Burger King

2301 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala
(352) 732-7722

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Tina Gay Kolwyck

They are so slow. It takes forever to get your food. Last time I went it was 15 minutes before closing. I pulled up to order sat there 5 minutes and they cut off all the lights. Won't be going back there.

Aleta Moore

Good taste but food is never hot enough. i did ho back and they fixed the orderKid-friendliness: They have kids mealsParking: More than enough. Everyone goes thru the drive thruWheelchair accessibility: 3 or 4 spaces

David Rodriguez

I love the deals available with the app. My girlfriend and I always share a Whopper meal for 2. This location isn't usually very busy so dining in for lunch is always peaceful and stress free. Our food is always done right and the service is always friendly.

Dylan Houser

It's Okay But Kinda Of Snobby. The Food Is Small As There Not Being A 5 For 5 Meal Anymore Which Is Very Disappointing.


Pretty good, all Burger King restaurants here close at random times though so you really have no idea when they are open at night. When the sun goes down their hours change. It's a luck of the draw.

Troy Walsh

Typical fast food they have been out of the spice chic'king for a bit dut after 4 days 3 BK's I finally got what I was craving

Jereyl Emery-Kaspar

Waited 10 minutes in car line AFTER placing order. Finally get to the window and was told “sorry we’re closed “. On Sunday March 20th around 2:00. This store always has some kind of issue. Home office needs to be a little more involved, or perhaps some new management.

Joanne Martinez

Not sure why the lobby is closed for customers. Not everyone has a car for drive thru. Pandemic is over. businesses want to work less and charge you the same. Smh

Guy Cote

Definitely one of the cleaner and friendliest Burger Kings I've ever dined in. Food is hot and good. And the last 3 months I've been there at least two dozen times. No complaints at all. Thank you everyone at Burger King.


Today was only simple and easy but it still was a different kind of quality. woman taking my order was very impatient with me did not have knowledge on the upgrade prices but still had very nice voice and made up for being impatience with a kind would that be all anything else. food was good but coffee is getting super strong over the passed year so i did not enjoy my mocca ice coffee. from me not trying this place again to it shocking me today i will go again. thanks burger ? king.

Joann Myers

Service is always slow. It doesn't matter if you go out nsode it the drive thru

Mark albritton

I got my food fast and right now burger King has the best deals and prices for the $

Taste Of Fire: Father VS Son

For being a fast food joint they don't have it together here at lunch time drive thru line takes 30 minutes at least to get through people need to get back to work they need to have more help or some for the lunch rush... Should not take 30 to 40 minutes to get thru drive thru

Lorena Carter

Very pleased with my experience today. Our order was not correct which is usually not a good thing; however, it is how we were treated that makes this a 5 star rating. My husband went in to let them know the order was wrong. They were very respectful, made our meal correctly and simply treated us like we mattered. That is something rare these days so I have to hand it to them. The way you treat your customer is so important. Thank you for your great service today.

sylvia sanctious

Good customer service food hot and quick service. Way to go improvement is working out.

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