965 NE 125th St, North Miami
(305) 895-7511

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Victor Torres

No parking space, needs cleaning.

Cruz Vazquez

Fast service. Clean, good food quality.

KAS Panama

The staff is friendly.. The manager is very professional and a great dude.. great customer service.

Johnny Schreier

Fast, friendly service and I like to eat food here.

Jesse Perez

I never review 1 star. Pretty nasty subway ngl.

William L. Hull

Great service, at this location subway.

Andrei Panfil

50% more meat on a foot long tuna means 1 scoop for them, not two.

E. barber

Great neighborhood Subway. Fast, friendly service and always a good meal.

Joseph Eugene

Servive eas very good


Hay I had SUBWAY today for lunch. Located off 62nd street and 7th ave. I met Nigel who prepared my Turkey Sub and it was DELICIOUS. Nigel was so nice he even let me take his pic. Also a lady there I told you I was going to name her red because her hair is so bright and red she was also very nice .The location was very nice and clean I felt like I was very special in that place I will certainly go back there and have lunch again. check it out. Thumbs up to Nigel.????? great job.

Laraynea Graham

Rude and very disrespectful. Bad customer service!!!

Diamond Baby

This place was suppose to open at 8 but didn't. The general manager complained she got there 30 mins before they were suppose to open and prepped. The soup and meatballs wasn't even prepared because she was exhausted and said she'll prep it later. I'm just really shocked that a manager would get there 30mins before opening. There's no way she had time to check temps on food and date them. I will never come to that store.

Jennifer Lewis

The only reason why I have 2 stars is because the food is fresh and tasty, however this location always and I mean always closes before the scheduled time. It is 9:47pm and the door is locked and closed when this location closes at 10pm. Knocked on the door while the young lady continued to clean the counters as if she didn’t hear the knocks. I called the number listed and she stated they stop making subs at 9:15pm. Very unprofessional.


Good service !

ahmed Ali

Tasty food and the staff is friendly..

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