Cafe Mineiro Brazilian Steakhouse

6432 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 248-2932

Recent Reviews

Taylor A.

Pretty neat Brazilian restaurant. There are two options when you go there: first, you can just do the buffet, where you still have access to the meat or second, the traditional Brazilian experience where they come to your table and slice the meat, and you still have access to the buffet. We picked the second option, it's only about $8 more but it's worth it. It's fun to have all the different meat options come to the table and pick and choose what you try. Everything tasted really good and the service was great.

Erica Montes

best customer service and great environment

Cole Q.

I love this place! New go-to in the Kissimmee area. It was 100yds away from my hotel so we decided to check it out since we saw their great price for some brazillian churrascarria. I've been to a bunch including some abroad so I would like to say I'm at least knowledgeable with the quality differences. And this place is above average! We decided we weren't that hungry for the tableside carving. So we decided on the buffet which was around $19 and gave you an option of the cold buffet + 3 meats (picanha, chicken, sausage). The only difference was the variety of meat but the quality is the same. They pull the meat from the same grill the table side service has. They also had a hot buffet that included rice and beans and rice that had some pork pieces. This was a perfect complement to the meats. Service was also really nice and very attentive. 9/10 for value, quality, taste, atmosphere. Top 10 in the area. Try to call ahead for reservation they get busy.

Rodrigo Nobre

Best food in town, friendly staff and great service!

Steve K.

Even during the county-wide Coronavirus restaurant lockdown, this place STILL provided a DELICIOUS meal for take-out!!! I had the Bife Acebolado, arroz salada, fritas e feijao. Jussssssttt DELICIOUSSS and totally MORE than worth the $15, because the portion was so large!!

Abigail F.

When we were in Florida, we decided to do something different and do an AYCE Brazilian steakhouse. We don't have any of these back home and we really wanted a new dining experience. In a span of a week we actually went to 2 places and Case Mineiro was our favorite. The casual atmosphere was something we liked while still getting quality meat and great side options! You are able to do 3 different dining options here. 1)Ala Carte 2) AYCE buffet or 3)Brazilian experience with the AYCE buffet included. On our last night we went with the 3rd option. All of the food was amazing. We all wished we had bigger stomachs to try everything but everything we had we enjoyed. The AYCE buffet alone had many options and they were all fresh, especially with the fruit and salad options. Our server was very attentive and the men with the rotating meat selection were coming non-stop. They usually give you a coaster so that the servers are aware of whether you want them to come to you or not. Here, the coasters didn't matter! Haha, they kept coming anyway. Our experience at Cafe Mineiro was one we will never forget. We will definitely come back whenever we have the chance to do so again.

Kiki Rivera

Some people were nice. The meats on the other hand are not great. They reccomend getting the full experience for 30 dollars (similar to Texas De Brazil) because when you do only the buffet (17 dollars) you only get 3 meat options. Well the 3 meat options are better than the meat brought to the table. They take very long and bring only sirloin basically. They gave me sirloin a few different ways and they have the same option in the buffet option. You pay 13 dollars extra for no reason basically. Some of the sides were okay but I went for the meats and felt like it was not worth it. Better options elsewhere.

Justin Reeves

My family *had* made going to this restaurant a tradition over the past 6 years but tonight was the final nail in the coffin. First, I want to state that Eduardo, our server was amazing and the only reason it received 2 stars at all. Eduardo was extremely professional and it was apparent he took pride in his craft, he most definitely is an asset to the restaurant. That aside, our experience was utterly disappointing and sadly reflects that the quality of the food has all but disappeared.

Bill Henrichs

I took my 12 year old son for a little celebration for an accomplishment and they didn’t disappoint! The staff, and in particular our server Joao, were phenomenal. The price was a great value for the variety of meat types and the food options on the buffet. Can’t wait to go back!!

Ada Zamora

I'm so happy we found this Restaurant in our trip through Orlando, Florida. I don't remember similar service at any Restaurant. They have the best and nicest employees, they are very attentive at your needs and they don't stop one second giving you the delicious food and great service. This is the best Restaurant I have visited in long time. Good work

Adrian Grace

Very neat and convenient place. They offer generous portions and for inexpensive prices. I loved the menu a lot and the staff members were super amiable and explanatory. Recommended.

