak tasted frozen burn and and just bad quality. My pancakes were cold and the syrup wasn't hot. I don't like to complain, but I don't like bad food.

Grace F.

Food was ok but service was trash they definitely need more people on the clock if it's gonna be this slow

Ramie S.

Waited 10 minutes to be seated, almost 30 minutes for our food, when it arrived my order wasn't correct and had to send it back. Eggs and bacon were over cooked. Potatoes weren't seasoned like at most IHOP's. Disappointing all around.

Jason D.

We oderd 5 dime for my son, asked to take away the bacon for the hash brown instead. They wouldnt do it. Then we asked for cheese on his eggs. The manager charged us extra for a side of hash browns and charged us for the cheese. I odered the southwest scrambled, the plate came out just scrambled with cheese on top and side of hash browns. The plate was suppose to have, salsa on top with avocados and potatoes. I told the manager this was very disappointing and credited me $.99 cents. You can shove the .99 cents. They lost a neighborhood family business. Good Job! Date 6/28/19

Nathalie D Gabrielgg

Ideal for a quick bite but not enough parking space for patron.

Samuel Cruz

I have always enjoyed Ihop. No matter what time I go, or how busy. It has always been a great place. If you enjoy IHOP like I do, you won't go HERE. This location is terrible! I brought a party of four and spent 15-20 minutes just waiting to be recognized! There was no one at the front, checking to see if they had customers. We had to find someone, who then told us to wait woke they got us a table. The server was terribly rude, and barely came to check on us. As someone who worked in the service industry, I've got nothing but live and respect for servers. However, I had no pity leaving her a $1 tip. No cool, IHOP, not cool.