Infusion Tea

1600 Edgewater Dr, Orlando
(407) 999-5255

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Roselle Colapietro

If you want a relaxing lunch with a large variety of scrumptious teas & desserts, you MUST visit! Quiche is my fave. This is my 'go to' spot to enjoy a leisurely gathering with friends. The gift shop always has something unique. We had my daughter's bridal shower here in February 2021 and Infusion Tea's event planner and team made it beyond great. One of a kind!

Jo Ellen Kamen

My best friend and I shared an amazing mushroom panini sandwich + crunchy taco sandwich!! We couldn't decide which we liked better. The iced tea of the day - mango - was wonderful! Fun decor and co-op shop plus the staff was so friendly. We'll definitely be back! ?

Jenna Armitage

Love Infusion Tea! I’ve gotten their afternoon tea sets many many times with friends and family. They have a large tea selection and tons of options for vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free foods. Perfect place to chill with some good tea and scones. They also have really cute and funny things for sale.

M Jenkins

Hidden gem. Great foods. Amazing teas for there or to take home. Not the most sanitary dining but easy to disregard after you try anything on the menu. Highly recommend but wish they were a bit cleaner.

Anthony P.

Without a doubt this was the best tea service in Orlando! The staff was amazing and so kind especially the young blonde chef that made sure our food was immaculate and delicately and deliciously placed on a beautiful garnished bed of arugula. There were so many different selections of teas and everything was so amazing! Will definitely be back.

Ken S

If you want to grab a good cup of tea in the afternoon - Infusion is a good place to stop. If you want a bite of food - a sandwich or a salad - the fare here is just average.

Maria I. (MariaFromFL)

This place is sunshine on a rainy day. Been going here for years. It will never get old. I hope for it to stay forever and ever. Just all around amazing every single time. Pictured is the endless summer salad and the cucumber tea sandwich. Peace (:

Collette Kent

I just ordered delivery and I specified that i wanted the bly without tomato because I have an allergy but if they could add a little extra avocado it’d be wonderful bc i have severe sensory problems and im recovering from an ED and all i could manage to eat today was avocado. It arrived as two slices of bread with tomato, contaminating the whole box and making the entire meal inedible for me. This was such a waste of time and money.

Michael C.

My friend and I came here on a groupon and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. The peachy tea was great and the sandwiches and pastries were delicious! The atmosphere was very chill and inviting.

Jennifer L.

This was one of my favorite restaurants for many years but the last year I am wondering if it was sold or what happened. We try to order for delivery all the time and get multiple excuses: toilet backed up, ran out of food, etc. it's ridiculous. I am done.

Bente H.

I have had lunch here with a friend many times over the years. We love grabbing lunch with a nice tea and a chair massage. Food has always been great and the staff has always been friendly. The place is always kept nice and I have often bought gifts from their shop area. I have even brought home GF goodies for my husband on occasion. Recently, a group of 8 of us decided to have a tea date. I am no stranger to a tea time, but some of them had not had the experience. Infusion Tea did a fantastic job bringing out 4 tier trays with 2 of each item on each tier so that each of us got a sample of each item. We were also able to pick out 4 pots of tea. We opted for the Chai; Coconut Ginger Green; White Raspberry Truffle; and Citrus Sunset. All the teas were delicious and we all shared them to get a taste of each. The finger sandwiches were tasty, the chocolate chip cookie was soft and warm, the herbed cream cheese and cranberry toast (which is one of my favorite items off their menu for lunch) was a huge hit, and everyone loved the raisin scone. It was actually one of the best I have had outside of England. We spent a lovely 3 hours together and never felt rushed to leave. We had a fantastic time, eating delicious food, and drinking wonderful tea. A huge success!

Kristin Fortier

Had a lovely bridal shower tea, the food was awesome and the details were all taken care of for us! Servers were friendly and helpful. Great location can’t wait to come back again.

Jonathan Von Villas

My goodness what a great spot. Fab assortment of quality tea at great price. Nice chill atmosphere. The Kerouac dilla was quite possibly a contender for best quesadilla I've ever had. Staff was pleasant even when it was obvious they had a LOT going on (private party and a good amount of regular customers as well). Props!

Jenni F.

Delicious food, sweetest owners... Seriously we love Brad and Christina and their entire family!

Amanda Walker

Seriously love this place. They are the nicest group of people and such a cozy atmosphere. They did such a sweet job hosting us for a baby shower. Loved, loved the tea selections, tea sandwiches and scones. Really happy we choose them! Out of the different tea places in Orlando, when making reservations, they were the most warmest and accommodating. 10/10.

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