927 NE 125th St, North Miami
(786) 631-3906

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Enjoyable experience eating outside again, love the multi flavor soda machine

Robin Walker

Awesome Service Clean store Great Wings

Kech Poly

The wait is pretty bad i wentvaround 8pm ish I waited nearly an hour after ordering on the phone. This place is not what it used to be since it first opened .maybe its the people quitting so much. The food is alright, the 62nd st and 163 st ive had better experiences. Even my dad whos 65 years said they over salt there chicken and 163 st is better.

Joey Cruz

Worst location ever. I ordered on line at 10 pm. Got to the store at 10:15. Doors was locked when they supposed to close at 12. There was at least 8 people outside waiting. The cook and the cashier was inside looking at us not saying nothing which is very unprofessional. If this is how the establishment is being runned then it needs to be shut down or somebody needs to get fired. I don't recommend this location at all.

Mary Hernandez

Worst wait ever they took 3 hours to prepare my order. Awful. This is very unprofessional. This happen on multiple occasions.

Terry Thompson

All I can say is terrible service ask for a manager the person I had a issue with was the manager simply because I said can I have some fries with kit seasoning I’ve worked for wingstop for over 4 years sad to say worst location I take price into spending my money with people with good customer service

Latresa Baker

Delicious and they have the world best Brownies ?

Louis T.

I tried thightstop thru DoorDash. The thighs are the same size as a wing. The thigh was over fried and super dry. The sauce didn't help at all. The fries were a bit undercooked. Just a horrible dinner. The wings are much better but not by much. The customer service is terrible. No one was wearing name tags so can't even call them out. This location is a mess, needs a strong manager.

Chelsey Hall

Food good but the customer service not the best, and they don't answer the phone if you are trying to order ahead

Charmite Blanch

I don't see why folks go crazy for Wingstop just nasty no flavor

Diana W.

I order from here often, so this review is cumulative of all my experiences. For the most part, everything is fine, but I have experienced less than good service. The order has been wrong, Ive waited way longer than the standard 16-21 minutes for my order, and today was especially annoying because they had me put my mask on (they said they wouldn't serve me without it) while they were wearing their masks incorrectly (I can see their nose). I don't mind wearing a mask, (although the CDC says we don't need to if we're fully vaccinated), but they need to wear them correctly, especially if they're preparing the food and are requiring that customers wear them.

Sherylyn Westbrooks

I've never had a problem at this Wingstop in North Miami on NE 125th St. The staff are always nice and helpful. Both the inside and outside are clean and inviting to the eye & nose. The food is on point too! My family likes to get the Wing Group Pack - 50pc Party Pack that feeds 6 to 9 people, because it comes with 2 large fries, of which we love the seasoning and the mix of crunchy and soft fries ?? You can select Boneless or Classic (Drumettes/Wings). Our favorite flavors are Original Hot, Hickory Smoked BBQ which has a lil' kick to it, & Lemon Pepper, of course?I prefer ordering online because Wingstop's website is user-friendly and gives me control of the number of chicken I'd like in each flavor and in number of dips, etc.!The most I've waited past the time I was told my order would be ready was probably 20 minutes, but the restaurant was very busy that day. On typical days, I've waited no more than 5 to 10 minutes. I believe patience is the key to excellent customer service, well prepared food & me leaving a restaurant without an incident! ????Hey, just try and see for yourself. Give this Wingstop a try. You may find yourself agreeing with me!?, or not?.


Great service at this location, staff was friendly and one of them even brought our food to the car in the rain so we wouldn’t have to get wet. Food was good, 5/5.

Marianita Gonzalez

Placed order online, ahead of time to avoid any hiccups. Out of curiosity the stored assigned for my delivery (927 NE 125th ST, North Miami) was contacted in regards of my order. Surprisingly "they did never receive the order". I was back and forward with the Store and DoorDash (since this is the one providing the delivery service) and no resolution was given. I was charged for an order that "did not exist" and it was never delivered. Still waiting for my refund that neither party was able to "grant" but it was okay to charge for it.

Martels Empire

Customer service is horrible !! The cashier in the front has a terrible attitude. She banged on the window and was shouting at me because i came back and ask for my two ranches that weren’t in the bag. She also took her time with gathering my items

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