12875 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami
(305) 981-8819

Recent Reviews

Ferd Vega

This place started out good. They have shrunk their portions so much, it bothers me to spend $10 for breakfast there. I'll continue to eat at east bagel in Sans Souci.

Moe S

Haven't been in a while bit their French toast was really good. Will definitely be going back for that. And I'm usually a pancake guy.

shawn b

Left work to pick my breakfast which I order online for pick up Poor customer service no one called to let me know my order didnt go thru once I got there for pick up the lady said I dont see ur order are u sure this the rite place ur order from I said yes this is the right address showed her my order number she then presented to the manager an only this he can say is the printer ran out of paper we can still place your order I told the manager no because we're late going back to work can u Refund the money pls........ WON'T GO BACK THERE AGAIN

Grace F.

Food was ok but service was trash they definitely need more people on the clock if it's gonna be this slow

Ramie S.

Waited 10 minutes to be seated, almost 30 minutes for our food, when it arrived my order wasn't correct and had to send it back. Eggs and bacon were over cooked. Potatoes weren't seasoned like at most IHOP's. Disappointing all around.

Nathalie D Gabrielgg

Ideal for a quick bite but not enough parking space for patron.

Samuel Cruz

I have always enjoyed Ihop. No matter what time I go, or how busy. It has always been a great place. If you enjoy IHOP like I do, you won't go HERE. This location is terrible! I brought a party of four and spent 15-20 minutes just waiting to be recognized! There was no one at the front, checking to see if they had customers. We had to find someone, who then told us to wait woke they got us a table. The server was terribly rude, and barely came to check on us. As someone who worked in the service industry, I've got nothing but live and respect for servers. However, I had no pity leaving her a $1 tip. No cool, IHOP, not cool.

Douglas Armstrong

Seated immediately on a Sunday morning around 830 AM, we were given ample time to pursue the menu and had ordered our food within12—15 minutes. Another 12-15 minutes we had our food. I had the Big Brunch Burger and Onion Rings. My son, Jack (29 years old) had some egg whites & sausage links with wheat toast. The food was piping hot on arrival and delish! Will definitely return!!

Justine Davis

I enjoyed the food. However the waiting time for the food was extremely long. I would say about 30 minutes for a somewhat less crowded restaurant.

Sophia S.

We have been here for breakfast several times but today was different. Before writing this, I searched for something nice I could say but came up with nothing. We were seated quickly and the waiter took our order. From that point on, the nightmare began. Not only were my husbands " sunny side up "eggs "over easy", but they were extremely runny and cold. His country fried steak didn't taste like any meat that we are familiar with and was covered with very watery gravy. My eggs were also extremely runny and cold. As the server was placing the plate of bacon on the table , several pieces fell of the plate onto the table. We were asked to please not eat them and leave them where they are.Bacon remained on the table for the rest of breakfast. The pieces that were served on the plate were very chewy, cold and extremely oily. The pancakes that came with our meal were never brought at all. As if this was not enough, as we were trying to figure out which parts of this breakfast could be eaten without making us sick, the server approached our table.Seeing us still eating did not stop him. He quietly proceeded to wipe the table with a wet and smelly rag and as we stared at him in disbelief he asked us to leave immediately because there was a big party waiting and they needed our table. Being asked to leave was the best thing that happened in this restaurant however two of us had to make a lengthy visit to restroom prior to leaving This was one of our worst restaurant experiences and we will not be coming here again. I feel that this restaurant is a hazard and would strongly discourage anyone from eating here

Anastasia S

The worst ihope I have visited. Too long time to be seated, to be served, to be billed. The food in horrible. The cups and folks are dirty! Definitely don’t recommend.


Despite the place being empty they got my order wrong and then still charged me full price despite my order having less now due to their mistake. Waste

Revenia Crenshaw-Witherspoon

The food was great, The service was fine. All except the waitress was a little busy had to tell her twice about certain things; however this Ihop requires more parking spaces. We had to park across the street. Mind you Biscayne Blvd is a busy street. But the food was worth it and we still tipped the waitress..

Guillermo F.

