3035 SE Maricamp Rd, Ocala
(352) 694-0978

Recent Reviews

Kat Ohren

I loved this place while it was open. The staff wasn't the best but the product was good. Sadly, this location has now closed even though they were always busy. There is a location in The Villages still open but I haven't tried it just yet.

Jane Gonzalez

I just love this frozen yogurt shop hands down the best one so far in Ocala fl

Pamela Bedford

Almost every handle had a cup over it saying machine was broken. Machine missing, floors dirty, counter too dirty from over spills, two girls standing there BSing and pretty much getting paid to do nothing. Disgusted by the whole scene we didn’t purchase and left.


You can get better but you can’t get more expensive. Seems to be made without real dairy but the price is higher than you would expect for a truly good dish.

Jonathan McDonald

First time in no one to greet us thought the place was closed until a employee came out from the back and looked up long enough from her phone to muster out a half hearted hey which isnt a greeting I would expect to get in a professional setting unless I personally know that person, and then she was right back to her phone. Told her it was my first time here and asked if she could explain how the process works, still on her phone while walking away headed towards the back room where she came from replied like she was talking to newborn grab cup put stuff in give me money as the other ladies who I can only assume also work there laughed. My friend made some cups for us to go some flavors unavailable and machines were down. we stood at the check out for a good five minutes waiting for one of the ladies that could clearly see us waiting to ring us up. Finally one of the employees decided to ring us up after they had finished their conversation in the back no words were spoken no have a nice day would you like a receipt nothing. This experience is proof customer service is dead. This generation expects and demands everything but puts in less then the bare minimum in return.

Shelly Figueroa

Love the girlz here definitely be back many more tomest

Heather Jordan

Cool place to go... Yummy to

Stephanie Felts

We like No Weight Thursday!

Jill Hadaway

absolutely amazing.. definitely will come back... toasted coconut ice cream is the greatest and so many toppings and syrups and stuff to try

Deborah Hill

Lots of flavors and lots and lots of topping s

Barbara Ege

Very clean everywhere inside, including restroom. Business still requires plastic gloves to prepare your yogurt choices. They provide the gloves. Yogurt is cold, cold texture, and yummy flavors. Perfect treat for hot Florida day.

Cory Davis

Great little yogurt stop. Refreshing and they rotate flavors on a constant basis, so if they have something you like a lot, enjoy it while you can because it might be gone the next time you’re in.

Brittany Walker

Great variety of yogurt flavors and toppings. Price is okay. Staff is always friendly.

Maria Falquez

The icecream is always good

Tonya Agnew

Granddaughter loves the place.

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