JZ Fish & Wings (North Miami)

15042 NW 7th Ave, North Miami
(786) 238-7228

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Quantazia Anderson

Good food no wine or beer served there

Henry Thomas

The BEST in town!!!! Better than Crafty crab , juicy crab and definitely hook and reel.get their special sauce for the boil. They give you half of pound worth of food. Juicy crab and hook and reel only gives 10 shrimp for 1/2 pound. I always get 12 at JZs. lately I have been getting their promotion 10$ for a whole lobster when you get 1lb seafood. the girls in the front are always a great help and very patient which is a bonus. Tip : don’t forget that bomb lemonade !

Sean Webster-Lee

Used to be great food but now it tastes like they're getting it from Winn Dixie everything tastes different especially the seafood boils

Traicilleah Luma

The food was GREAT!! Went twice already. So much variety of seafoods. Definitely going back soon


I love love love! This place I just want give the owners and staff a big kiss for making the best delicious food in my city nobody can't top them their seafood you just stop eating it seasoned and cooked perfectly ? keep up the great work guys?????? please check them out and support local business.

Mike G.

Good try but I am not really planning on ever going back. It wasn't terrible and had some highlights but overall portions are pretty tiny for the price. I had the #4. Two tilapia filets and 3 wings. Comes with fries and coleslaw and a slice of bread. The best part were the fries. The tilapia is not bad but very thin. Picture a regular single filet of tilapia you'd get at Publix but sliced into 3-4 thinner slices. Well you get 2 of those slices with their combos. It got worse. The chicken wings are anemic! I mean the thinnest wings this side of the Mississippi! Also, strange looking black chicken meat, overall not a pleasant looking chicken wing. I ate the entire meal and wasn't even half full. Fries did most of the filling. Overall this place is a great concept that I grew up with in Chicago but very overpriced and underwhelming.

Joel Frantz

JZ’s is my spot ! I love their fried food & seafood boils. Can’t forget about that fried rice & yum yum . get their frozen lemonade.you will thank me later. They have a promotion 9.99 for a whole lobster added to a pound of seafood. At first I thought it was a lobster tail. But it was a whole lobster!! Thanks JZ’S I’m going to get fat , I will try not to come every week. Lol see you guys soon. The ladies in the front are very welcoming & friendly.

Debra IbelieveGod Judge-Thomas

Good Food

Ebone J.

Seafood boil is good, but the "fried rice" is not good. Lacks flavor. Clean place and casuiers are pretty nice.

Rick V.

3rd time here still looking for something REALLY GOOD. Ordered: 10 Wings with med. spicy buffalo sauce on the side.$9.95 I have never seen wings this small. Also over cooked. The sauce was just a flavorless, watery oil. No spice at all. Onion Rings. $ 2.95 Not a battered ring of an onion but a onion flavored batter in the shape of an onion ring. Take it apart and you find a mushy center. Banana Pudding. $3.95 Good Flavor and Good Quantity. The best thing I have had so far. I would really like to like their food because they are close to home and they have some of my favorite dishes. May try something else, May Not.

Mike n Ciello Herring

Very good crab boil that i customized since i didn't want any other seafood except crab and shrimp.it was tasty but expensive. Will try again for sure

Rick Vickers

First time here due to a flyer in the mail.As soon as I saw the menu included catfish and chicken gizzards I had to go and give them a try.A small place recently opened in a strip maul behind a McDonalds.Primarily takeout with a few tables.Friendly staff willing to please.ORDER:2 item combo $11.99Catfish nuggets and chicken gizzards.Includes coleslaw, fries, bread and a canned drink.The breading on both items needs more seasoning.Not particularly salt but maby garlic and Cajun seasoningsince they are a Cajun seafood place.It is VERY hard to find TINDER gizzards and these were just average.The fish was just OK.I hope they do well and I will be back for something else..

guillouis1 greatGod

I should have gone to hook and reel.I ordered the seafood boil from doordash and the shrimp was too salty and the season was too grease. I wanted fresh shrimp and great seasoning.

Keisha Monro

I love this place ! I am here 4 days out the week. Try their fried shrimp & lemonade ? you will thank me lata. Love their crab boils also ?? fyeee

Shonna Bradley

Delicious ?. Seasoning on point. Delivered fast and packaged perfectly. My new favorite. And the turkey sausage was a plus. ❤️

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