You guys are disgusting! Dirty silverware and food sucks ! Service sucks! Ur servers sucks ! If i call health department im pretty sure they close this place! No one there cares about the bad food or dirty silverware !

Naome Gervais

Waitress was very rude and not polite. She seated us and dis not come and take our order until 40 minutes later. The place was not busy it was only our table and 2 other tables. Then we asked can we move to a quieter table because the table beside us was so loud she abruptly told us no. At that time I was just done with her bad attitude. I decided to take our food to go. When I checked my bags the 3 sauces for our 3 order of tender strips was spilled inside the bag and my veggie omelet was not veggie at all and there also was no utensils or napkins in the bag. When I went back to her to let her know that my order was messed up and the sauces had no tops she rudely stated we are out of tops and that I should have expressed that I wanted a veggie omelet and she literally through the utensils and napkins at me. She never apologized or tried to correct the situation. I have visited this ihop several times and I never have had any problems. She needs to be retrained on customer service or she needs to get another job.

Hiawatha Reese

Great location, quick seating and friendly wait staff. Our server Toron was extremely pleasant and attentive to our needs. Great experience!

Astronaut L.

Terrible service! Terrible employees! Waited over 20 mins for a to go order for an incompetent server to not be able to tell me what was going on with my food. And I pre paid gave some time to account for the business and it still took 30 mins after the time they gave to me when it would've been ready!

Smriti Pathak

One of my most favorite chain for having breakfast. Wherever I go to visit I search for nearby IHop to have breakfast of my choice. And this one was one of the best IHOP I have ever been to. Though the food came a little late but the taste was so good and the waitress was so friendly. Will be here again if we visit Miami again!

Alex V.

Slow service even while empty. People are getting their tables after us and they get their food before us.

Adriana A.

1 hour to receive our hot chocolates, repeated orders 3 times, had to cancel our appetizer because it was forgotten.

Elias Kawa

The restaurant has a really nice design, almost a warm cabin feeling to it. Service was okay, at best. The food took extremely long to come out and the quality of it was just bad. Everything was flavorless. Pancakes were not the best. Price for a family isn't just worth it based upon the competition around the corner. I don't recommend coming here.

Alex G.

I'm very impressed with the great service that miss amber provided me, I haven't visit an IHOP in a while due to their poor service however; in this location the attention was exceptional. I got all what I wanted and needed, I'm very satisfied with today's visit.

Elsa Mancero

Bad service, the food was awful, the place was too cold. Even when the place was almost empty, we had to wait a lot to be served.

Kadine Smith

This place has limited parking, I drove around for 30 minutes looking for a spot. Service was quick and the food was as expected.

Garold Morgan

I work mids. Walked in around 4:30 am with no one around. Waited up front about 10 minutes, when no one came...I seated my self. After another 5 minutes a waitress came out of the kitchen area and stood at my booth. Didn't say a word or offer me a menu....just stood there. Luckily I knew I wanted the 2x2x2 and ordered. She turned and walked off, again without a word. She than went and sat at the end booth and was on her phone most of the time I was there. Worse waitress I've EVER seen (and I'm 53 years old!). Oh yeah, I had to get my own silverware!

Vane O

Amber was our waitress today and she was nothing short of perfect! Constantly checking on us and making sure all our needs were fulfilled. Food was good too as usual, only minor complaint is that I ordered my eggs over easy and got over medium.

Willie Pittman

Service is good. If a mistake is made they correct it professionally. Call ahead if it's a weekend, there's usually a waiting line for eat-in.

Brenda J.

IHOP has always been a favorite spot for me because of the Butter Pecan Syrup.. So I would normally order the Colorado Omelette with pancakes. This omelet Is filled-with the savory things u crave -- hickory-smoked chopped bacon, pork sausage, shredded beef, ham, fresh onions and green peppers and Cheddar cheese. On top of all that they give you pancakes. So as those hot pancakes are being, cut I'm preparing to drench them with the Butter Pecan Syrup. Such a good combination. Today, I decided to try something different the Chicken Florentine Crepes. They were delicious . Yes, I got a side of pancakes. The two crepes were filled with grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, onions & Swiss cheese on a bed of spinach. Topped with White Cheddar sauce & fresh tomatoes. The waitresses Dorris was great, she was very attentive and was standing in the vicinity if we needed anything.