Abdulaziz A.

Always good place to come but sometimes meat service is weak, servers skip U and have to call them back (kinda begging for meat) But food is great! Table servers are always nice and friendly.


Visited with our family of 7, ages 63 to 7 months. Great food and even better staff. Food never stops coming.

Kitana M.

They have great choices just pick menu for 19$ it includes meats and salads and everything else . I tried both menues the one for 30$ is actually too much you will not even end up eating that meats because it's a lot of meats guys . Delicious food . Waiter was nice .

Victoria Bridges

This was an amazing restaurant! The meat quality was amazing the waiter was helpful the whole night and my party left full and happy. Great price for the quality of food !

Munni A.

We were excited to try Brazilian steakhouse for only $17/person. Although the meat would be limited to chicken, sirloin, and sausage. There was a cold salad bar (substandard) and hot dishes like breaded fried fish, rice and beans, fried yucca, mashed yucca with jerk chicken or ham, and cheese ravioli. The sirloin was soooo tough, it was worse than the quality at a Chinese buffet. I was very disappointed and would suggest other Brazilian steakhouses that are about $35/person but so much better and the meat actually edible. The old adage is true, you get what you pay for. The only thing that was nice was the complimentary coffee at the end of the meal.

Kikki Bottums

I've never been to a Brazilian steak house before so nothing to compare it to. I no sooner sat and meats were flowing. Everything was hot and tasty with the exception of the chicken , that was to dry for me.

Karl K.

Much better than I expected! The boss was paying, so I reluctantly went and was surprised how great everything was. From the eggplant salad and yucca to the meats. The stand out for me was the tri-tip steak! Grilled pineapple was amazing, also the fresh fruit was perfectly ripe. Little cups of the Brazilian coffee with the fruit and the papaya pudding for the end of a great meal

Michelle Whitcomb

Based on the high reviews I guess I was expecting a very nice local restaurant. It was okay but it certainly didn't live up to my expectations from the reviews. The meat they offered was good but as always way too salty. Where they really fell short for me was in their buffet offerings. I've been to other Brazilian steakhouses and their buffets were extensive and appealing. This was minimal at best and I was also expecting a full salad bar (it's split into two sections and I didn't even see the other side until I was nearly finished). The quality was low and not nearly enough variety.

Finnegan Newton

This restaurant gives excellent service and tasty food. My favourite place around town. The food came out fast and the prices were fair. I recommend this place.

Kristin T.

Yum! The cuts are great. The salad bar is underwhelming, but we really come for the steaks and grilled pineapple anyways! Love it. And the service is always quick and friendly!

Rebecca G

Love this place. Very child friendly. Clean. Wonderful staff. Food is delicious. Cannot praise it enough. Reasonably priced - well worth the money. You can help yourself to as much salad/sides etc that you'd like and the staff come round to your table offering you a different selection of meats. There's also lots of fresh fruit. The waiter was very attentive and was constantly refilling our drinks. We were absolutely stuffed & satisfied when we left.

Lady D R.

Affordable Full dining experience that comes with a hot buffet and salad bar. The salad bar is smaller in comparison to big chains, but it served its purpose. Quick waitstaff that was very attentive and alcohol drinks are affordable. Servers are observant and make sure they keep the meat coming. OMG the roasted pineapple with cinnamon was EXCELLENT. Meat Options: Chicken wrapped in bacon, chicken drumsticks, chicken hearts, leg of lamb, top sirloin, flank steak, and etc. I think you get 12 meat options to choose from. They do not bring the traditional cheesy bread to your table. It is considered an extra side and will take about 20 minutes or less to make. Did not have any trouble finding parking. The restrooms were clean which was a good sign. Will definitely visit again.

Frank Nieves

I liked it. Pretty good food and the atmosphere was nice. It does get a little loud sometimes and I didn't appreciate the mandatory tip. Then once you get the receipt you have the option to add an additional gratuity. That part was sketchy so due to that alone I may not return. We'll see as time goes on.

