Greens & Grille

4104 Millenia Blvd #114, Orlando
(407) 770-1407

Recent Reviews

Joshua Mason

Food is really delicious. Food presentation was very well done. Service was friendly. Pricing was fair and portions were up to par in my mind.

Nunna Business

I loved this place. Wanted something healthy and filling before my flight. This place was perfect. One of the best fast salad places I've been to in awhile.

Ouida Sugandi

What a great salad!!! Salmon, beets, spinach, almonds, quinoa, blue cheese, and boiled eggs. Loved everything about it. Inexpensive. Good customer service. I was visiting from out of town and was looking for healthy options. After overindulging all weekend, this was a great meal before catching my afternoon flight.

James Richards

Best salad place I have been to in Florida. Highly recommend! For those fellow fitness people I recommend getting double chicken, you won't regret it. You walk in choose everything you want on your salad and then they grill the meat right there behind the glass, fresh for each order. Ended up being so good after shopping at the mall on Saturday we had to go back on Sunday

Albert Mathaus

This is the best salad I have ever had. I am a regular here and it won’t stop getting better every time.

Paul S

Fast, fresh, healthy and tasty what else can you ask for.

Jenna Mayfield

Absolutely wonderful experience.. very consistent with quality, presentation, taste and experience. I am not a big salad eater but this will keep you coming back!! I think I've had everything but the salmon and I tell you AMAZING!!!! Don't let the long line detour you!! So worth the wait!! After the first bite you'll forget you even waited and be planning your next visit.

Maite Martinez

I love this place for my healthy options. Great service.

Lucas Brobst

Food is of high quality, service was as fast as could be with the crowd, prices were more than fair. The only issue I have fiund was that staff had to clean tables while cooking and taking orders, they are obviously overworked.

Chip Fernandez

I've been eating here since they opened 16 years ago. It's consistently good and fresh.

MyInfoTech FineArtsMediaEdu

Staff is awesome, food is stellar, do yourself a favor and take a moment to enjoy this fresh organic Greens & Grille option in Orlando!

David Graydon

Awesome food and service. Will definitely go back.

Funchannian Gressett Campbell

Not good! The lettuce not sliced thin enough. Not well prepared

Key Cheatham

Please come to Virginia!Y'all the food is fresh and delicious and made right in front of you. The portion sizes are great and the price is affordable.Please please please come to Virginia ??

Robert Skiffington

Amazing food and extremely clean. Great vibes all around… p.s. get the cookie ?? it was so refreshing to see no mandates for customers and employees. We all had the right to mask up our breath easily. As a HVAC contractor I noticed that the buildings AC system had tremendous amounts of fresh air circulation so the air in the building is always being replenished with fresh air. It was no different air quality than sitting outside, but cooler. Great job!

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