Red Lobster

SHOPPES AT ARCH CREEK, 13300 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami
(305) 895-6095

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Anique Coombs

The menu has changed since the pandemic it seems, the service and food was just ok. It had been a while since I been to Red lobster, now I realize why.

Veronica Z.

Came on a Sunday night and the service was at a all time low. I think the place was understaffed, the server was very nonchalant and was not very nice. The food was mediocre, would not recommend.

Lance H.

"Let me try it out, the girl likes seafood... and they have a Veteran discount." No... no. Maybe they are overworked, maybe they have no idea what they are doing. I waited 30 minutes before AND after my meal for reasons I couldnt figure out. We ordered a hamburger and asked for some lettuce and tomato and we waited so long for that even the waiter said it was probably too cold to eat (not that he offered to heat it up or anything). I had to get up and look for salt, silverware, and a pen. They didnt even apply the veteran meal but why would I say anything... I'd be stuck there waiting another hour. Do yourself a favor. Skip this place until they get their act together. Or don't if you have a cool mobile game you just started playing and need time to beat it. Maybe finish watching that movie you started earlier today between the soup and the main course.

Nayara B.

I do not recommend. second time I'm going to take my order and I have to wait 30 minutes!

Naethaniel Fewquay

So this review is more of a double edge sword because I've been here many times. I've been here for my birthday well as my grandmother's birthday even took a few dates here. The reason I say it's a double-edged sword is that before 2014/15 back in 2010 or so the food wasn't all that tasty. It was because of how the lobster back then I had a negative perspective on the way lobster tasted. Now but it seemed to have changed around 2015 or so and that's when the menus seemed to change and expand a little more. Now I can say the food is much more desirable to the point it's become more of a place we'd dine out at over other restaurants. I like their paste, shrimp, muscle, clam bowl to the point if I order it off Uber eats that's my go-to meal. It's something about the way they make it that leaves me feeling whole inside the flavor bounces off my tongue like a rabbit who can't stop moving. Even their key lime pie seems to taste better to me but that's simply because I've either matured in my taste since having real key lime pie or either they improved on making it. Since I can't determine which one let's just say I've matured in my taste for we'll cuisine seafood.

Fatt Boy

Definitely delicious place.

Mavic Yangco

Good service and good food

Andres Jaramillo

Ordered lobster mashed potatoes and received this. Not even a trace or lobster, and the manager tried to convince me that langostino is the same as lobster.Embarrassing !

Kenya Hamilton

Took my Assisted living director for lunch. Alot of food for the price. Service was great. Will return again.

Ken Marion

Very big and spacious inside wheelchair accessible staff not as expeditiously awaiting to serve you

Carlos E.

They used to have great choices at great value. We used to go almost every month.They have eliminated many dishes such as grilled seafood platter. Now everything that's not expensive is fried or simply bad. Shrimp linguine tastes like frozen entree. You can get fried shrimp in many places for less. If I want lobster, their dishes are almost as expensive as others much nicer restaurants so I don't really go anymore.

Connor the rabbit

Really good food and good experience! The bartender was really nice and food was delicious (just kind of spicy ?)

Christina V.

Very horrible and unprofessional, I was honestly surprised. Short staffed, extended wait time, expired mushrooms and when I tried to inquire about a compliment sauce for my calamari, the waitress nonchalantly said "I'm just here to drop this off." Very bad experience overall, save your time and go somewhere else.


Talia made our experience amazing.At the beginning we thought it was awful. The three girls on the front wouldn’t even made eye contact with us. We wait at least 5 minutes (restaurant total empty) for being sat down.Before that I went to the bathroom… OMG i felt like literally going to a nasty old mall bathroom who had not been cleaned for months. The word would be N A S T Y.. sorry but it stink like pee before entering the bathroom…. Imagine the rest ?When I went back my friend he asked me if I wanted to leave.. I said… lets give it a try to the waitress and OMG Im so glad we did.Talia was so amazing since the beginning. She showed she was interested on us, knew completely the menu, gave us amazing options and when we dislike the Virgin Colada (my bad, it was too sweet) she was literally the Kindest Restaurant Supervisor and for today (Thanks God!) our waitress. She deserves not only a recognition but a raise! You have to keep this girl in the staff! She made our visit worth it. Thanks Talia ♥️Food was good, what we expected, except the fried shrimp (sorry but that breaded eww) :( everything else was amaziing!!Thanks for taking the time to read this and please never get rid of someone who cares so much about the customer! Excellent ?

Tammy D.

I don't recommend nobody to go to this restaurant, My first time coming to this restaurant we want it to seat at the bar and they had no waiter to help you and customers were complaining that they were taking too long for there food, never coming back.

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