Outer Space Burgers

12409 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami
(786) 321-8363

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Diego Oliva

Never got my Order !!! The Phone Number don't even works !!What a Disappointment !!! I want my refund !!

Yasmine Gahed

I ordered on the Outer Space Burgers own website for pickup. When we arrived to pick up the order the person working there said she didn’t make the order because it was placed on their website directly (which is run through Wix) and in her past experience those people don’t show up to actually pick up orders so she assumed it was not real. We reminded her it’s her own website but she clearly didn’t think that mattered. No one answered the phone and it went to a voicemail with a different area code. Also got a Coke Zero when ordered a Diet Coke even though reminded her again when we arrived. The food was ok, the bun was mushy halfway through.

Yeanli V.

The fries, churros, and onion rings are good.. the burgers were pretty basic. They aren't bad but it's missing something.. Idk throw some Goya or sazon.. but it's underwhelming. I love the concept and can definitely see it being a really awesome place one day in miami.. but it was just underwhelming. I love the green burger only because it's green and reminds me of pretty patties.. but the flavor is missing.

Julieta Paiz

the food was good but I ordered an apollo bueguer and it is supposed to come with lettuce. I only had tomato. I also ordered a sprite and another soda arrived.

albertina manosalva

I had the best burgers I've ever eaten in Miami. They were perfectly crafted and juicy. I'll just come right out and say it, the burger at this place is amazing. I got it for delivery. I got the quasar. I recommend it 100%

Vie V

WOWOOWOW Truly Outta this Galaxy experience~ we got churros with a BOGO burger deal on UberEats with their “Outer Space Surprise” The surprise is how ?*chef’s kiss* their burgers are ? 1000/10 recommend!

Anastasia Manosalva

I eat the mega crispy sandwich. I was impressed by the size and cost. It is the best sandwich.

Eduardo Machado

great burgers. truly out of this world! greag service too.

RCP 24 Painting Solutions

Amazing Burgers highly recommended, thanks !!!we will be back soon !!!!!???????

olga douaihi

The burgers are pretty nice.

Gerardo Douaihi

Excellent food!! ??


My husband and I went at the Petit Rouge on Biscayne Blvd and found the door locked. This restaurant no longer exists as well as their website.


All my neighbors always raving about Petit Rouge and I finally went. Unfortunately, the raves did not meet my expectations. This is a good French bistro.

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