Infusion Tea

1600 Edgewater Dr, Orlando
(407) 999-5255

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Ellary Combs

I love infusion tea, everything I've ever had there has been great and I love that it is vegetarian friendly :) very nice environment too

Suzanne Ramos

Quaint restaurant/gift shop with delicious healthy food and teas. Friendly professional Staff and welcoming atmosphere!! Loved it and will be back for sure ??☕

David Diaz

I've been coming to Infusion Tea for years, and everytime I go, they NEVER disappoint. The food is absolutely delicious and is always fresh! ??✨ I even got my friends to come try it, and now they can't get enough of the place! They have a gigantic selection of various kinds of teas which I'm obsessed with! ☕ Highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Margarita Rodriguez

Awesome choices for light meals and beautiful variety of teas. Loved the gift shop within. Wish they had more dining space inside or had a better setup for outside dining like a tent with ceiling fans. It's extremely humid eating outside with no cooling options other than iced teas.

naNo bYte

First visit. Looked at the menu and went for the first item. Impeccable. Perfect nutrition. The iced mate recommended by the host was solid good. The chili with Tempe was firm deliciousness. Adventures have me eating out more than I prefer, but knowing where the good stuff is has its benefits.

Deborah Pease

We had my daughter's bridal shower at this location and it couldn't have been a better experience. The staff, the food, the service, the ambiance, I had wonderful comments on it all from our guests. Thank you to Elizabeth, Darcine and all for a perfect event!

Lindsey Marie

Beautiful decor, great food, great tea and great deserts.. this place is perfect for birthday’s, baby showers, bridal showers, and whatever else.

Cheryl Anderson

I recommend Infusion Tea for an awesome lunch and if you have a gift to buy someone, it's the place to go!

Magda Kaminski

Everyone enjoyed the baby shower event.Thank you Elizabeth for making it all possible. Elizabeth was real sweet with me answering all my questions and working with me to get a long table for the guests and set it up the way I want for the shower. We also had a couch to open presents and a table for gifts. They made the event private for us as much as they can even though there were other tables of customers around. Everyone was nice working with us at the shower and the food was delicious. Thank you again.?

Elisabeth Brosnan

My mom and mother in law just hosted the most beautiful baby sprinkle for me at Infusion today. Everything was absolutely perfect! The food was delicious, the teas were amazing, and the ladies who work there were so kind and attentive!


I feel like this place isn’t same it used to be. Service seems lacking and seems like place doesn’t get cleaned. Old food stains on the tables layers of gunk you can see from the angles however I did see a young lady clean one of the tables with glass cleaner? However food and tea is still pretty good hope the kitchen isn’t as dirty as the tables I

Kim S.

Great tea choices. Love the Jasmine tea and their scones. There is a wonderful selection of gifts for a variety of occasions: greeting cards too. Spend an hour there and relax.

Jan E.

Love the fresh salads and wonderful array of teas! I enjoy the relaxed and cheerful vibe and having the occasional chair massage from Take 5.

Doris Locks

I like infusion tea and the tea sandwiches like cucumber and cream cheese. The herbed cream cheese and cranberries is good too. Unfortunetly, our main splurge was the tea for two at $32 which we considered pretty expensive, but manageable.. now they have increased it to $48 and it is a completely out of bounds price. We will be doing tea for two in Mount Dora instead. Sorry to see you go, but our pockets are not lined with gold.

O “OAny” Any

Please note that this review is NOT about the food or service. I regret not taking any pictures while I was there to give a visual of what we saw. This place was disgusting and filthy on the outside. I drove over 30 minutes to give my mom(who loves to drink tea) a treat after reading the online reviews and checking out their menu. I was looking forward to ordering the tea for 2 and enjoying it outside with my mom. Sadly, as we made our way to the door, the exterior wall, outdoor sitting area and walkway were littered/covered with trash, nasty blackish cobwebs all over the walls, windows dirty and when I got to the door, it was filthy. I couldn't belive my eyes when I saw empty dishes on the outdoor table which indicated that some people had actually eaten out there! We stopped at the door, turned around and left. There was no way we could sit and eat out there or order the food- buy that's just us. First impression and appearance is everything and attention to detail goes a long way in a restaurant business. If the outside was as filthy as what we saw, I didn't want to bother with the inside or the food. Who knows how many other customers were turned off by the exterior condition before even making it into the store. They probably have some great tea and food but I hope they will take some time to clean up.

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