Michael Taylor

Amazing food!! Great service! Not a bad price. $29 a person for the dinner was definitely reasonable! The food was so good. I'll definitely be back!

Pouyan Namavarian

The price is lower than a good Brazilian steakhouse but if you’re going there for good steak you’re making a big mistake. Only one decent cut of beef steak, top sirloin. Some cuts tasted stale. If you want to go to a place to just fill your stomach and you don’t care about quality it’s a decent family environment. Overall I’d rather pay an extra 10-15$ more to get a variety of HIGH quality steak rather than some below average quality food.

Monica Baltazar

Terrible food, rude people. rice is hard, meat is terrible . do not go there. the worse Brazilian place ever. Comida péssima, horrível, gente sem educação. Nunca mais volto lá. Péssima qualidade. Buffet tava com a cara péssima. Precisa melhorar gente. vcs não cozinham pra porcos.

Lady D Richardson

Affordable Full dining experience that comes with a hot buffet and salad bar. The salad bar is smaller in comparison to big chains, but it served its purpose.

Chris G

I tried pick a good Brazilian steak house with a reasonable price to take some family to. Mineiro fit that bill. It was not the atmosphere I was expecting as it was very casual. We focused on just the meats. All was good, some were very good. Nothing was great or amazing but I think the value of price to what you get was pretty good. I would probably go again. The best thing we had was the grilled pineapple with cinnamon.

Nic D.

Can you give a restaurant a 0 stars??? I'm sitting in my car with hungry children after a long day. I call ahead to get reservations and I'm told we can't take reservations but we could walk in. Great, we get ready, drive an hour across Orlando because we are excited to try a place we heard was awesome ... NO! This place is NOT awesome. Service was GARBAGE. I walk in the door only to be told the price for dinner was more than double the advertised price. 65.00 bucks for steak buffet! Special event pricing sprung on us at the door. Texas de Brazil can gladly have my money and my time. Happy New Year everyone

Helmuth D.

The food was super good and fresh is nothing to complain the staff was very nice and I got a free dessert for my birthday

Lisa Mcevoy

To die for would highly recommend best food great atmosphere great staff great value for money x

Susan Cooper

Unique and great food! Many options.

Phillip Burum

Service was great. The meat choices were tasty, but I can't help but think the low $30 price point is the reason for limitations on higher quality cuts of meat. There was no fillet, and several offerings of selling were a little tough. The buffet was also really small, but really that isn't why people go to a Brazilian steakhouse.

Larry F.

The service was spectacular but the food was just ok. It doesn't hit the FEH meter but comes close. I've tried numerous Brazilian steakhouses and nothing beats Texas de Brazil that I've tried. It's a place to eat for 25.00 late night PP


Good food, very good buffet and selection of meats served on rodizio was good. $29.95 for full rodizio or $16.95 for buffet and 3 meats. Always a guy out front handing out 10% off cards. Drink offers were good: $1 mimosa

Akbar A.

Lunch with full experience and buffet was good. Good side is that this restaurant have very competitive price, I can say very affordable price. Garlic steak with lamp steak are the most delicious beef here in cafe mineiro.

Gabriel Dominguez

Absolutely one of the best places to eat in the area!! Thank you Junior!! He was so accommodating to me with my daughters. As a single dad going out to dinner with two toddlers is a challenge. Junior was so kind with them and helped seat them and give them their plates. He constantly checked in on us as well. Keep up the great work!! As for the food; absolutely amazing. Juicy meat, and full of flavor. This is our official dinner spot during vacations.

Esme Nasser

Very reasonable price, especially for a Brazilian Steakhouse. Staff is also very friendly. I wish tip wasn't added to the bill so I can leave tip cash. Will definitely visit again when visiting Orlando.

Erick DeLeon

Great selection for the price. Fully stocked all you can eat buffet. Steak, chicken and sausage with some Brazilian sides. Friendly wait staff. Very welcoming and helpful

Cafe Mineiro Brazilian Steakhouse

6432 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 248-2932