Marco B.

Worst ihop of all American country!!! We wait 20 min for be seated and store was empty!

Gonzalo E.

some scoundrel forged my receipt for nearly 2x the original posted amount. i tipped 20% even though the service was mediocre. do not support this place, absolute excuse for a business.

Stiddy Belafonte

About your average wait time and the food comes out super hot and the staff is respectful. Good Clean facilities


Stopped here for a breakfast on the way to Fort Lauderdale. The are plenty of staff and we got seated and water and coffee sorted within minutes. Two of our party went for 2x2x2 I went for the breakfast scrambler and the wife went for pancakes combo. This place serves good food cheap, our bill came up to less than $50! These are a good standard for breakfast. Happy to stop by again!Many thanks

Jared N.

Great for the original buttermilk pancake breakfast!, however their waiters/waitresses seem to get overwhelmed and miss taking the correct order. But all in all, hard workers and good breakfast from the cooks.

Hilary C.

Here right now and the service is TERRIBLE. Three of us came in and already knew what we wanted. We waited for 30 minutes to be acknowledged, and when we spoke up, Jenny told us abruptly our server would be out soon. Another 15 mins passed and the hostess had to come take our order. Rude and unpleasant staff. We won't be back and we will make sure no one we know will come either.

Kristen Torres

It was so cold in the restaurant that we hurried to eat our food to get out. All the hot tea and coffee wasn't cutting it. Good was good and service was great. Lovely atmosphere when I was there.

Marquis P.

This woman is extremely rude she gave nothing but attitude while placing my to go order I called several times before arriving to place the order after placing the order in the restaurant I asked her do their telephones work she replied I guess not I called twice from in the restaurant to test it out and no one still didn't answer

Nelson E

Great food and service! Enjoyed our meal and our server was very personable. Area was a little concerning as signs posted were suggesting cars had been broken into. We just parked near the window where we could see. No problem!

Bashi A.

So we came to this place about two months ago. Walked in and got approach from a very unhappy lady who actually said she has been waiting for two hours to get her food. Working in the service industry myself I just assumed she just got hangry and I didn't pay any further attention to her. We finally walk into the place and it looks like the zombie apocalypse just happened and me and my homeboy apparently didn't realized. There was plates everywhere, food on the floor, literally every table was dirty and left that way. We saw a worker and asked her if they are closing assuming that they might were just about to. She said no and that they are open 24 hours. So we looked around and saw two guys sitting at a table, the table next to them was somewhat clean so we decided to sit down. When we finally saw the waitress we asked her if she still takes any orders and she said yes. So we grabbed the menus and started checking what we want. Half an hour later the waitress still didn't take our order but acted like she was super busy not really cleaning any tables tho. We asked her if she wanted some help. Like I said knowing the service industry we were wiling to help her so she can get our food since we were starving. She rejected our help and asked us to wait a bit and that she will be right back. Another 15 min past and she did not come, instead of her another customer walked in and asked for his to go food, which the waitress then realized that she gave it to the First Lady who approached us when we first walked in. The guy also started complaining about a super long waiting time so we decided to leave. Haven't been there ever since and won't go back there anytime soon. The service in there was never great but this was just crazy.


Ordered breakfast from here and was beyond disappointed with the food. I ordered a meal that had two pancakes, 2 strips of bacon, 2 strips of ham, 2 strips of sausage and toast. The pancakes tasted and felt like rubber as if they're the ones you microwave for a minute and serve them up, they weren't fluffy nor had the buttery taste of buttermilk pancakes. The bacon wasn't crispy nor had any flavor, the same is true for the ham and sausage as well. \n\nI recommend going somewhere else for breakfast, this was $11 wasted! Spend your money somewhere else.

KeyonvisAndFarah Bouie

I believe our waitresses name was Amber. She was amazing. It was clear they were understaffed however it was simply a Thursday night. She did the best that she could. It's IHOP so the food is consistent the portions are relatively small it's breakfast. Come on. She definitely made the difference. She engaged with my kids who are 4 and 5 and they're very playful. The cookies and cream milkshake was amazing